Bourbon Barbies X Almost 30 Podcast


We’ve got new merch y’all!

Pumped to share with you the Almost 30 Podcast X Bourbon Barbies Collab!


Bourbon Barbies is a enviornmentally friendly eco-concious brand owned by two badass women. They are all about no waste, and creating one of a kind authentic pieces. 

So we wanted to bring that to #Almost30Nation!


Everything now available on The Almost 30 Podcast site, and each piece is custom (aka we only have one!)

Once all 8 are gone, we'll have new monthly releases of gear. 

My personal favorite is the crew neck sweatshirt. For real these are really comfortable, soft and fit JUST right! I am loving the mustard one for right now honestly! 

But you can also wear the flannel in so many ways, with jeans with a tank top, tied around the waist. These are so versatile! Plus they have the Almost 30 Podcast logo on the back, AYY!!


If you haven't already listened to The Almost 30 Podcast - you must! Click the link here :). We talk about all of the things, and we keep it realllllllllllllll.

So citing! Let me know whatcha think :)




A little bit of lace never hurt anybody (NYE LEWKS)


Very risqué today. Sort of kind of. I don’t know if I ever show too much? Maybe some people would think I do, or maybe I see myself everyday wearing the same sweater (which I shared here) leggings and booties. Not the IG me which shows the best of the best, of course.

(That is what IG is and I don’t fight it).

But on New Year’s Eve it’s so FUN to dress up. Seriously, I like to dress up like once a month and go ALL OUT. Makeup, hair, nails, everything. I’ve written and shared a few other New Year’s Eve Style posts, here and here, but pretty much I’m a big fan.

Plus having one day to work towards to get ready means that I’m caught up with my hair, and basically done with all my beauty errands. It takes time, people

I am pumped to share two looks with you. One for the club party type New Year’s eves, where you can get away with wearing something that’s more revealing, and one for the dinner with friends or your partner type New Year’s eves.

The first is a onesie from a small boutique off Abbot Kinney called Principessa. It’s basically lingerie, but the sleeves are so fun, and it’s actually really flattering. You can do tights if you want, like Beyonce nude fishnets if you’re afraid of showing off too much skin.

This dress is my favorite for a dinner. It’s different, fits SO NICELY and the lace is super different. I love that it hides the part of my arms I don’t always love, but shows off my neck and chest in a classy way.

Look 1:


Look 2:


What I'm wearing in this post:

Lace Black Romper Sold Out: Similar here

Floral Lace Dress from Vone Official

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in Snob

My favorite accessories for NYE: 

My favorite dresses for NYE:

What are you guys doing this New Years? Thinking Justin and I may just chill? I feel like I neeeeeeeeeeed it right now. Send me your inspo!

All my love,


Sweater you can wear a million ways

Hi you! How are you? Feeling crazy right now in the holiday! 

Hopefully things aren't too crazy. I haven't been running around too much I feel like?

Lindsey and I took the month of December for recording, which has been amazing to have my nights back. Most days, it's workout, work, then recording two nights a week until 10:00 PM. 



That means I'm loving December but also scared for January when it's over, ha.

I love how happy everyone is around the holidays. It makes me so happy to see everyone joyous and loving life. Plus having treats around all the time isn't so bad either, ha.

Speaking of treats, I've been really just as relaxed as possible about my eating. Not following anything too hard except I've been doing intermittent fasting lately. 

Will do a full post on that next week since I want to be detailed about my experience, but now just wanting to share my favorite cozy sweater, and how I wear it. Because I have ONLY been wearing this lately.

Throwing this sweater on everything with everything, period. 


I love how flattering it is with a mini, yet still feels cozy and comfortable where I can wear it anywhere. The skirt is super soft from Zara too. Plus my trust OTK boots from Target (still available!).

For shopping and hanging, I've been wearing the sweater with my Levi's Mom Jeans. These ones are actually Aubres I borrowed, HA. But it's a good thing to wear some sexier type jeans with such a big chunky knit to give it some sex appeal? I guess!? HA.


My Favorite Sequin Minis:

The Cutest Cozy Sweaters: 

The Best Mom Jeans: 


Happy Holidays, my loves. Thanks so much for reading. Honestly don't take a single one of ya for granted.