Interview with Kristen Caires: Celebrity Host and People TV Correspondent

Hi babes!

If you don't know her already. You are in for a TREAT. I want you to meet a babe who is BADASS. 

I'm trying to think how to describe her, because it's going to sound annoying for me to say she's a perfect human. 

But she is. 

Truly. I've known Kristen since Freshman year of College (sorority sisters what what!) and since that time she's been kind, warm, generous, intelligent and funny as hell.

This girl seriously says some shit that'll make you bust out laughing - then think about it again for days.

I remember in college at like sorority chapter, I would be chilling in my True Religion jeans with my blonde bangs just sipping a 600 calorie smoothie wondering what Kristen would want to do with her life. 

It's been fascinating that, I think she always knew she wanted to get into Television (secretly knew it in her gut!) and here she is now. 

Following her dreams and stuff.


Okay, let me introduce you to this tall, leggy blonde, babe, whose now a People Television Correspondent, running red carpets at the Oscars, working for People as a TV Host an Correspondent.

She's working side by side with major celebrities, and being her charismatic self all along the way. Sometimes I'll scroll my Facebook and it's like Kristen just moving up the ranks doing the damn THANG.


So, let's get to it. My interview with Kristen Caires. 

Hi I'm Kristen Caires, an Entertainment Correspondent for PEOPLE Magazine in New York City and a superfan of Krista and The Hundred Blog.

How did you become an entertainment and lifestyle TV correspondent? Can you talk about your journey?

Well, it definitely didn’t happen overnight!

When I was a little girl, I used to set up my Little Tikes furniture in my bedroom and interview my stuffed animals. I’d pour them mugs of apple juice and use my hairbrush as a microphone. However, despite being a reporter at heart since I was in diapers, I stupidly took the “safe” route and decided to major in business in college. After graduation, I got a job and an apartment and tried to adjust big-girl life - I was content, but knew I wasn’t doing what I was put here to do.

So, I listened to that little voice in my head and decided to make some moves. I signed up for hosting classes in New York City and started building my reel, which at first consisted of either mediocre footage from unpaid jobs or my Mom filming me making up news stories. I learned how to edit footage and saved my pennies to buy a camera, mic, tripod and green screen. I signed up for all of the casting sites in New York and compulsively applied to all hosting gigs several times a day. I got head shots taken, stalked, sorry I mean “networked” with established hosts online, read hosting books by Tim Tialdo and Marki Costello and watched countless hours of Oprah (definitely the most enjoyable part of my self-training.)

After several years, and many “no’s” from producers, casting directors and agencies – I landed my first full time job at People hosting an entertainment news series called, “People Scoop” - and the rest is history!

What's a typical day in the life?

A day in my life starts by waking up with two really cute dudes next to me - my adorably perfect 11-year-old Cavalier King Charles, Cody and my fiancee, Trey. After lots of coffee, I head downtown to PEOPLE’s studio.

The morning consists of hair, makeup and getting up to speed on breaking news stories – These can range from Kim Kardashian posted another nude selfie, to there’s a llama loose in Brooklyn, to more serious human interest/crime stories.

I work with my team to write scripts and produce videos throughout the day. The workday is sometimes followed by covering an event, either a red carpet, fundraising gala, book launch etc. 

To prepare, I'll research the people attending, come up with questions and primp some more so I feel like I semi-fit in with all the fabulous folk. Once the night wraps, I head home to report on what went down at the event and spend some much needed quality time with my boys.

What's the biggest misconception about being on TV?

That it's easy.

Some people think that hosts and correspondents are just talking heads reading a teleprompter (and some are!) but many also research, write and produce their own content.

The on-air aspect is only a small part of the day!

What's the hardest thing about your job?

Asking personal questions. The transition between what they're working on and what our audience really wants to know is always a little tricky: "So your film looks great, tell me about it...Oh, great! Now who are you dating?"

What's the best thing about your job?

Free stuff! 

Jessica Alba gave me a bag with like 50 different lotions and potions and candles and things from The Honest Company. I don't think I'll ever need to buy shampoo and conditioner again.

Embarrassing moment or story when meeting a celebrity?


Well this was thankfully not at a work event. I had a major crush on Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. Because God has a sense of humor, I saw him at a bar after having 2 very strong drinks and decided to go introduce myself. 

My opening line was, "Hi, I think I have pink eye but I still came out tonight". It was also my closing line and he quickly drew away from me.

Most surprisingly cool celebrity you've ever met? 

Tom Hanks is quite possibly the nicest human being on the planet. The Bachelorette's Emily Maynard and Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez are also just effortlessly genuine, good people (with really good skin.)

What's the most star struck you've ever been?

I saw Oprah at a Broadway show. I'm sure Kinky Boots is a great performance, but the entire time I was in a trance staring at Oprah while she sang and clapped and danced in her seat.
 As she walked by, I tried to smell her hair.

She's been my idol since I was tiny - I was the only fourth grader who insisted on being home by 4PM to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

Beauty secret you've learned during hours in hair and makeup?

Use sunscreen and moisturize a lot or your foundation and powder will look cake-y and flakey and YUCK.

Also Spencer Barnes taught me to dab a bit of gold eye shadow onto your cupids bow to make your top lip look bigger. Another artist told me if my powder eye shadow isn't showing up, to put some lotion on your eyelid to use as a primer and suddenly the color pops big time.

What's something you can't live without?

My eyelash curler, Blistex and peppermint tea.

Favorite thing to ask people during an interview?

I'm getting married in a few months so I've asked every woman who has gotten married recently what they would have done differently. The resounding answer is to spend less time worrying and have fun (I'll try!)

What are you currently excited about?

My wedding!

I am getting married to a super hunk on New Years Eve.

I am also looking forward to guest co-hosting our live show PEOPLE Now in a few weeks and shooting the Bachelorette segment on called "Pop Culture Pie" with author Jennifer Wiener who is freaking hilarious!

Life dream?

WHOA! We are getting deep here!

I'd say my life dream is to fulfill my purpose and to, by the time I peace out, have made this weird world we live in, a better happier place.

Where can people see or connect with you?

Follow along!

Instagram: @kristencaires

Twitter: @kristencaires



Guys you definitely need to get to know this girl. FUNNY, witty, confident and kind - she is truly going someone to watch or aspire to be, hehe.

I always love sharing interviews with badass babes. She's the best right?

Also being a TV host and People Correspondent is the dream right? I definitely have had moments where I am like, hmmmm, celebrity interviewer? OKAY.

Love this, and love with you! Can't wait to read your thoughts. Questions for her, let us know!



KEY for post workout recovery AND getting a leaner, tighter bod


Happy you're here!

How are you guys? How was your weekend?

Summer is flying by, no? Living in L.A. I feel like I have no idea what season it is. Sort of weird, like groundhogs day, HA. But, can't complain.

I cleaned SO MUCH yesterday, I got rid of lots of random things (I had like 40 sparklers in my desk drawer?????) I also did some home shopping on Urban Outfitters - OBSESSED. It's so Malibu, boho chic. 

If you want me to show you what I got, let me know!

So on another, very Monday type of note, let's talk fitness.

Recently, I've been really upping the workouts.

Somedays I'll do a yoga class and strength class. I've got SoulCycle regularly with Lindsey, and then I try to run once or twice a week (so boring for me lately. If you run, what's your secret to stay interested?)

It's SO NICE that now in L.A. I have babes that I can workout with regularly. 


If I'm completely honest, since I moved to L.A. I've put on some weight that's just bugging me man. I'm trying everything, and I want to write a full post on that topic, but I'm doing what I can in the workout space to try and get this shit off ME. 

Everyone is different, and I know what's a good place for my body and weight, and I'm just not there. In pictures, I take 1 of 400 that looks good - so don't let that fool you! HA.

I've talked about my workouts and eating here and here, but I have something new to share with you that I am obsessed with.

I always want to share stuff that works for me, that could also be helpful for ya.

This isn't sponsored or anything :)

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's).

Not sure what they are? 

Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, can be taken during or after a workout to help improve exercise performance and endurance in addition to potentially aiding in muscle recovery. 

BCAAs go directly to the muscles for fueling, building and repairing after a workout. 

Science says,

"Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refer to three amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. BCAA supplementation, for people with low dietary protein intake, can promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time. It can also be used to prevent fatigue in novice athletes."

I realized how freaking sore I was yesterday, and it was because I had ran out of the BCAA's that I have been taking regularly.

For me it has been confirmed time and again how much of a difference BCAA's make in my fitness game.

I've noticed I have:

Less muscle soreness

More lean muscle tone

Increased natural energy (no cracked out jitters)

I've been taking them for about 6 months now, and really feel like I can workout longer, and more often without a necessary recover day or two in between. Plus, it's all natural, without any stimulates or weird ingredients that your body won't recognize.

For real. 

I LOVE that it's affordable, gives me a little boost of energy, helps decrease body fat and lets me workout longer and harder.

Enough said, right? Basically, say 'fat loss' and I'm yours.

(Seriously though if there are vitamins or supplements that say 'weight loss' there's a 99% chance I'm buying it). says,

New studies have shown that dieting groups supplementing with BCAAs (like leucine) increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented groups. That’s the bottom line, my friends: more muscle mass retained, and a greater percentage of lost body fat.

