Meet my new fav BLOGGER: Caroline Juen of Love & Loathing in Los Angeles


Hello hello!

Welcome to a new week y'all. 

Excited to share this one with ya.  A little intro to my fav blogger, Caroline Juen of Love and Loathing Los Angeles.

Not only does she have the dopest logo, but she does all the shit in LA that I should/need to do. She's down to earth, has a really unique and creative eye, and has a perfect balance of art, food, culture, fashion and shit you want to read about.

It's really hard to stick out in this space, and I've been so impressed with her ability to be a unique voice, with a unique creative vision in today's blogging world. 

She's adorable with dimples, and her photography is OFF THE CHAIN.

A little reminder that I need to up my game in the photography space, fo SHO.

For me, acknowledging and giving props to the best of the best (from my perspective) is #womensupportingwomen  - no competition is needed anywhere, since we're all different and bring something different to the world. 

I am so EXCITED for this interview, and some of my favorite Caroline photos to share with ya. She's a true joy to read, has a real wit and fun loving part about her and I know that you're going to fall in LOVEEEEE (no loathing) with her.

Shout out to Caroline for helping on da post!

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do:

My name is Caroline Juen, I’ve been an Angeleno for about 7+ years now, and I run a lifestyle blog called Love & Loathing Los Angeles!

Why did you decide to start a blog?

Originally I wanted to write a BOOK, but after telling my mother about all my big literary plans she brought be back down to earth and suggested I start with a blog first. The intention behind the whole thing though was to create more positive conversation about a very misunderstood town. LA is not “literally the worst”, and people who say that it is have likely never been to LA or have visited and did all of the wrong things. LA has such an incredible spirit, it’s a place worth visiting, talking about, and yes even residing. 

How do you describe your blog to a stranger? 

“Food, fashion, and fun in Los Angeles.” 

What's your favorite thing about what you do?

That’s a hard one, because I can’t quite nail down just one. I love being able to create content on my own terms and have it be received with open arms, support and positivity. I love meeting so many wonderful people because of it. I love running my own show. I love the struggle, I love the success, I love the journey of always being excited over “what’s next” for Love & Loathing LA. It blows my mind everyday that I get to do what I want do with my life and that it keeps simply moving forward. 

The hardest thing about what you do?

“What’s next” is a double edged sword, it’s exciting but also terrifying. Freelancing means there’s no guarantee and if you get to deep into your own head it can be detrimental. I try to stay on top of making sure I feel like I am consistently trying to make new connections and relationships to keep things moving forward. 

Something you'd like to do more of that you aren't currently doing already?

I feel like I can’t do enough of anything as it is!!! I wish there was just one more of me! If there WAS one more of me, I might explore a little more video though, could be fun!

Advice for other bloggers on standing out in a saturated place:

Create a very specific voice/narrative, be personable (be you!!!), and be consistent. And never ever never skimp on quality - quality ALWAYS stands out. (No blogging for bloggings sake.)

Find out what your edge is, what makes you different (whether that be voice, photography, style, you’ve been to more restaurants than anyone you know, etc.) and run with it.

Advice or tips for curating the perfect instagram feed (fucking love yours):

SO MANY. #1 trick I use to curate is by using a fake Instagram account to test my photos on. There ARE apps for this, but I much prefer the “real” thing. I love to test out photos for my feed before posting; I think of my Instagram as my mini editorial lifestyle magazine, it’s all gotta be cohesive. Another tip I think really helps up the Insta game is to find your filter and stick to it.

I use A Color Story to edit my photos and I truly believe it helps me with that cohesiveness amongst all of my photos!

Describe your perfect day: 

No gym, we’ll just start there. Someone else will have worked out for me, and then I would probably do something along the lines of breakfast and sun consumption in my backyard hanging with my boyfriend and dog, then lunch at Kazu Nori, carefree shopping spree at Reformation or ACNE, a movie at the iPic theater (*VIP SEATS* obviously), then either a bougie dinner at Spago, or burgers and cocktails at Everson Royce Bar. Cant decide there.

There’s so many ways to have a perfect day in LA though, it’s incredible. That’s just the kind of day I want TODAY I think :)

Why the LA love? What makes LA so great from your perspective?

