NYC workout flow! 3 best new spots to try.

don’t even know how to say it, but since New York, my workout game is on a whole ‘nota level.

For real, not even bragging just more so like, I was never even working out before. I would literally read books on the elliptical? Casually text for hours walking on the treadmill…. showers weren't even necessary because I wasn't even sweating half the time.

Now I’m so thankful for ClassPass and this city for providing so many amazing opportunities of me to step my workout game up. #Blessed.

I've gotten so much faster, lighter and more toned than before. More so, it's been exciting to see things like my balance, flexibility, and energy levels improve.

As you know, SoulCycle and Barry's Bootcamp always deliver. But I had to talk about three new spots in the city, that seriously fucking rule. 

Tone House

So the first time I did Tone House I sort of wanted to cry a lot. This shit is absolutely no joke. Why is it so hard? For about 70% of the time you're doing a variation of a full blown sprint. It's essentially an ‘athletes’ workout, taking various drills and sequences used to train, well, athletes. Because of the difficulty of your first class you may be turned off from going again, but if you do, you’ll notice results right away and feel totally accomplished. The team there also balances encouragement and toughness beautifully. After each workout, I feel fully exhausted in a good way.

Why it’s so good: Because it’s challenging, team based, effective and dynamic. You won’t find a workout like this anywhere else. You also will burn a shit load of calories and work parts of your body you didn't know existed. (My forearms get sore?)

What to expect: A class size between 5-12, with one coach for the group and possibly an assistant. You’ll huddle as a team before and after drills to be sure that you’re engaged and supportive of each other. There’s no showers here, but they offer free waters for you throughout. It’s $20 for your first time and $35 for each class after. It’s on Class Pass but sometimes sporadically with times and availability. You begin with a sprint series at the beginning of class, making sure to stay on pace to not hold anyone else up (no pressure), and then depending on the daily workout (full body, arms and chest, abs etc.), you continue hard drills like bear crawling the length of the field (3x), harness sprints (holding you back while you seek to go forward) and the like.  Shaun Jenkins and Yusuf Jeffers are my homies there

Brooklyn Bodyburn

First, I’ll say that Pilates is pretty difficult for me in general. But Brooklyn Bodyburn is like Pilates on 100. My body is still sore from taking class this past weekend (and I haven’t felt sore in a while to be honest). You are not going to sweat, per se, but you will absolutely be shaking from concentrated continuous muscle movements. My instructor was helpful, approachable and the playlist was on point.

Why it’s so good: Because you work your muscles until absolute failure. I was shaking at various points, and felt challenged throughout. Your able to modify if you’d like, but it can be made even more challenging if you were able to get used to the difficulty in this class. I think that a dedicated strength/core conditioning day is essential to any fitness regime.

What to expect: You’ll have your own extreme Pilates reformer that you’ll be on, and you’re provided a towel/locker etc. There are no showers here, but it’s not really necessary. They guide you through each series, and for my first sessions I just watched my neighbors to get a sense of exactly what they were doing. You will shake, you will feel your core the entire time. It will be challenging! The cost for your first class is $19, and you can buy a 5 pack after that initial visit for $79, otherwise it’s the standard $34 a pop.

Soho Strength Lab

I think it’s really the trainers at Soho Strength Lab that make this place so great. Or it’s the Juice Press in the front. If you want to hear how ghetto I am, I go to late classes at Soho Strength Lab and then ask the Juice Press people for the Juices they are going to throw out at the end of the night, to get them free. It works like 80% of the time. LOL.

But whatever it is about Soho’s vibe it works. This is a great place to go for circuits, strength training and to be pushed to do exercises that you’d really never do on your own. I loved the environment and the space, it’s another athletic focused workout, but less intense than Tone house. This class is good for guys too, as most of my sessions were about 50/50 mix.

Why it’s good: Always different, challenging but not so much, that you’re pissed off the whole time (but that could just be me). Approachable staff and positive environment. I really enjoyed doing a variety of workouts and the time went by rather quickly.

What to expect: Small groups, around 10 maximum. One coach and different circuits you perform with a partner. You’ll stay moving the whole time, and work up a sweat. No shower and your first class is $34 but buy one get one free. After that it’s $34. Soho Strength Lab is also on Class Pass but I can never seem to get into a session! They fill up fast.

I’ve been so grateful to experience some of these places, and happy that New York has expanded my fitness vocabulary. I also don't know why it's standard to pay $30+ for classes, someone let me know about that when you can.

If you've been let me know your thoughts! Or if you have others, please suggest I would love to hear.

Krista xx