The major benefits of BCAA's

All amino acids are necessary for the growth and repair of muscles and tissues in the body. So, without them, protein in the body breaks down resulting in muscle loss.

(I take mine in the morning and then again at night. Usually with breakfast in the morning and nothing at night). 


During exercise there are increased levels of serotonin, which can actually make you more tired during a workout. 

(Weird I know!)

Several studies have proven that BCAAs, can potentially help reduce serotonin levels and help prevent tryptophan (the hormone that makes you so sleepy, that's in Turkey LOL) from entering the brain. This means you bypass the 'tired' stage of your workout.

Like a natural energy boost!

BCAAs can also potentially help with muscle soreness.

BCAAs can be used to help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness by impeding exercise-induced muscle damage and helping stimulate growth and repair.

When to take your BCAAs:

Ideally 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after your workout.

This gives you added energy and helps to repair muscles after.

This isn't a hard and fast rule. 

I've read you can also have them within 24 hours, but I usually try before and after a workout. 

My favorites:

You can take BCAAs in pill form of powder form in a drink or shake.

I do both, but prefer the pills because it's easier. 

What I'm wearing in this post:

Really into a new activewear brand, Ethona and I am wearing ALL their new gear. I posted some of their stuff on my Instagram and recently did a super fun shoot with them in Malibu. What I love about their clothes is that they are really good quality. Super thick and SOFT as hell. The color palette is muted, and I feel like I need a new athleisure brand in my life!

Ethona Gray Tenacity Tight Grey Leggings

Divine Zip Front Hoodie in Grey

Irresistible Long Sleeve Layer Nine Iron

Adore Muscle Tee in Mauve

Gleaming Bralette in Snow Grey

Okay so your turn. Let's discuss tips.

Do you guys take BCAA'S or anything else to help in muscle recovery from a workout? I think if you're working our regularly, you're definitely an athlete, so treating yourself like one is key! 

Let me know what you take or do to recover, I'm always into trying new stuff!

Also, have the best week. It's going to be a good one, I can feel it!



BADASS Brows: My first tutorial (!) tips and products you need ASAP

Hi there!

So this one - this feels TOO REAL.

I am trying to listen to where the 'market' is going with video. To dive into the realm of video and try a little tutorial out. 

I now feeling like on snapchat that I am expressing myself more and more, so that's help me get more comfortable.

Keep in mind how basic this video is, and how there is no true editing quality or like, music background, transitions etc. I want to try this out! I did one take, HA. Because that's how I roll.

This post is all about BROWS.

Why they matter, how to get gorgeous ones, and the products you need to create them!

Because truly, brows are created!

Another optical illusion us ladies have in our arsenal to make us more attractive. Like highlighters, bronzer, Spanx....

Having a full, defined brow has really changed my look in a major way. It looks natural, yet brings such life to your face! 

It looks really beach-y, earthy and fits my face so much better than a thin brow. I have big features. Big eyes, big nose, big lips, so I basically have to have big BADASS BROWS.

Brows seem so simple, but oh they can do SO MUCH to your look and face.

They frame your features, they can add dimension and shape, and even make you look more awake.

Here I share the products I use, which I am truly obsessed with. I've tried so many things and really think that I'm getting closer to mastering the brow.

What I use stays on, it gives the perfect color, and I can 'build' my brows to be as thick as I'd like. If I'm going out in the day, I'll keep it simple and just fill them in a bit, but for a night look with more makeup I will really darken them with more of this MAC pro-sculpting cream.

I know there are SO many ways to do your brows, with tinting, brow gel, or pencil, but this one lasts, washes off, and is super easy to do! 

I'll also share a few other products I love to use, when I am feeling a bit more frisky (aka not lazy AF).

Video Tutorial: What I use, and how I do my brows:

Guys my first video! Just did it and uploaded. I used VIMEO, because YouTube feels scarier, and more intense.

You into the videos? Let me know if you're doing them or what you think!

Now where to get the GOODS.

Best Brow Gels:

A brow gel is a pigmented makeup that goes on with a mascara like brush to your brow. You can get various colors, but this will give you a great color and last for a long time. 

Best Eye Shadows

You can use eye shadow to fill in spaces in your brows. Get a brown color, like the MAC Charcoal EyeShadow to make them look super thick.

Best Brow Brushes

These are to brush your brows into shape. Used with or without makeup, they help give that 'brushed up' brow effect.

Best Highlighters

These you wear underneath your brow right at the bone. It draws light, makes you look angelic and really awake. Plus it gives a sense of clean underneath the brow.


  • Don't be afraid if it looks a bit intense at first. Put your whole face on first! Mascara WITH the brow, change the game.


  • See which product you like the most, and stick with it! I don't LOVE using eyeshadow on my brows, because I feel like if you touch it, it rubs off all over, but I know some people say they love using powder!


  • Do brow tinting if you're into it! Places like Benefit have it, for pretty cheap and this helps if you have brows, just want them to be more pronounced and darker. I don't do tint, but would definitely try it.


  • I draw the end of mine pretty far out, just to make the brow look much longer and full.


  • Brush your eyebrows up (not over!)


  • Don't over-pluck or over trim. It gets harder as we get older to get full brows (hormones, etc) so keep that precious hair you have.

Alright that's the brows y'all. Now I'm off to WORKOUT. I'm trying to run more, I just totally fell out of it!

What do you do for your brows? Any tricks? Also, what do we think of videos? If you guys are doing them, I want to see! Put the link here!

Loving you!


Crystals you NEED for your workspace (plus a $100 giveaway from Energy Muse!)

Hi there!

How are ya? How was the weekend? I'm thinking to post on Tuesdays now instead of Monday. I feel Mondays are 'back to the grind' days? Tuesdays may be better but if you have thoughts, let me know!

Anyway, I went to Vegas last weekend for my friend Emily's bachelorette. It was so good to see friends (it's always worth it!), but the low was definitely the TRAFFIC on the way back. A 5 hour drive turned into 8 hours. I pretty much went insane (you know if you saw my snap ha!) 

Today however, I'm writing from my little at home desk, in our bungalow apartment in Venice.

I say bungalow because it seems more California than saying 'small'. But, it's perfect, and we're by the beach. What more could ya want?

(Actually I definitely want A/C because for some reason they don't have it on the West side in Cali!)

Since I started working from home about a year ago, I've really thought about the desk space and home office. It's super important to be conscious about your workspace, whether you are home or in a corporate office. 

It's like, 9 hours of your day! 

At my desk, I have my succulents, orchids, my buddha, and of course my crystals.

Bringing me good vibes, cutting the EMF and any negative energy.

You guys know I am a huge crystal fan who believes in the energy they bring and the magic they have.

I wrote about it here, and here and am SO EXCITED that with this post I am partnering with Energy Muse to do a giveaway for you.

$100 dollars worth of free crystals for your workspace!

Energy Muse is an amazing company based out of California. They are the numero uno crystal babes, with a true dedication to inspiring others and are very KNOWLEDGEABLE about crystals and anything in the spiritual realm.

Included in the giveaway:

EVERY crystal we discuss in this post for you to keep at your home office, or bring to work (to ward off those negative work vibes and bring clarity to your everyday!)

Shungite Pyramid

A MASSIVE Selenite wand

Citrine Point

4 Black Tourmaline chunks


How to win:

Follow @hundredblogla on Instagram

Follow Energy Muse @energymuse on Instagram

Tag a friend (or two!) you think would love win, and comment on my Instagram which crystal you'd love to have most!

That's it!

The winner will be announced next Friday, July 29th.

Quick story about Energy Muse before we discuss the crystals in this giveaway and their benefit.

I went to the Energy Muse store in Torrence, and was BLOWN AWAY at how thoughtful, gorgeous, and welcoming the store was.

(They also let dogs in! This is Erica's dog Bo!)

At their store, I met with my friend and mega-babe, Erica who runs their influencer marketing. She's huge into energy, the moon, crystals and all things love and spirituality. So, it was nice to chat with her about lots of mutual things we have in common.

Like crystals, spirituality and blogging - she is 1/2 of SOLO!

In SOLO, Erica recently wrote about being laid off from her previous job a few months ago.

Knowing it wasn't the right fit for her, and that it didn't align to her deeper self, she reached out to Energy Muse to discuss a position she wanted to propose, and shortly after, she was starting her new dream career.

 Going from being laid off, to doing the job of her dreams that she manifested herself.

She wrote about it here - it's a DOPE story.

One of my favorites of the year.

I am going to interview Erica in more detail in a few months to discuss this further.

But, lets get to it, the crystals included in this giveaway from Energy Muse!

Crystals that will make a HUGE difference in your workspace

Shungite Pyramid 

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone

Where to place: Place on or near your electronics you are working with daily - computer, laptop, iPad etc.

Meaning: Shungite is a tool of electromagnetic protection. It shields against negative, harmful energy while increasing work performance. The pyramid shape enhances higher vibrations and allows its healing properties to be carried a farther distance.

Black Tourmaline 

Where to place: Place 4 pieces in 4 corners of your room where your work space is.

Meaning: Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones. It magnifies the protective energy frequency within a space and creates a protective shield.

(I also use a small Black Tourmaline stone to wear in my bra everyday to ward off any negativity!)