LA is so incredibly magical, I was trying to nail down my favorite thing about LA the other week and it was just impossible to come up with just one. I love that LA is so insanely welcoming and supportive of so many people and cultures, we really get to enjoy and experience it all here. And for a large as LA is, there really is a huge sense of community here - we all seem to more or less be on board with “we all come up together.”

The creativity that emanates from this place is palpable, it’s inspiring, and it’s unlike anywhere else on earth in my opinion.

Brand you wear that describes your style?

Calvin Rucker. Love & Loathing LA has more or less grown up with this brand and I have to say if I could only wear one brand for the rest of my life it might be theirs! They’re talented women, founded and made in DTLA, and their designs are just incredible. Their M.O. is edgy yet feminine - think Gwen Stefani. All I ever want in life is to be Gwen Stefani, and Calvin Rucker gets me kinda close. 

Best beauty secret? 

Wash your face and moisturize at night, even if you’re too tired and/or drunk. I use Guinot religiously (like will not be persuaded by other brands), and I swear it has changed my skin. 

Best advice you ever received?

"Either you can or you can’t, either way you’re right.” I’ve got about a billion and one more great bits of advice where that came from, all given to me by my #1 - my mom. 

What's next for you in 2017?

I am “a day at a time” kinda gal, but I am really hoping to get to Europe this year. I could really use some culture and some travel this year :) otherwise it’s just maintaining this train and keeping it moving forward!

Where can people find and connect with you?

You can find me on my blog for a more in-depth curated look at life around LA 

Or you can find me on Instagram for the more "in the moment” perspective (@loveandloathingla)

So SO good right? I loved how she thinks of her Instagram more as an editorial - making it polished cohesive and fresh. If you ever visit L.A> especially for my babes out of the area, DO go to her site and get all the good recommendations. 

Love this, truly! Inspired just reading and doing this with Caroline.

Excited to hear what you think!



HUGE GOOP GIVEAWAY + Interview with Vogue approved Shaman & mystic healer: Colleen McCann

Hi friend!

How are ya? How's it going? February AMIRITE? I am excited about it, the year is really weird on a world front, but on a personal front I feel really in the groove. 

Keep me posted on your life.

But let's get to it! A GOOD ONE TODAY. Mega giveaway from GOOP + Style Rituals and an interview with my new energy practitioner, psychic shaman, crystal many THINGS. 

Colleen I met through a friend and GOOP employee, who told me about their resident crystal healer. Obviously this is right up my alley, so I reached out for Almost 30 and for Hundred Blog to share her and her story with you. In order to prep, I got a crystal reading with her, and guys. this girl is so RAD. 

She's down to earth, warm, funny, fun, lighthearted and just a joy to be around. During her sessions, she's honest and relate able, and you feel like you can spill your heart and open up - which is so important in an energy healer.

I LOVED too that she gives you the tarot cards that you get in your reading. I keep mine at my desk, and they're representative of what's happening in my life. She also gives you a crystal, to keep. Nothing better.

So I'm excited to share with you Colleen, and for this giveaway! This giveaway includes one medicine bag, which has been the FASTEST + most popular selling thing on the GOOP website, and for good reason. It's all the BEST stones you need that have been cleansed or cleaned by Colleen. Also for the bestie you tag, they will win a GOOP energy clearing kit. (

(Or if you want the clearing kit, and to give the other product away, that's cool too!)

Also ladies in the LA area, you NEED to schedule time with her.

Loving you, enjoy and excited for the winner! xo

Brief introduction to who you are what you do: 

Colleen McCann, fashion stylist turned energy practitioner, has spent this lifetime appreciating all things beautiful. From the runways of Paris to the crystal caves of Chile, Colleen has always been acutely aware of the power and strength that lies in the exquisite. With a distinguished palette and a fierce eye for style, it is no wonder her journey began in the world of fashion.  Her style-centric pursuits for the last 15 years have allowed her to wear many hats including: designer, stylist, brand image consultant, business owner and always a serial entrepreneur (the first being a friendship bracelet company started at age 8). McCann’s intense travel schedule often yielded a nomadic way of life and it was on these very journeys that she began to merge her two great loves: fashion and mysticism. Colleen’s wayfarer persona and wanderlust nature has always led her to connect with diverse styles of people and their deeply rooted spiritual traditions and rituals.  Though she cannot truly recall a moment of her life where she was not connected to the spirit world in some form, her true gifts emerged and blossomed while studying with the Q’ero peoples of Peru. It was during these pivotal moments in her metaphysical training, she realized she could use her intuition to help others in a myriad of profound ways.  As she furthered her education, Colleen continued to grow, strengthen and enhance her skill sets and now holds the esteemed title of Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, certified with The Four Winds Society and Asui Reiki. Upon becoming more spiritually attuned, Colleen began to incorporate her healing knowledge with everyone in her space; from backstage models to strangers in an airport, it seemed as though she had become a magnet for people to seek counsel from. Colleen's link between the spiritual and physical world has allowed her to understand the needs of others, whether being the right silhouette for a body type or a proverbial torn seam in an energetic body. There is power in beauty only when beauty exudes honesty, strength, compassion and confidence. It was this very notion that catapulted McCann into merging her two passions into one unique vision. Colleen McCann’s heartfelt dedication to bring forth the true well-being of her clients is what has made her one of the top experts in this field of work.

Her approach to mysticism and spirituality is digestible, personable, non-judgmental and relatable. “Everyone has a spiritual side to them – no matter their race, religion, socio-economic status or sex,” said McCann. “My work is to help bring your best you back in alignment and open your mind and body for life’s offerings. Simply put…when you feel good, you look good and when you look good, you feel good.” 

Colleen McCann, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, works within the realm of creative methods and processes utilizing color theory, body type, chakra systems, crystals, astrology, naturopathy and Feng Shui principles. Through these modalities, she can align the energetic and visual body, creating a sense of balance, wellness and fullness. She currently lives and practices bi-coastally, with residences in Los Angeles, CA and New York City.

It's been a very interesting road for me with many mystical twists and turns to say the least.  I worked in the fashion industry for 15 years & when I turned 30 I started "hearing voices"...which turned out to be my spirit guides. Long story short: I traded my high heels for hiking boots & flew to South America to get trained as a Shamanic Practitioner.  I also practice Usui Reiki, do hands on healing, Intuitive crystal readings & psychic business building sessions.

My fashion clients have become my healing clients meaning I work with women in fashion, beauty & advertising industries. I understand the unique brand of pressure & stresses that comes with being in the biz.

I also run Moon Ceremonies.

Which puts me on the pulpit in front of groups of women speaking about how to harness their sovereignty and get themselves back on track.  Although I am in the "Woo woo Juju" business...I also speak New Yorker. I make it a must to always give my clients practical & digestible advice, practices & solutions they can take home with them & really use in their daily lives.

  • Vogue Approved Shaman
  • 2 Partnerships & House Shaman at GOOP.
  • Partnership with Cap Beauty: Medicine Bag
  • Running, collaborating on retreats, Moon Circle, other events

What is the popular reactions when you tell people what you do? 

"You don't look like a Shaman?" HAHA! That is the #1 response.

Can you talk about your journey to where you are today? I can imagine that standing in your light and owning your gift wasn't easy! 

I was fucking terrified! Standing in a corner bogeda in Brooklyn at 3AM & hearing voices isn't exactly what I had planned for myself.  If you would have asked me prior to this experience about what I wanted to be when I “grew up” I would have said I wanted to be a power house in the fashion industry and I was currently standing in a bodega contemplating whether I needed to commit myself or not. I started hearing voices then having premonition dreams then waking up & having ghosts standing over my bed… then the final straw was having other healers coming up to on the street telling me I was a healer and I needed to remember that & to get help/get trained etc. OOF! 29-31 was rough! It took me 5+ years to be able to stand in my own light and there are still days or certain situations that it is hard for me to talk about my experiences or see/hear/feel what I do.

I'd love to hear a little about your life in fashion and how you made the transition from fashion to shaman:

I worked as a designer, stylist and brand consultant for 15 years before I made the leap to full-time Shaman. 

I have been studying Shamanism (3 modalities: Nordic, Peruvian, Mexican), Usui Reiki, Feng Shui & Crystals for the last 7 years. 