Where to place: Place on your window sill

Meaning: Selenite is a great cleansing tool that dispels all negative energy while creating serenity and mental clarity within a space. It aids in energy blockages allowing a free, positive flow of energy through one's body.



Where to place: Place on your business cards or in your wallet

(I actually wrote about my business cards here and keep my citrine point on top of mine!)

Meaning: Citrine is an amazing manifestation stone that heightens all wishes and intentions especially ones pertaining to manifesting wealth, prosperity and abundance. It is powered by the energy of the Sun therefore does not hold any negative energy.


Where to place: Place on your desk 

Meaning: Fluorite is known for its rejuvenation. It clears and resets the mind during times of "monkey brain", confusion, indecisiveness and negativity. It also ensures a constant flow of positive energy.


I have been really loving Selenite lately especially to calm down and ease anxiety. Erica taught me to rest the wand on my chest and it REALLY calms. You can actually feel it working on your nervous system.

I've been doing that each night and I LOVE it.

Plus I've always really loved Citrine, because when I meditate with it, I notice a serious shift in my good fortune.

All of these crystals though, are amazing.

It feels really good that I can work with an AMAZING company like Energy Muse to give you something that's worth over $100 dollars. Products that I feel really matter.

That increase wealth and abundance, clear negative energy and create a more open workspace. 

(Closed mouth smile).

So cool right? This is a huge giveaway and I REALLY love my crystals and Energy Muse so I am excited about this one!

What questions do have for me about crystals, my workspace, or even about working from home? Do you work from home? Let's swap tips!

 If you have any questions for Energy Muse, I can also have them answer and discuss :)

Do you guys have crystals or use them? I'd love to know your favorites.

Feeling good about this, and loving you!

Have the best day!



P.S. Thanks to Energy Muse for partnering with me to sponsor this post! Major credit to Erica Kmiec for being such a great partner, visionary and friend!

Photos: 2, 4, 6 via Energy Muse

What it's like to hike the Pacific Coast Trail 770 miles: Interview with Barrett Pall

Oh man you guys!

I've wanted to do this one for a while now. 

An interview with my friend, Barrett Pall.

So first, one of my favorite Barrett stories before I do a full introduction.

When I was living in NYC I would take the 9 PM Barry's Bootcamp, where Barrett is an Instructor.

Barry's is MY JAM, by the way, I love it. 

So in the middle of a full class, Barrett would literally CALL ME OUT during things like, a bent over row (when I'm basically doggie style) and yell to the entire class



In addition to the class call outs, it always struck me me how Barrett would be so honest and encouraging to me about launching my blog. 

Whenever I'd make an excuse, or say something about a fear I had around it - Barrett would be the first to encourage me, and bring me back to reality. 

"Just do it Who cares." Was enough of a reminder. 

Fun, funny, kind, caring, compassionate, honest, smart, real, aware, and driven.

He's unapologetic and unafraid.

A true gem, who I am thankful to know!

This interview is so DOPE because this is coming from a man who wears a multitude of hats.

Including Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Writer, Model, Blogger, Life Coach, YouTuber and overall multifaceted, thoughtful and loving individual.

You can read his super deep, thoughtful and (sometimes controversial posts) on Artisan King, or browse the latest on his instagram (with over 178k followers, he knows a thang or two about social media too!)

His latest adventure though, had him leave life in New York City, to hike up the coast starting from Mexico 350 miles.

(Remember Wild by Cheryl Strayed?)

Oh and instead of 350 mikes, he did 770.

Yes, 770 miles, hiking, camping, meeting strangers, and enduring all types of weather, people and experiences along the way. 

All of this, while disconnecting from social media, embracing nature and home, and absorbing all the lessons nature allows. 

This interview is the first he's done since his return, and I have so many questions about his MAJOR life changing trip. 

So i get them answered, and get to share them with you! 


So here we are, my interview with Barrett is PCT Adventure and more:

Can you share a brief recap on the trip for us?

I can't believe that my trip along the PCT has come to a wrap.

It all started 5 years ago when my best friend Stacie Tiftitsoglou, who I've known for 20 years, mentioned the PCT to me, and I coincidentally read Wild. We knew it was something we had to do, and 5 years later we found ourselves committing to actually doing 650 miles along the trail. Stacie was in a crossroads in her life, and I found myself needing a break from the life I so enjoy in NYC, so a month before the trip, I told Stacie I was doing it with her. 

45 days later we ended up going past our goal of 650 miles to 770 miles, where we capped off our trip by climbing to the top of Mt. Whitney, which is the highest mountain in the US behind Denali in Alaska.

My big motivation for this was to get out of my own comfort zone. have the experience of a lifetime with one of my best friends, who I undoubtedly know is a soulmate, and inspire others to live their wildest dreams.  

How did you prepare? What did you bring or physically what did you do to prep?

I'm beyond lucky that all the logistics were taken care of by Staci. She packed all of our food, made all of the packages that her mom would later send to our stopping points to resupply, and mapped out our itinerary, which we pretty much stuck to.

Physically I got myself ready by making sure I got properly fitted for the right backpack at REI, and walked all over the city instead of using public transportation.

I'm super lucky that my life organically prepared me for the trip as I am always doing something active, and usually have a 17 lb backpack on while running around the city living my normal life. However, you truly can't be fully prepared for what your about to embark on as it's like nothing else I had ever done.

Was there a time when you thought you couldn't make it?


As you usually end up hiking alone during the day, your main activity besides walking is thinking. It was a constant mind game of pumping yourself up, and reminding yourself that beyond the constant discomfort and physical pain was a life changing experience that will stay with you forever.

Going up and down 3 mountains that are higher than NYC skyscrapers everyday is taxing, but the views you see, people you meet, and lessons you learn are beyond worth it.

What was the best memory from the trip?

Everyday came with so much fullness that it's hard to pick one specific memory, but the kindness from strangers restored my faith in humanity, and just seeing clean water to drink was a miracle that it's hard to describe unless you've been on the trail.

A few memories that stand out though are: my 1st shower after hiking a week without one, drinking an orange soda for the 1st time as I craved anything orange at one point, getting to the big stopping point where you meet a lot of hikers, and coming across a pool at a KOA ( Campgrounds of America) after being in the desert for a month. Officially becoming "Sweetheart," which was my given trail name, and seeing the sunrise from the top of Mt. Whitney are also very high on the list.

The worst or toughest part of the trip?

The heat, the flies, the physical pain your feet feel. Blisters inside of blisters are a real thing. Flies and gnats test your sanity. The sun is unforgiving.

How physically demanding was it?

I live a very physical life, and had read about the trail, but had no idea how hard it actually was going to be.

I can 100% say this was physically the hardest thing I've ever done. Anyone and I mean anyone could do what I did, but it's all about listening to your body at every step, learning to take breaks, and just hiking your own hike as they say on the trail.

How was it to be disconnected from social media and your phone, email...for that long?

So welcomed. I am someone who makes a big effort to not be living through my phone, and this was the biggest push to get even farther from my phone and the "matrix."

If you have Verizon you pretty much have service everywhere, but I have Sprint, which wasn't everywhere, and I'm grateful that I simply didn't have service, so I couldn't even be on my phone if I wanted to be. When you remove yourself from living through a digital world, you end up living a truly incredible way, which isn't to say that I didn't take lots of videos and pictures, but being on the side of a mountain, not knowing what day or time is was, and no one knows where you actually are is supremely powerful for finding clarity. 

Can you talk about the people you met along the way?

They were the biggest surprise and gift from the trail. I thought it was going to be quite solitary, and that it would be just Stacie and I. However, the trail is so much more social than you can imagine. Yes, you hike during the day most of the time by yourself, but at the resupply points, camping grounds, and random places here and there you meet some of the most diverse people. It's almost like traveling Burning Ma in the sense that there is a full hiker culture and collective mindset to not just exist, but truly live. I ended up hiking with 10 of the most incredible people, who in the "real world" I probably wouldn't have even met. We named ourselves the Rainbow Tribe, and became pretty well known on the trail as it we were the biggest group that stayed together. These people became family in the matter of days, and I will forever take things that I learned from each one of them with me. Smokey, The Bandit, Clicker, Rapunzel, Snacks, Dime, MVP, Suture, Sponge Bath, Ants, Pogano, Fabio, Monarch, Cupcake, Mozart and a few others along the way are hikers (these are their trail names) that changed my life, and I love so deeply.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to do a big trip or take a big leap like you just did?

Just do it.

Do it now.

Stop waiting for something else to happen, or someone else to go with. 95% of the hikers on the trail start alone, and end up meeting friends along the way.

There will always be reasons why you can't or shouldn't do something crazy like this, but once you do, you can't ever imagine not doing it.

Your life will change in the most incredible ways, and you'll be so much more apt to keep living out your dreams once you start.

What was it like being in the wild the whole time?

It was soul healing. Many religious teachers and spiritual gurus talk highly of nature in the fact that it connects you to your deepest self, and it's so true. It's also very challenging at moments because you just want your bed, running water, a bathroom, but what you learn is that those are all luxuries to be grateful for. You also do end up in towns here and there, where you take zero days, stay in hotels, and regroup, so that you can feel like a "real" person again, but the craziest thing is, you start to miss your tent, your sleeping bag, and just being under the stars.