It wasn’t an overnight transition.  I spent every free minute I had flying somewhere in the world to take classes on some type of spiritual modality or related school of thought that peaked my interest.  I don’t follow one modality and its been my experience that having an many different techniques in your back pocket can only increase your success rate with your clients.  Take what serves you & leave the rest behind.

I didn’t tell anyone except 2 of my girlfriends I was studying Shamanism for the first 5 years as I had no idea what I was going to do with this new found skill set. I felt like a total freak for a long time and I was too afraid to talk about what was happening to me.  I didn’t start coming out of the Shamanic closet until I had the confidence in my practice, knew what I wanted to do with what I learned and decided to make Style Rituals an official offering to the public. 

It is not a job, it is a calling to do this type of work. Period.

I worked my ass off.  I had a really intense travel schedule with my fashion clients and was basically putting myself through college for a second time while I worked a full-time job.

What's great about what you do?

I get to help people heal & be the best version of themselves. 

I love teaching. I work with 99% women. SOOOOOO many of the women that find me have some form of“the gift” themselves and I have the honor of helping them open up to it, embrace it and find a way to work with it in a modern world, their personal lives and careers.  I’ve seen clients that started with me 2 years ago start doing amazing things with encorporating some aspect of spirituality into their business or into their personal lives.  I get a lot of emails that start out I did this “… because of what you told me or what you helped me find out about myself or helped me embrace I am doing XYZ”  Those are the best days!!!!!

What's hard about what you do?

I am an Empath so I feel everything that is going on around me. So if it’s a really intense session with a client that there are tears and lots of emotions I feel it.  I am like a lightening rod for information as I am Clairsentient, Clairaudient & Clairvoyant so being in large groups of people always takes extra effort, focus and concentration on my end.

Weirdest thing you've heard a spirit or guide say to you? 

Lawd! I wouldn’t even know where to start?

What's a typical day in the life like (I know no two days are the same but we can try to get a good gauge)

Things I would do on an average day:

  • Filling orders for my Crystal-of-the-month-Club------Crystal Covey
  • Collabing on well-designed, mystically minded product with other like minded companies.
  • Meditate, daily gratitudes, sage off, salt bath
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Hands on healings + Reiki
  • Taking interviews with editors
  • Talk with my mentors
  • Do a space clearing
  • Answering emails
  • Clean my crystals
  • Instagram stalk someone I’d like to work with
  • Eating bacon or spicy, dark chocolate
  • Calling family & friends
  • Meeting with a mentee

Loved your article about sage in Vogue: can you tell us what sage is and why we should all have it?

SAGE has an earthy (just-smoked-weed) smell and a feminine energy. If you’re using sage, look for California white sage (which is different from the sage you would cook with). Burning sage is one of the oldest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, objects, or space. The practice dates back to prehistoric times and it’s been used in every corner of the world by our ancestors. The Latin word for sage, salvia, means to heal.

Burning sage has traditionally been associated with giving wisdom, clarity, and increasing spiritual awareness. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is associated with putting people into a positive mood. On a practical level, Sage clears bacteria in the air: Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space. In a nut-shell it gets the bad jooge off us and our energy fields.

How do you suggest we cultivate our deeper connection to spirit?

Meditation is the best place to start. Learning how to settle down the left side of the braid aka Hamster Brain, Monkey Mind, Analytical Mind, Linear Mind is most important as that’s when we are most open to receiving messages from the right side of the brain aka the creative side, wisdom brain.  If you can develop a meditation practice you will inevitably feel calmer, more focused, more decisive and perhaps may hear a message/voice/or have greater knowing.

Although, if you can’t sit still for 5 minutes (I totally get it!) and are very visual than try to working with the Tarot.  Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Ask your spirit guides to come forward and give you the message you need that day or perhaps around a particular situation in your life. Then pick the card that is calling your name.

It is important to try and connect everyday as it will help you strengthen your “Intuitive Muscle”. The more you flex it the easier it will come…it’s like working out.

WTF is a closet cleanse - I LOVE that concept - can you tell us more!

This is the ultimate mashup of the energetic meeting the visual.

You get to spend the day with me in your closet and we are going to tear it apart using both fashion & Shamanic know-how.

We will look at items that may be out of style, not fit your body type or skin color as well as items that may have energy around them that aren’t helping you to put your best foot forward.

I will be able to look at items in your closet and start to hear things about you, your life, certain situations etc.  I look at the closet like a giant intuitive reading—instead of Tarot cards its clothing and shoes

We may burn your “ex-boyfriend” jeans in a Shamanic bonfire on the beach (LA) or fire escape (NYC). PS. It’s super fun and liberating!

All women love fashion and relate to me in that way so if they trust in me enough from having a relation from the fashion perspective to open their closets and allowing that to be a conduit for healing than so be it.

I'd love to tell readers about your GOOP Medicine bag/ GOOP Energy Clearing Kit and why it's essential:

Medicine Bag: The crystals I curated for GOOP are a good starter set of crystals to work with.  These crystals address a variety of everyday needs that I hear about directly from what my clients want & need. 

Energy Clearing Kit: The items I curated for GOOP were based on the basics of what everyone should have in their home arsenal for what I call “Spiritual Hygiene”.  Any one that has ever met me knows that I hand out sage or palo santo with every business card.  Clearing yourself or your space is essential. We take care of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally by going to therapy, working out, eating right, sleeping so why wouldn’t we also take care of ourselves energetically? 

Sageing should become a daily or weekly ritual. It should become as second nature as taking supplements or brushing your teeth.  I like to know that I am doing my small part in the world by helping people learn how to raise their vibration. Imagine if everyone in the world sage’d themselves at the same time how much the lighter the mood of this planet would be.

Favorite way to chill:

Beach, Tea or Bourbon…sometimes bourbon in my tea, Yoga, spa time with my girlfriends, Netflix, Muesum, Shopping, hanging out in the crystal store.  I travel so much for work so I like to keep things chill as possible during my downtime.

How cute are the services on her website? I love!

Where can people connect with you: OR on IG: @style_rituals

What are you excited about in 2017?

  • Several additional product collaborations within the health & wellness industry and the restaurant Industry
  • Style Rituals crystal-of-the-month-club: Crystal Covey
  • Leading a retreat to Peru August 11-17th with Daily Bliss Yoga LA. They took me on a yoga retreat to Thailand last year and I did readings and healings for people in a cliffside bungalow overlooking the South Pacific. EPIC!  It was so well-received that Daily Bliss decided to do their first every spiritually-centered retreat. I will be collaborating with NY yoga instructor Laura Butler.


SO EXCITED to give away one of her GOOP Medicine bags! These have been the fastest selling products on the GOOP website, and major for someone just starting out their crystal practice, or someone who is in the game but needs a refreshed bag of blessed crystals. 

This essential starter kit ($85 value) is a beautiful introduction to the spiritual practice of harnessing one’s own intuition, protection, healing, and inner strength.

Medicine bag Includes: 

Drawstring pouch
Black Obsidian: Offers grounding and protection
Carnelian: Provides relief and support for female issues
Citrine: Puts all women in a mindset to make things happen
Rose Quartz: Encourages self-love and love of others
Lapis Lazuli: Promotes the speaking of one’s truth and clear communication skills.
Clear Quartz: Operates as the high channeler for connection with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides
Amethyst: Absorbs negative energy around a person and removes it from the room
Chrysocolla: The goddess stone

Energy clearing kit includes:

This kit ($195 value) comes with everything you need to cleanse your home/work space/other personal sanctuary of any and all negative energy—all with entirely clean, instantly soothing, incredible-smelling ingredients. For everything you need to know, read GOOP's article here.

Kit includes: 

1 bundle of California white sage

1 piece of palo santo

1 smudge bowl

1 feather fan

1 monk oil (1 oz)

1 shungite stone


Follow @hundredblogla and @stylerituals on Instagram

Tag a goddess in your tribe that you want to win something with!

That's it!

Bonus entries, if you answer in the comments which crystals you're excited to win! 

Woah guys, right? 

There is some serious knowledge in here, inspiring information and mostly the story of a girl whose followed her calling, to build the life of her dreams. 

SO CITED for you to enter the giveaway! GOOD LUCK!



Interview with Danielle Pascente: Fitness guru + model

Hi hi!

How are you? How was the weekend? So good to have the extra day, no?