What is the biggest lesson you learned that you could share with others?

To "Hike your own hike."

There will always be people and things that influence you, but you have to do what feels right for you, not anyone else, so if that means you leave the group and keep hiking then do it, or if that means you stop and stay behind while everyone else keeps going, you have to do it.

Live your life for you, and everything else will work out.

You just have to keep walking.

Has it been hard to adjust back to 'real life', off the trail?


I knew it would be, but I didn't realize how overwhelming normal life would feel. I've never felt overwhelmed by NYC, but my first real day back in NYC was rough.

However, as I learned the trail magic never stops, and just when I thought I couldn't deal with NYC, a random girl stopped me on the street because she had followed my hike on social media, and she was about to embark on her own 20 day hike on the John Muir Trail, so we chatted on the street for an hour, and I even went back to REI with to help her be fully ready. It was exactly what I needed at the exact moment. Again, life always works out, you just have to be open to it.

What was the first meal you had when you came back?

The first thing I had when I came back to NY was actually nothing crazy. It was just like a salad, which is something most hikers crave because you miss freshness after eating dehydrated food nonstop. I also stopped being a vegetarian while on the trail, but am happily phasing back to this as I just feel better eating this way.

Whats next for you?

I'm not sure, and I'm the most at peace with this than I ever have been. I've created an amazing life for myself, and I know that more amazing opportunities will pop up, so right now I'm just doing me. I head to Germany in September for 2 weeks with another best friend, and I'm excited for that. At this point, I just want to keep seeing the world, and inspiring others to do the same because it truly is how you learn and evolve in the most organic and healthy way.

Just feel very peaceful, which is what I want everyone to experience.

Where can people connect with you?

My blog is All my social media channels are @barrettpall, and my email is I always love to hear from people and answer questions about anything they may be curious about, and that I have knowledge on.

If you could tell people one last thing, what would it be?

Just go for it.

If you aren't happy, you have the power to change this. It may be scary, but fear is simply the unknown, and once you know something it usually isn't scary at all.

Also I listened to the Power of Now while on the trail, and it was the perfect thing to hear while hiking.

This book will change your life, and I encourage everyone to listen or read it!

Lastly, love is everything, so if you approach all areas of your life with that in mind, your life will be more amazing than you could ever imagine!

My favorite YouTube's from his channel:

A video before the hike, 'I'm walking 652 miles in 45 days'

Honor your Truth

Getting Sober in 2016

Such a cool story, right? Honestly there's so much I can share from Barrett. Advice on love, building a business, social media...but this was truly a feat and I am absolutely so proud of him for it.

You can donate to Global Citizen, a charity that Barrett raised money for during this adventure. 

It looks to “help fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet.”

100% of the money that is raised will truly go to so many important issues around the world.

Let me know what you think. Would you ever do a major adventure like this?

I would really love to embark on a major life changing adventure. Maybe not 770 miles, but I like the thought of disconnecting and getting away to really be in nature. 

Looking forward to chatting, and if you have questions for Barrett you can write below! I'll have him answer.

Thanks for this, B!

Loving you! 


Reveal your creativity with Big Magic + my favorite summer uniform

Hi you! Happy Monday!

Glad you're here :) 

How are ya? How was the weekend? What did you do?

TBH, lately I've been capital B BORING.

I am super heads down working and trying to make things happen with the blog. I have friend time in between, but right now, in this season of my life, I need to really focus on what's in front of me.

Connecting with you through this blog medium right here.

(Or these here!)

So, Monday is back, baby. Here we are!

I wanted to write on two things.

 First, this jumpsuit. I'm not always into writing a straight-up fashion post, so I'll be brief. But this thing is THE BOMB.

Comfortable. All black. Bell bottom with lace-up sides. I LOVE this thing. I wear it every date night and it's super comfortable.

Plus it's on sale for $31 freaking dollars. 

Second, as we check the mornings email (potentially depressed from the thought of another week) it's a good time to think about joy, and finding creativity this week.

Big Magic, the book by Elizabeth Gilbert is all about that. 

For real though, ya'll need to read this book.

For the creatives or non-creatives, the message is applicable to anyone and everywhere.

(Especially my blogger friends!)

Big Magic is a reference to living a more creative existence, period.

From my perspective, it's removing the pressure we place on creativity. Making space to be creative without having an end goal. Bringing more joy back into it.

Every single one of us has the ability to be more creative. To live in less fear (of what people think, of failing, of looking stupid...) and live in more joy. 

It's applicable to Monday especially, because being creative doesn't mean your quitting your job and going all in on your passion sometimes. 

Your creative outlet, doesn't need to pay the bills or be validated by others. It only needs to feel good for YOU.

Whatever it is, if it's bringing you joy, that is enough.

Often we see glorified stories of people quitting their jobs, refinancing their houses and finding overnight success with a major innovative idea.

But that may not work for everyone. Being creative isn't only going zero or hundred. 

(See what I did there).

There's a place for everyone to be creative, and for creativity to do something for you that doesn't have to radically change your life. 

A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner—continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you—is a fine art, in and of itself.
— Big Magic

We can find creativity in small actions. Creating, because it brings you joy.

Nothing more, nothing less. 

 For a bit more on the actual book, This book review from The New York Times, explains it well. 

Big Magic” is broken into six sections: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. Gilbert wonders in the first,

“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? . . . The hunt to uncover those jewels — that’s creative living.” If the creativity inside of you has not burrowed deeper than ever before upon hearing itself referred to as a “treasure” and “jewels,” it is more stalwart than mine.

But Gilbert spends much of the book coaxing out even the shyest creativity with a kind of extended pep talk: Creativity is inside all of us, it should be expressed, and it is not selfish or crazy or foolish to do so — it is, in fact, the best way to live a satisfying life. Gilbert’s advice reads like a positive fortune cookie: a nice surprise you will forget once the taste of won tons has faded from your mouth. Creativity is “your birthright as a human being”; “Even if you grew up watching cartoons in a sugar stupor from dawn to dusk, creativity still lurks within you”; “You are not required to save the world with your creativity.
— Villa Paskin, The New York Times

Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.
— Big Magic

I know what I want from life doesn't have a linear path to follow. 

Reading the book helped to normalize and affirm a belief that I am a creative being. It also reminded me that I need to be kind to my creativity.

Being creative has brought me joy, and allowed me to express myself in a way that helps me to lead a more fulfilling life. It's allowed me to feel more like 'myself' than ever before. It's made my existence feel UNIQUE and special. Because only I can do what I do. Yes there are SO many other bloggers, but the fact that it's me writing Hundred, makes all the difference.

Which goes the same for your life. Only YOU can bring your own unique perspective, experience, ideas, enthusiasm and spice to whatever it is you are called to do.

You can do it without quitting your job, and you can do it because creativity is inside of all of us. It doesn't make you selfish or weird or crazy. You can take a photography class once a week. You can take up painting after dinner (maybe instead of Netflix). You could start making your own jewelry! There are so many ways to add a bit of creativity to your life. 

Thus, adding a bit more joy.

It's just the best way to lead a satisfying life.

Isn't that what we all want anyway?

But back to you.

What do you think? Have you read the book?

What are your current creative outlets? I'd LOVE to know how you find joy in expressing yourself. it could give good ideas to others! 

I find this blog to completely fulfill me in that way. It's photography, editing, writing, connecting, many things!

You could also consider fashion, or dressing yourself as an expression of your creativity. Cooking, writing, photography, painting, ice-skating, dancing by yourself at the bar....

It's endless!

Guys, jumpsuits and inspired ramblings on this Monday. 


Cannot wait to hear what you think! Let a sister KNOW.



Fuel up like a fitness instructor (what they REALLY eat in a day)

Helloooooo babe!

After the 4th weekend, eating MASS amounts, drinking, whatever...detox is needed. Not even in the extreme way, just a balance back to normal life and normal eating is necessary. 

Diet starts.....TOMORROW. Per usual. #girls

I am always interested in what people eat on a daily basis. I want to know good secrets, hear new ideas....or, in this case find out how one gets a fitness model body.

What do they REALLY eat? 

Like me, do they crush jars of peanut butter on the daily? What's the secret? Is it consistency or what?

I asked my friend Lindsey Simcik, SoulCycle instructor and fitness model (she works with Carbon38 on the regular) what does she REALLY eat in a day?

(BTW if you missed it I interviewed her before!) 

Thanks to Lindsey Simcik for the insight! You inspire me yo!

The 'Eat like a fitness model' diet 

via Lindsey Simcik

Wake up:

In hopes that my first real movement of the day will be that of my bowels, I drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 

I try to wake up two hours before a workout or before teaching a morning class to give myself time to eat at a normal speed and digest.  

My go-to breakfast is a vanilla Siggy's yogurt mixed with blueberries (any berries in season get me excited), a dollop of Nuttzo nut butter (12 different nuts!), and a handful of Earth Bar's Paleo granola, which they make fresh in house (I DIE..thank you Krista for the intro).

I love BulletProof Coffee, so if I have time to make my own, I will (thank you, Vitamix) or I'll go to the local BulletProof Cafe.  

Snack post workout:

Green veggie juice with a little apple or pineapple to sweeten it up a tiny bit...and three hard boiled eggs with pepper and a pinch of truffle salt....

Truffle salt--best purchase of my life.


I love to create these layered bowls with what I have in my fridge.  

My go-to is sautéed spinach (light evoo and garlic powder), next layered is a casually mashed boiled purple sweet potato, then top the sweet potato with a mashed avocado, add some chicken or tofu or whatever you want, and then top with your favorite spread, hummus, or salsa!  

The colors are gorgeous, it's delicious, and will give you serious energy for the second half of your day. Plus, it covers most of your food groups!

Afternoon snack before another workout or evening classes: Almond Latté and an RX bar..or I'll grab an apple and a handful of Mary's Gone Crackers "Superseed Everything Cracker"......dip em"' in ANYTHING.


Greens and proteins, man.  

I love a salad that is large and in charge.  

I want the fiber content to blow me alway, literally.  Ok thats gross, but I want hoards of greens like kale, spinach, and arugula...roasted red pepper, chickpeas, avocado, corn, hearts of palm, yellow beets, sweet potato...dude, whatever I can fit in this thing.  

As for protein, I gravitate towards organic, free range chicken, wild salmon, or shrimp.  

But there will be days when I don't have meat.  

So I just kind of listen to my body and what it needs. I'd say I'm a vegetarian 4/7 days a week!

As for dressing, I love a simple evoo and fresh lemon juice combo, with tons of crushed pepper and maybe a little garlic powder.  


I love dessert so much.  I will never give it up! 

I've found a few dairy free ice creams that I am obsessed with: Steve's coconut ice cream (Burnt Vanilla is my fav) and Almond Dream ice cream makes a bomb cookies and cream!

I also love to freeze grapes and nibble on them after dinner for a little sweet kick.

I don't have dessert every night, but if I want it I have it..I just try to stick to the serving size!

Before bed I love to drink tea. Any decaf tea is great, but I love Yogi Tea for digestion or for relaxation.

The ritual of making tea makes me feel complete before bed :)

Eat the part, now dress the part: How to dress like a fitness instructor

Cool right?

I think with this, it's really just the CONSISTENCY of eating well.

Having your meals, having your greens, having a balanced diet that you don't feel deprived with.

So each day you're doing lots of whole, real food. Indulging a little and feeling like you're fueling your body in the best pay possible. 

Love this! The clothes are dope too right? Fitness clothes as normal clothes - FOREVER.

What's your daily diet like? How is your eating? I tried to do the 6 small meals a day but now really try to stick to 3, with intermittent fasting a few days a week! 

Let me KNOW. Sharing is caring! hehe




A HUGE $600 dollar Nordstrom giveaway for you guys!

Hi Guys!

I want to catch up on the 4th soon.

See what you did and where you went.

What you wore and if you did a boomerang to document it? I feel like I saw so many Boomerangs from people on Instagram which I LOVED, HA. A little movement to the image never hurt anybody.

I hope you were with family and friends and really soaked it all in. 

Lets definitely ease into the week, right? July 5th is always a bit of a struggle, LOL.

I've been meaning to find a way to give back to you, my readers for a while now. I think about it a lot with each of the brands I work with. I now ask to do giveaways ALL the time so I can get you something free with every post.

So, I was super excited to find this opportunity to partner up with some other badass blog babes to bring a Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway just in time for the Anniversary Sale (starting on July 22nd).

It's free to enter and SUPER EASY. 

Nothing to lose and everything (in your closet) to gain.

I HOPE YOU WIN IT ALL, because you've been here through the whole Hundred Blog process, and I would give you each a hug and Nordstrom gift card if I could!

BTW: The bloggers and I who participated in this, paid to be a part of it! As in, paid for the card for you guys to win, because we love you so much.

How to enter:

Complete the rafflecopter below

You’ll receive one entry per completion

This giveaway is open internationally and runs until 7/18

Winner will be announced here!

To prep for you a possible win, I also linked some of the items I LOVE

Super excited for you, and hoping you win! 

This week I have another giveaway with Energy Muse! Really amazing crystals that will be amazing in your apartment or at your desk. That's to come on Friday.

Good luck :) keep me posted on what you love!



Super key for creatives, bloggers and small business owners - business cards from MOO

Hi hi!

How are ya? How's it going? I hope you have good plans this weekend for the 4th! Let me know what you do!

This post is for my bloggers, creatives, photographers, whoever....on BUSINESS CARDS.

I know, I know. Business cards are so, 1992.

But I SWEAR. They are NOT.

 It seems like an ancient practice, but it's one of those things like handwritten cards that really makes you stand out. It's taking the extra time to be a little different, with a personal human touch.


Do you remember the app where you like 'bumped' another phone and get that persons contact info? 

You'd open the app, then touch your phone with the other persons (the 'bump') and somehow that way the data got transferred?

For some reason, I don't want to always have everything be in my phone lately. There's already so much info!

I also don't want to be on my phone when I'm meeting someone for the first time. 

With that, there is also the awkward process of handing them my phone to get information.

Then they see that my phone background has my current diet goals (no peanut butter or fake sugars, eating past 6 PM - LOL) and it's like, you don't want someone in your business or a phone number in your phone book if it's not going to be used often. 

When I was in Palm Springs I was talking to a few people about their brand, business, blogging, whatever, and I just wasn't in love with going on my phone adding them to my phone book, standing there while they typed their names in....

At this stage in my life the numbers in my phone book are the homies. People I talk to everyday, and I don't want to add everyone in.

Just for organizations sake ya know?

So in comes the business card.

Super easy, and it's the most natural thing when talking to someone to just hand them a card.

In the greeting, or in the goodbye, giving a business card is still a classy ass move.

It's like, 'I have a legitimate business, check out my card' to know that. BAM.

Plus it keeps things more streamlined and it makes you stand out.

So for the blog events I've been doing and just in general when I'm out (because seriously if you talk to people, you don't realize how everything is somehow connected!) I've found photographers chatting with strangers, connections to brands, or even just readers. 

I found these amazing MOO business cards and am IN LOVE.

I was looking for them to be unique, CRISP, clean, modern and THICK.

Plus I wanted them to be a little different, and I couldn't decide between the pictures on them so I was happy I could have more than one style.

I got the 50 Standard Size Luxe Business Cards, and the style template is called, "If the shoe fits".

The LUXE is a thicker paper, which makes it feel heavier. 

Having business cards:

  • Differentiates you 

  • Is professional

  • Helps you increase your brand awareness

  • Is a super cute to connect with people

For me, it's worth it to throw them in my bag, purse, whatever. Because I feel like EVERYDAY I meet someone that knows someone that I can chat further about something about. Related to the blog or not.

PLUS. If you give someone your business card - you are not obligated to call them or reach out to them at all. SO. The power is in your hands with what you do with it should they reach out to you.

What to put on your business cards:

  • Your email

  • Your cell phone number

  • Name/title

  • Where they can find you on social media (SUPER IMPORTANT)

The photos I chose feel like represent me and my brand (whatever that means) in a way that's creative, professional, yet honest.

These are those photos:

Also, these MOO cards are under $35 dollars for 30 of them, and they'll last you for a long time! I love how quality they are and you can make whatever kind you'd like with their various templates. Feel free to be creative!

Let me know if you have questions on these. I thought it was cool, and had to share it!

You da best!


Interview with the babes of LE SWEAT: Charlee Atkins and Meridith Miller


Hi there. Happy Wednesday!

I like to interview badass females doing THANGS.  Have you noticed the trend? Joni Payne, The Lady Gang, NOBREAD's Nicole Cogan...

Real recognize real, and more ladies need to recognized for going out of their comfort zone, doing something different and just being true to themselves. 


In comes in the babes of the blog/website/forum/fitness diary called Le Sweat. 

Created by Meridith Miller and Charlee Atkins, it's a unique and REAL perspective on all things related to, well, le sweating, and then some. 

A few of my favorite articles from Le Sweat:

An expose of the f*ck boy

Le park bench sweat (video)

Le travel SOLO (on the importance of, and how to travel SOLO)

Plus, the playlists are BOMB.

For their credentials. Charlee Atkins, is a Senior Instructor at SoulCycle, selling out classes like a BA, and modeling with Wilhelmina. Meridith Miller is basically killing it as a marathon runner, and in business at a little company called Twitter. 

So this week, I'm excited to share with you what these two bring in the blog called Le-Sweat.

Brief introduction to LE SWEAT?

C: The health & fitness industry is very crowded by professionals, non-professionals, and a whole hell of a lot of fitness-enthusiasts. We created LS to be another voice in the fitness world, but our goal was to be a different voice.  An approachable, yet science-based voice with 10 years of experience in the field. Everything LS is real-life experiences, and self made errors that we’ve found remedies too from simply being in the industry.

M: For me, fitness and physical challenge has always directly impacted my life in every other aspect. Because it’s such an important part of both of our lives (in different ways), we wanted to find a way to make that fitness oriented mindset easy.

Who you are and what you do?

C: Charlee Atkins / CCO of Le Sweat; 30 years young, live in NYC, CSCS + Model + Group Fitness Instructor.

M: Meridith Miller/ COO of Le Sweat; 33 years of age; lawyer by trade but life enthusiast by nature; I currently run a partnerships team at Twitter as the day job.