I am in San Diego right now at Coffee + Flowers, catching up a bit on the blog. It's been a crazy few weeks so even on vacay I need to do a bit of 'work' :). I am also just so excited to share this interview with you. 

Danielle is one of those babes who I saw SO MANY times before I 'met' her and put a face with the name. She's everywhere in the fitness world, so you've probably seen her gorgeous self and lean/fit bod. 

Crazy enough, her amazing sister called into a Almost 30 Podcast episode. The episode with our craziest caller yet (truly). If you want to listen, do so here.

We were also lucky enough to have had Danielle on the holiday episode talking about fitness. She's a REAL chick with an opinion, is down to earth and relatable. But during the episode she talked about how to stick with your routine, stay in the groove and the tips she uses during the holidays. I was OBSESSED with what she said about staying on track. It's so SIMPLE. 

She said, no matter what, I eat my own breakfast. 


So simple. She eats her normal protein shake, oatmeal, or whatever. Which sets her up for the day, balances the blood sugar and allows herself  a little wiggle room later if she needs it.

So this one is so good. Insights and tricks from one of the fittest babes there is, let me introduce you to Danielle Pascente!

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do:

I’m a personal trainer/sports model/health & fitness entrepreneur in Los Angeles.  I’ve been in the business for about 8 years now and am absolutely in LOVE with it.  I’m so passionate about health & wellness.  I grew up an athlete and played a variety of sports through the years.  I think fitness is just something that will always be a big part of my life.  I recently launched the first of my online training programs.  My goal is to be able to reach more people than just those I train in Los Angeles.  I’m creating workouts for people to do on the go, with little to no equipment.  I named my programs “Kick-Ass Training” because they will kick your ass but you will see results.  And who doesn’t like feeling like a total badass when they workout?    

What's a typical day in the life?

Everyday is so different for me it really depends on my schedule.  Some days I’m on an early photoshoot.  Other days I’m training clients.  It’s typically pretty packed though.  First thing I do when I wake up is drink warm lemon water (YES I REALLY DO BELIEVE IN THIS!)  To spare details, it gets things moving and alkalizes your system.  I usually take some time in the morning to post on social media outlets - workout of the day, motivational quote, something along those lines.  I’ll have breakfast and coffee while I’m answering e-mails, doing some content creation for my ebooks, and any other miscellaneous online work.  I will then do a workout from roughly 11 AM - 1 PM.  I don’t always have this much time BUT this is my ultimate favorite time to go if my schedule allows.  I’m fueled from breakfast and still fresh enough to be motivated.  I spend plenty of extra time stretching and foam rolling so this is why I like to take my time if I can. 

In the afternoon it ranges.  If I’m not training clients I may be going to a casting for a fitness related gig.  If I’m not doing either of those things, I am ALWAYS in work mode when it comes to my online business.  Lately that has taken an enormous amount of time (more than I ever thought possible).  I try to carve out at least 3-5 hours in the afternoon or at night to work on my online products or blog. 

I usually have an evening client so I will go train them around 5-7 PM ish.  I then come home and have dinner while un-winding a little bit.  Some days I like to totally power off and just read a book or watch a TV show.  Other days, I’m so stacked with online work that I just work straight through dinner.  I am adamant about ONE thing.  I make it a habit to be in my bedroom by 9 PM.  I’ll usually stretch or foam roll on the floor before getting into bed but I have my actual body in bed no later than 9:30 every single night.  I am a HUGE believer in a minimum of 7 hrs of sleep per night if not more.  This is just what I know my body requires to be able to function at 100%.  I try not to sacrifice this bed time unless its an emergency or if I’m celebrating a birthday or doing something social - then obviously I have to stretch it.  But if it’s just a regular day/night - I’m in bed by 9:00 usually.

If I have a photoshoot, this day looks very different.  I will typically have an earlier call time so I try to wake up extra early and go for a run just to get my body moving.  Photoshoots usually last anywhere from 5-10 hours.  They are long days so I don’t have a ton of energy when I get home, in which case I will just head to bed and unwind right away.  I lose motivation throughout the day, so I’ve never been good at doing workouts later in the day or at night.  This is why you will likely find me waking up at 4:30 AM if I have to vs doing it at 7 PM.