What is Le Sweat?

C: Le Sweat is a community for people who are working on working out. We like to share stories / articles / content that is relatable, aspirational, and most importantly: ATTAINABLE for every body.

M: What she said.

What can people expect when reading?

C: To be talked to you like you are talking to your best friend. No small talk, straight to the point, sassy, but honest, and brutally honest.

M: Oh and puns. Don’t forget the puns.

What makes the LE SWEAT different from other blogs or websites?

C: LS is different from others sites because it’s our voice. Our workouts are inspired by the shit we’re going through IRL, so by talking about real life shit (like fuck boys, break ups, and keeping your vagina clean) we parlay it into why should also work shit out.

How did the idea come about, and can you talk about the process behind creating the website/brand?

C: The creative process is a mixture of the two of us tossing a document back and forth to each other making edits of each other’s edits until we’re pleased with the product (or we hit our self-imposed deadlines).

M: We know there’s a lot of “fitness” blogs and sites out there, so this is really about creating a voice and a brand that our audience can relate to, have fun with, and actually use because it’s attainable. “Le Sweat” specifically was conceived to embody all the things we sweat in life: physical, emotional, mental, you name it - we all sweat!

Where was the site birthed?

C: It was conceived in Saxon + Parole on one eve, but a majority of its gestation was in Thailand. It was also stimulated over many, many, MANY cups of coffee.

M: I believe it was around coffee number 1,327.

What is your favorite post?

C:How To Be Alone not Lonely” - Everything about this post is us as individuals. We’re both successfully single living in NYC, we love to travel, we love to workout, and we love to inspire and motivate those around us to embody not having to answer to anybody but yourself/ourselves.

M: Nailed it.

As fitness bitches, what are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make as it relates to getting or staying fit?

C: That hardest part is getting started, second hardest part is maintaining it. People begin to see the initial benefits of fitness, and then immediately go back to old ways. Being fit / staying fit is a matter of habitual behavior change.  

Habits will always remain, it’s just a matter of what you replace them with.

M: Thinking they can’t do something just because they’ve never done it before. Ex: Running has always been my “thing” and luckily has come easy to me.

But people who don’t run normally think they can’t. It’s just one example of that starting point Charlee references: it all starts with the mental belief you can do it and the biggest hurdle I see people face is thinking they can’t do it before they even try.

What's been the biggest game changer for you in your fitness journey?

C: Finding a community / friends who hold me accountable to show up for my workouts.

M: Staying consistent. You have to have days off, but you have to keep it consistent - whether you’re busy with work, friends, relationships, or travel - you’ve got to keep it going.

Can you talk about eating and nutrition, and the role it plays for you it staying fit?

C: You have to eat properly to fuel your workouts. That means eliminating something, adding others, and also knowing when to eat what. At this point, people know what is good, and what isn’t good for them, so it’s a matter of being an adult and making and adult decision to say no to bad diet choices, and yes to healthy diet choices.  

My favorite quote is from a man named Jay-Z. He says “What you eat doesn’t make me shit” which is true.

You choose to put whatever you want in your body, make good choices.

M: Personally, I love food. All food. One of my biggest motivating factors to workout is knowing the next meal is just around the corner. I don’t believe it depriving yourself and I do believe in balance.

Eat the burger, eat the cookie, eat the pasta and the cheese. But also eat the salad, the chicken, and always eat a healthy breakfast!


I have to ask: Where do you get that six pack?

C: Laughing so hard at this whole process.  That’s where we got them from.

M: I love that you think I have abs. I guess the grass is always greener right? ;)


What's your favorite workout?

C: Any workout that makes you Le Sweat, but I am very proud / fond of our Foam Rolling video (below). It’s not really a workout, but it’s very simple, educational, and will put many workouts back on your body.

M: If I take it off the site, my fave workout of choice right now is a solid sweat sesh on an indoor bike with the one and only Charlee Atkins.


Favorite playlist on Le Sweat?

M: Sweat Tunes No. 8. They’re all upbeat but this one gets me goin’.

Goal or Mission of Le Sweat?

C: If you’re unhappy in your life in some aspect, maybe it be job, relationships, current living situation: we hope to inspire others to want to move in a way that will make them feel good in the moment, and then continue to make daily choices that help them achieve that emotion of fulfillment all day every day.

M: Of course what she said.

Our goal is to connect with our audience so that when they’re sweating it out in life, our message helps keep them going.

Ultimately we all come out stronger on the other end, and we want to ingrain that mindset in our audience.

Where can people find more or connect with you?

Instagram: @le_sweat

Twitter: @le_sweat

Facebook: we.are.le.sweat

And if all of thsoe don’t work out:

I really liked the goal and mission of Le Sweat here. Its hard to put a goal or mission into words but here they put it really well.

Plus, you can see that mission shine through in the content.

Right now both ladies are traveling in are Cannes, Istanbul and following them through their travels is a very good idea!

Loving you - and looking forward to your thoughts on LE SWEAT. Now I need to go le sweat myself on a nice little run.



How to look effortlessly chic (even when it's hot out, or you want to just wear pajamas)

Sup ya'll.

How are you?!

Real quick, I got really good feedback on the hair post on Friday - so glad you liked it!

Anyway how how was your weekend? Do anything fun? Let me know! For me, it was a good L.A. weekend. Mixed work with some play - saw Finding Dory - LOL. Did a SoulCycle influencer ride with some Hundred Blog readers and Style Collective bloggers. It was SUPER inspiring to be with other blog babes that are doing similar things as you. 

I want to write a blog life update post this week so I'll share that later.

So, yesterday I donated THREE BAGS of clothes to Goodwill in Los Angeles, and let me tell you, getting rid of, going through and organizing your clothes is EVERYTHING. If you want to clean, give back, and remember all the clothes you actually do have, do this.

It's easy, it helps people and it's a good way to make space in your life. 

You can find Goodwill Donation Center's here, and then drive up with all your goods, drop them off and get a receipt that you can use towards your taxes if you need! There are also other places to donate clothes, like Salvation Army, etc. but it's a win-win all around.

So, to the post.

Which I am writing in my damn white tee. Just an easy post to share a good thing to get for summer to wear with EVERYTHING.

White t-shirts are SO badass for some reason.

I'm not sure if it's like 'you're cool enough to keep this clean' or like 'I haven't spilled on myself today'...but there's something about it that makes it crisp, easy and sexy.

White t-shirt. Boyfriend or skinny jeans. Sneakers. Leather jacket. Done.

Supermodel off duty vibe.

You can dress a white t-shirt up, with basically anything in your closet or you can dress it down, obviously. You could truly wear one every single day.

I found the softest, best cut white t-shirt, ever, and I wear it as much as the Alexander Wang T-shirt that I bought two years ago. This one's just cheaper. It fits right, not too big or too small and I got a medium just so it's a big looser but still nice!

$15 dollars baby, $15 dollars. OLD NAVY REPPIN!

I also linked some of my favorites below, and things you can wear with your white t-shirt. For summer when you want to wear something soft, something easy and something that goes with ANYTHING, this is it!

Here I am wearing the t-shirt with Levi's easy black shorts and my favorite sneakers from Adidas!

Shop the best (cheap) white tee's

Shop thangs to wear with your white tee

I am wearing mine almost everyday.

Like I do, I'll wear it until it's really gross, then probably never again.

Or just will get a new one because it is hard to keep these clean! But buying cheaper ones makes it easier to stay up with a new white.

Short and sweet - lots to do today! 

Also how is summer going guys? Isn't it amazing how we PACK it all in during these amazing months? I LOVE IT.

Keep me posted. Any favorites?!

Loving you.



Long, thick and healthy hair SECRETS (what vitamins I take, products I use...!)

Hello you!

She has big hair and it's full of SECRETS! (Best movie ever!)


Writing this post by request because I think I've talked to at least 6 people about this lately.

image1 (3).JPG

It's my hair. 

It's gotten REALLY long and it's just massive at this point. Not sure why, but I feel like my hair has been varying levels of thickness in my life. Probably related to diet, and hormones but right now it's a MANE and SUPA THICK!

Thankfully, my hair is my thing. Since I was little and when I was wearing an eye patch. I had my hair.  The uglier I feel, the longer I'll have my hair, hehe.

But it's been nice to be long again, and I wanted to share the biggest secrets to having long thick hair that doesn't break, and can survive coloring and sun damage. 

Good hair can change the world, right?!

Hair secrets:

First, most importantly, is viviscal guys. I SWEAR BY IT. 

Biotin doesn't work. Like I don't know why it just doesn't. Or if it does I never noticed. This is the REAL DEAL. 

I wrote about it before, and you can get it here, but it's the real DEAL. It has changed the game for making my hair so much thicker, and growing so much more quickly from when I had the Rachel cut in August of last year. Sometimes I think about the girl that told me about viviscal at a bar, and I want to kiss her.

You can get a months supply here, for around $25 dollars, or 6 months supply here for $110 which is SUPER cheap for what I've seen! I would do the 6 months so you can really see the results.

Like any vitamin or pill you have to use it for about 3 months before you notice a difference, but it's SO WORTH IT! 



I wash it once a week, maybe.

I truly go as long as possible, up to two weeks without washing my hair. If you use a good dry shampoo (like this one by Caviar!) it will absorb the excess oil and create volume and lift without drying it out from washing. This has allowed my color to stay, and caused less breakage.

I workout most days, so when it's sweaty I'll dampen the roots with water and shoot it with a blowdryer. But even letting it dry with a little bit of being dirty, gives it lots of volume!

Plus it saves me SO MUCH TIME to not wash my hair.

  • I never blow dry. Ever. My hair is naturally really straight, no wave really, so when it's drying I'll run a wet brush through it as it dries to keep it from doing radical things. It's key to keeping it healthy, because the less heat the better.

Right now I am going off a curling binge, I curled it 3 days in a row and it feels like Bob Marley dreadlocks it's so dry. For that, I'll do a mask once every two weeks. I rotate between expensive and cheap brands. For real L'Oreal has the cheap drugstore brand game on lock, and I love Kerastase masks for all they do. I put the curling iron I use on here. It's BOMB and my curls last fo-eva.

On products, I feel passionately about spending money on products - like the ones I use linked below. Because, if you wash your hair once a week (slash month) you can spend more and use less. The expensive shampoos WORK and have really helped with damage control. 

This is weird, but I don't know, and also TMI but we're all FRIENDS. I also think my hair is thicker since getting off birth control (I have the copper IUD). I felt like those hormones messed with me. Anyone else? Is that legal to write that? LOL.

For coloring, I get it done once every 3 months (down from every 4 weeks when I was MEGA blonde) and having a toner added at the end really helps to draw out the color and make it last SO much longer. Highlighting and coloring your hair can REALLY lead to breakage. For blondes, your essentially removing the the pigment from your hair when you make it blonde (for other colors you are adding pigment).

So, having my hair a darker blonde really has extended my time away from the salon which saves my hair and my wallet :)

Hmmm...I think that could be it as far as secrets. Massaging the scalp is good, I'm like a cat basically if you rub my head. But any questions on hair? Ask me!


Products I love:

PHEW. That one felt good. Any tips for me? Do you do anything special to keep your hair healthy? Lemme know! Or share below so we can all benefit :) 

Also I'm wearing Ethona Active - it's a new line based out of Los Angeles that I've been working with - and LOVE. It's super soft, fits well and the cut is pretty unique. RECOMMEND IT! 



For ya listening pleasure - JONI PAYNE interview and jams

Hi babes.

I don't know how to describe music being important to me without sounding like a loser, but it IS.

When you think about life. We often mix memories and songs. Most of us spend our days in headphones. Either finding music to match or, create the mood.

I span the music spectrum, but mostly I'm into Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B, Soul and Phil Collins. Favorite albums are from artists like Miguel, Frank Ocean, Purity Ring, SBTRKT and I always want to find new stuff. My music section on Hundred is where I share the latest, or on soundcloud I repost good thangs.

My new music muse, is Joni Payne. A babe I was connected to through various cool individuals (thanks Joey and Val!). I started to listen with no expectation of commitment.

But once I love a sound or artist - I'm in. 

So, after a few listens, I WAS ALL IN. 

This has all the FEELS.

Joni is super groovy, sexy and worldly. It's like okay I can listen to this when I'm hanging, cruising, through the day or into the night.

IT'S RAD and retro.

So, I am super pumped to share some new jams with you, and a bit more about Joni as an artist. I was happy to interview her and learn more about the process, her dreams and sound. It's amazing what this babe can do, so I needed to take a note.

I know you'll love this one so we'll get to it. xo

A little about Joni:

Joni Payne combines her classic jazz influenced vocals with pop and R&B melodies to create a unique sound that can best be described as street meets relaxed chic. 

Born in the midwest, but having lived on the east and now west coast, Joni has been influenced by a wide array of genres and American cultures that have helped her develop an explosive and haunting electronic style. 

Standing at six feet tall and coming from a professionally studied graphic arts and modeling background, Joni brings unique and striking visuals alongside her music and performances. 

Full interview, and some of my favorites:

How would you describe your sound? 

My music has a dreamy chillwave/R&B/soul vibe. I like blending new sounds and really old sounds to create a cool dynamic of my own.

As an artist you must have people you listen to for inspiration.

Who are some of your biggest music inspirations? 

Ahhh so many haha and constantly changing, here are a few of my favs that stick though:

Billie Holiday for her voice, Frank Sinatra for his swag, Al Green for his emotion, Frank Ocean for his story telling, Jimi Hendrix for his dedicated talent, Dean Martin for his sense of humor, Etta James for her soul, DJ Quick for his vibe, Luther Vandross for his sexuality, Erykah Badu for her individuality, Miles Davis for his Miles Davis-ness.

If you had to collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

I always love what Justin Vernon does with artists, i feel like the way he approaches collaboration helps them grow and create new sounds that are next level. 

What's been the best show you've ever seen live?

(Lupe Fiasco at Lollapalooza or The XX at Coachella are mine)

Oooo yeah The XX was my first concert in LA and they were great, it felt like they created their own little world to step into. Uhhh right now I'd say my favorite was probably seeing Snoop Dogg because i fell in love with him while he was on stage so that was pretty cool.

Something about the way he didn't have to ask for people to listen, but just did his laid back thing and it commanded his own presence was so amazing to me. 

Walk us through a day in the life, any rituals?

I have to wake up at 8am to move my car from the meters thanks to wonderful LA parking, so that's become a sort of ritual haha.

It's actually great because it makes me get up early and by the time i'm in the car i'm ready to get coffee.

Coffee would be another ritual. I have my own little studio set up in my apartment so I usually am writing/designing from there, or at one of my producer's spots. I take dance classes throughout the week and generally get to the beach to clear my mind and breathe every couple of days.

I'm always finding different ways to create, but one of the only consistency's I've noticed is that things flow better when my apartments clean, so a lot of times i find myself putting on a record and making my bed before sitting down to do art. 

You moved from Ohio! What brought you to L.A. and how has your upbringing shaped you?

I actually have moved around a lot growing up, I lived in Ohio for the longest, but before coming to LA I went to boarding school in Boston and my family moved to Colorado.

So I would actually say that moving and restarting in new places shaped me more than any one individual spot. I've always felt like I could take on any environment and it taught me not to be afraid of rediscovering and inventing myself.

I was lucky to have a really close huge family to keep me true to my core, but I never was stuck to one community's influence or perception of me. 

What's your biggest dream right now?

I just want to keep opening doors and getting better. 

My favorite Joni jams:

Your most exciting accomplishment of 2015?

Getting my first single out. It always feels like there are forces working against you when you're trying to do something new, so just breaking through those barriers and putting yourself out there is a huge step.

Any goals you have for 2016?

Lot's haha, but mostly just to transition into making my art my full time job.

Which of your songs do you think best describes your sound that people can jam to?

"Must Have" probably holds that place in my heart for now, but I have a new project coming out this spring that will do that to a fuller extent. It has a video/short film component that starts out by revealing some of the most intimate and vulnerable sides of me, and then transitions into some of the bigger visions and artistry that I want to connect with my music. there's also an EP tied to it that helps expand on the different sounds I've been putting out and continues to tell the story of who I am as an artist. 

I know for lots of people, they have dreams or talents but never enough courage to actually pursue them. You're super talented, and have such an amazing sound. Can you talk about the moment (or moments) where you knew you wanted to go for it and pursue your career as an artist? 

I think that for me it comes down to enjoying the process of growth, rather than doing it for some end goal that may or may not ever happen. It's definitely really hard sometimes, but I get the most joy when i make a song that i love, so as much as i want people to hear it and to connect with an audience, i'm more concerned greatness than popularity. i guess it was never really a question of whether or not i would pursue it, i just really love making art. 

So cool, right? I love the perspective, and weirdly I loved how she said she works best in a clean space. HA. I FEEL THAT and I needed someone else to verbalize it. THANK YOU.

I'm really into the sound and feeling, and super excited to see where this one goes! She's also a super babe right? Love the look - and always into anyone with a bold Brooke Shields brow. 

What's your fav jam? 

Lemme know!

Happy Wednesday. Always glad you're here.



How to be happy for no reason (REAL TALK)

'sup guys!

Love this one for a MONDAY. Truly a life changer.

First, how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I worked basically all weekend, but that's good every once in a while! I also shot a LOT last week. With Danika my girl, for Ethona an Activewear line in Venice and then for a project I have coming up. It's interesting now with photos that I care less about what they look like - it's like more objective when I see pictures. Like, okay that angle is my hell, or like I should probably be more relaxed here, this looks good etc. Bloggers ya feel me?

So to the post! This is the realest and inspired by one of my favorite podcasts, Tara Brach, who does meditations and teachings that seriously calm and change my life. I would highly recommend the 10 minute meditation for beginners, which I linked in my meditation post.

This is my and almost everyone's life. 

Living, and thinking, I will be happy IF this happens to me.

'If' I get this job. 'If' I start dating this person. 'If' I get this apartment. 'If' I lose the weight. "If' I buy X, Y or Z.


I will be happy. 

How often do we do that?

Personally, I find myself often saying that I will be happy once I: accomplish something with Hundred, make this amount of money, lose 10 pounds....