Whats a day for you food wise (details! and favorite products/foods)

Pre - breakfast

  • Warm water with lemon
  • Probiotic (love Garden of Life brand - you can buy it here)


  • Black coffee (strong) with splash of vanilla almond milk & cinnamon
  • Protein Oatmeal (my go to breakfast) - organic rolled oats heated with almond milk.  Add 1 scoop favorite protein powder (I like Quest Vanilla - you can buy it here).  Add 1 TBSP favorite nut butter (I like Justin's you can get it here).  The nut butter just melts into the oatmeal and it’s seriously HEAVENLY! 


  • If I’m hungry between breakfast/lunch which usually isn’t the case, but if I am - I’ll have a banana or handful of almonds/nuts.  


  • Typically consists of grilled chicken or egg white omelettes with lots of greens/veggies.  I also love huge greens salads with quinoa and some sort protein.  I’m a firm believer in trying to get protein in with each meal.  I personally don’t like fish or red meat so I’m mostly eating chicken/ground turkey/eggs.


  • If I’m hungry between lunch/dinner i’ll usually have one of my favorite bars.  I love LaraBar and Kind Bars because the ingredients are BOMB!  Not a lot of extra shit inside.  I also love ThinkThin if you are needing some extra protein and a more filling bar!


  • The exact same thing I have for lunch.  The only difference would be that I might sauté veggies or make it a hot meal.  Grilled asparagus in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.  Sometimes I’ll sauté a bunch of stuff in a pan and it turns out like stir fry.  I might add a sweet potato if I need some extra carbs or had a tough training day


  • I have the biggest sweet tooth so I actually need to have something sweet every single day.  I don’t cut out full food groups - I think its ok to have good ingredient desserts in moderation.  Of course if you are the type to crush the whole bag or carton or whatever in one sitting - then maybe this rule isn’t going to work for you.  I love Lily’s dark chocolate chips.  Sometimes I’ll have a couple of rice cakes with Justin's nut butter and dark chocolate chips.  I also LOVE boom chicka pop (so addicting).  AND lastly, Halo Top ice cream birthday cake flavor (salivating as I write this).  These are my go to desserts.

What do your workouts look like?

I actually think the easiest way to answer this question is to say, go to my Instagram!  I post my workouts there almost every other day.  These workouts are typically what I do as well.  I love high intensity interval style training.  I also launched a treadmill training program in November and I’ve been loving mixing these workouts in daily.  Sometimes I will do a treadmill training workout paired with a HIIT circuit.  

I will always aim for 10-20 mins of cardio either before or after my workout (depends on my mood).  I love running and I love the stair master.  There’s just no better feeling after doing either of those for that extra burn.  I will sometimes do a split routine like lower body one day and upper body the next.  I’m CONSTANTLY changing it up though.  If I find a workout I really like, I will do that more often than others. 

I’ve been loving this Saturday class I go to so that’s been somewhat of a staple for me.  It’s called F45 Training.  The Saturday session is a full body workout with 27 stations.  You go through the 27 stations twice so it takes about 45 mins to an hour.  SUCH A GOOD WORKOUT and perfect way to start the weekend.

What made you pursue a career in fitness?

I was a competitive athlete my whole life, so I knew I wanted to do something in the sports/health/wellness industry.  I still knew fitness was going to be a huge part of my life, I just wasn’t sure in what capacity.  I kind of fell into sports modeling but pursued personal training and really had a passion for that. 

What's the best part about what you do:

Hands down seeing people get results! 

Seeing people create lifestyle changes and watching their progress.  I think the most priceless part about a job like this is you know you are changing people’s lives.  I get at least one message a day saying “thanks for doing what you do,” or “I’ve been doing your workouts for years and I feel amazing,” etc etc.  It never gets old to hear that someone is creating healthy habits and loving their life that way.  That is exactly why I do what I do - to help others.

In regards to sports modeling, I think the best part about that job is just being able to shoot with some incredible brands!  My 10 year old self would seriously have been peeing pants if she knew she was going to shoot with Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc when she was older.  I love traveling to new places and shooting in cool locations.  Seeing an ad or campaign released is super rewarding too.  You know the work that went into it first hand and to be a part of that is an indescribable feeling.

What's the hardest part about what you do:

I think the hardest part is just the pressure to constantly be on top of your game. 

There’s no time for injuries, or being out of shape.  You just have to take such good care of your body to be in this industry.  You are a walking billboard.  People want to work with people who are fit (and that’s the bottom line). 

However, I whole heartedly believe in balance - so I don’t go to crazy extremes!  I still live my life similar to that of an athlete.  You train hard.  You work hard.  You dedicate yourself to your career.  You take breaks when you need and eat to fuel your body!

What's one piece of advice you give to all your clients?

Be consistent!  It’s not always about giving 100% each session, but it’s about staying consistent.  A lot of my clients have rigorous schedules and travel a lot for work.  I’m a firm believer in getting workouts in on the go.  They can workout in their hotel room or hotel gym with one of my circuits.  Don’t skip weekends or holidays.  If you add up every weekend day and holiday throughout the year - you could be missing months of workouts.  I swear by the 80/20 rule.  Be mindful about eating good foods and getting workouts in 80% of the time.  The other 20% is for LIFE!  We all need to live it and it will inevitably get in the way at some point.

What's one thing you can't live without?

Ugh I HATE saying this but my phone.  I never ever thought I’d be that person but I am that person.  I’ve just transitioned heavily into the online business this year so it’s pretty crucial I have my phone at all times.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely put it away or turn it on silent if I need to (at appropriate times), but for the most part I use my phone to create and post content multiple times a day so I always have it.  Coming in at a close second would be working out.  I love working out so GOD WILLING, I will be able to do that daily for years to come :) By the way, I have probably 10 other things.  It’s hard to pick just one.  My friends/family/husband.  I’ll just stop now……..before this becomes “20 things Danielle can’t live without.”

I loved your holiday tricks so much, can you please talk about how you stay on track during the holidays:

Aw thank you!  I love the holiday topic and have created a lot of accountability around this time of year leading into the holidays. I could go on forever about this one, but I think the easiest thing to do would be to attach my blog about staying on track during holidays/weekends/vacations.

If you have 30 minutes, what's the best thing to do workout wise?

Go to my Instagram and find a workout!!  They are all under 30 mins and you WILL feel amazing afterwards.  If you don’t want to go to my IG, I highly suggest just doing a HIIT type of workout.  Treadmill intervals, plyometrics, short rest periods, pushing to your max for those 20-30 mins.  I also have a treadmill workout program I just launched so if running on the treadmill is your thing, you will love this!  It’s a combination of treadmill/HIIT workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. 

You're also a model :) what's a beauty trick you swear by:

Washing my face every morning and every night.  Predictable…..I know!  But I swear this has been a game changer from my college self to my current self.  I used to go to bed with all my makeup on pretty much every night in my late teens early 20’s.  Now, no matter how late or early it is, I will do my full face cleansing routine.  

Favorite beauty product:

Clinique all about eyes de-puffing eye roller (this thing is freaking heavenly - you can get it here).  Put it in the refrigerator.  I swear it’s the best thing you will ever feel underneath your eyes and on your lid (especially if your having one of those days….you know…..little to no sleep).

Life mantra:

Take every risk.  Drop every fear. 

Favorite memory from 2016: 

Launching my first online program in November.  2016 was a HUGE growth year for me, so even though it was intense at times and I wanted to throw in the towel - that moment of knowing even one person bought my product was incredible!

What you're most looking forward to in 2017:

The continuation of launching my online products and being able to reach more people!  My husband also went “all in” on my business so we work together now and he’s been incredible!  It’s a pretty cool experience to work together and be able to build something you are both proud of.

Where can people connect with you?

Come visit my website: . 

You can join my mailing list where I send out e-mails every Wednesday with a FREE workout inside.  You can also get a free ebook with 10 fat burning exercises inside!  

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So good right? Not only is this chick FIT, she's SMART, savvy and dedicated. 


I love to read these, and have a reminder that a) these people work their asses off to look that good b) it's possible to EAT and look good and c) models are people too (and they can be really cool!)

LOL but for real. Love this girl, can't wait til she is on Almost 30 in a few weeks!

Enjoy the tips my loves! Have the best week.