Once my friend Adam asked me how I was feeling, and I said 'I just want to lose these 7 pounds', and he said,

'You've always said I want to lose 7 pounds since I've known you. Maybe you should let it go.'

We've known each other for 6 years HA.



I'm just being honest.

It's the toxicity of thinking, if this happens, or this situation changes, then I will be happy. Until then I am living in limbo and out of this moment. 

I actually notice this a lot with my friends too. This moment, is not okay, but when something else happens, in two years, when I get married, when I have kids, when we have money, when I have this job... THEN I will be content.

But does that ever really happen? Think about when something in your life went REALLY your way. You actually did get that job or started to date that person...

You never stay as happy as you were when you first got it. Then, you find something else to chase after.

It's how humans work.

I know thats how I normally operate.

I thought this was cool:

Buddhism provides two definitions for happiness. One is defined in terms of our relation to an object, while the other is defined in terms of our relation with the state of mind of the feeling itself.

Please read below:

The first defines happiness as the experiencing of something in a satisfying manner, based on believing that it is of benefit to ourselves, whether or not it actually is. Unhappiness is the experiencing of something in an unsatisfying, tormenting way. We experience something neutrally when it is in neither a satisfying nor a tormenting way.

The second defines happiness as that feeling which, when it has ended, we wish to meet with it once more. Unhappiness as that feeling which, when it arises, we wish to be parted from it. While a neutral feeling is that feeling which, when it arises or ends, we have neither of the two wishes.

Basically the first is worldly happiness. Or happiness that comes with what we are experiencing through the senses. It's fleeting, it's when we experience life being a certain way.

It's happiness, with a cause.

The second, SUKHA is an unconditioned happiness that isn't dependent on anything. When people say they are CHOOSING to be happy, this is what they mean. You are happy for no reason. Nothing worldly or out of your control can keep you from that happiness. 

This is freedom.

Freedom is, reminding yourself that even without the things you crave, or are working towards - on this journey you DECIDE to happy.

Because nothing is guaranteed. No day, achievement, or 'it'. 

Things we want, we may or may not get, and if we weren't happy along the way, then whats the point?

So how am I applying this in my daily life? Every time I think about the things that I want or strive for, I remind myself that, now I am happy. On the journey to those things, or if those things never come to fruition, I am happy.

With or without 'it' I am filled with joy.

Deep right?

I would love to know what you think about this concept? Are there things for you that you feel like you'll be happy if you achieve or if you have? I feel like mines always been related to being a certain weight, or making a certain amount of money....what's yours?

Would love to read your thoughts!

Looking forward to chatting.



References 1

Weekending in Palm Springs (where to stay, what to do & what to WEAR!)

Hello you!

How's the week going? Hoping things are good - so glad you're here!

A little overdue and a few trips to Palm Springs later - and we’ve got a weekending review!

I’ve been going back and forth between L.A. and Palm Springs for the past few months on random weekends, and finally have a good grip on what to do, where to stay and the information to share with you.

So last weekend I was in Palm Springs for an event called Desert Swim, which was a group of brands and bloggers getting together. It ended up really just being a party, HA.

I was like ready with business cards (that I bought and will write about) ready to network. 

I come to this pool party where people are hanging in donut and pizza floaties drinking coconut flavored mixed drinks, LOL.

I live in a no chill zone, HA so I was like hmm now what. I don't want to put on a bikini and drink Corona' I just chatted with folks in my little romper. It ended up being really fun and I had such a good time with our little group. Val our friend, did an AMAZING job finding a sweet airbnb.

At the event there was an amazing bathing suit designer who was like, "Girl let me get you in a bathing suit, would this work?" Hands me a TINY piece of bikini and I'm like got a large boo? HA. Swear she never heard the word large, but ANYWAY. I got a dope one piece out of it!

I am writing a post on my dope business cards because I think they aren't out of style, and that I truly use them more than you'd think. For me its better than standing with someone and you're trying to put their contact in your phone.

So that's to come.

But, I love Palm Springs because it's really what you make of it. You can do it with girlfriends for a spa getaway, with your person for a romantic getaway, or just like, a chill weekend to regroup and relax. Especially for L.A. people, when you want to do something different, you can go here.

It can be done cheaply, or expensively, and you can make it party-ish or laid back. Up to you, and why I love it.

So, a recap of everything you need - plus SUPER cute thangs to wear even if you're in Palm Springs or not :)

Places to stay:

Parker Palm Springs

ACE Hotel


Airbnb (let me know if you need a suggestion!) 

L'Horizon Resort and Spa

Two Bunch Palms (this place is RAD! It's a spiritual relaxation center where you can do things like: 

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Sacred Heart Dancing

  • Grotto Relaxing

  • Angel Card Reading

  • Intention Setting

If you go there, you won't probably leave the resort - just some R&R and hanging out. Which is AMAZING.

Things to do:

Go out at the ACE Hotel

Get a drink at the Parker Palm Springs

Pool party at Arrive

Walk around in downtown Palm Springs

Go to a hot spring and RELAX

Hike in Joshua Tree nearby

Get coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Visit or hike the San Jacinto Mountain

Hike Indian Canyon

Where to eat:

What to wear:

I love the Palm Springs attire.

Beach-y, poolside gear that's a bit western and a bit boho. There's also a retro glam feel to it, as shown in the decor around the city. For bathing suits I would go one piece, kimono hat to the pool and at night do an easy maxi or something like that.

It's all about colors and patterns, Miami type vibe.

Also! These 'My Willow's' shades. I mean come ON. They don't have side 'bars' to hold them up, just a chain that goes around your ear with crystals at the bottom. They are truly the most unique and different sunglasses I have ever seen and I loved the owner's story. 

Get them at My Willow's and I think they will be in Nasty Gal really soon!

Wait you guys can we also talk about the valet guy in the reflection of my sunglasses? Do you die?? HAHA.

Okay, so an interesting week, but I'll keep you posted. Lost my wallet and things aren't REALLY working in my favor, but what can you do. How are you? Questions on Palm Springs or anything I've missed? Let me know!

Loving you.



Not your grandma's EMBROIDERY. The BEST embroidery styles to shop!

Hello gorgeous people!

What's up what's up? Anything happening? How was the weekend?

I was in Palm Springs for an event and it was SO FUN. I am really tired, and ready to like chill, but exploring Palm Springs is becoming one of my favorite things. I'll write a guide and talk about what we did later this week. 

So, a post with some pictures I am really into! Love the turquoise background, just glad with how these turned out.

Plus, if you would have told me that I would be writing about embroidery…

I mean, that’s trends though, right? AND I LOVE IT.

The super detailed, color pop trend of embroidery is so in right now and it’s just such a feminine, pretty flair to add to clothes. I LOVE IT. You can really wear this anywhere and look really cool, but also covered up and girly.

Plus it's not like your grandma's embroidery of stitching holiday related patterns on your crew neck sweaters. 


Plus, if you’re doing a music festival soon, this is the perfect look. Period. 

Of all the trends I've loved this Spring, I am confident this is my favorite! 

Shop the look:

This embroidered jacket is actually last year Forever 21 and wasn't in fashion then (cool) but is now. I love bombers, anything black and paired this with Paige Jeans, Forever 21 sunglasses, Forever 21 black crop top and fringe booties. Edgy NYC, but still cute. Chloe, Valentino, Balenciaga...all of these brands have the embroidered bombers out. I won't link those, because I assume if you want that you're not reading my blog. Hehe.

(Floral embroidered bomber is sold out from Forever 21. You know how that goes). 

Shop similar styles of that jacket below:

From Zara

From Aso's (cropped jacket)

From Aso's (black floral detail)

Other details of this look:

Black Crop Top

Paige Black Ripped Knee Jeans

Matte Cat Eye Spitfire Sunglasses

Fringe Heeled Boots (sold out) but similar here

Shop similar DOPE and BEAUTIFUL looks:

All of these linked below. Are STUNNING. PERIOD. I love my jacket, but a few of these things are on the way to my house an I couldn't be more excited. Check out my favorites below, as I searched the internet high and low so you didn't need to look for the best. 

So you guys, I seriously can't even with some of those DRESSES ABOVE.

Like, flow-y, comfortable, beautiful and you wear dress them all up or dress them down. You can wear these to brunches, date night, out during the day. They're super versatile.

I love that, I can be cozy, on trend and cute at the same time.

What do you think? Which do you love?

Any favorite trends from spring? Can't wait to hear! 

You da best! Have a great week.



Easy breezy breakfast that takes 2.5 seconds (+ has protein, & superfoods!)


I know sometimes you read my blog and think, "wow Krista is a total expert in cooking and baking". She posts such fabulous homemade cooking and food posts (aka cleansing and protein bars that I just buy). With all the difficult recipes I whip up, it seems like that. I know.

But. Sigh, *SHOCKER* I'm really not any expert at all.


I've done VERY few posts on food, and it's for smoothies, or awesome protein bars.

I just don't do cook.

I eat too much food when I am waiting for the food to cook, period the end.

I don't have a big kitchen and I don't enjoy it or have supplies.

Those are my thoughts. 

This recipe I shared with some friends and they were really into it, and wanted to share with you!


It's so easy.

It's so delicious.

Its super affordable.

It's low in sugar, packed with super foods and tastes like chocolate amazingness.

Trader Joe's is awesome for bulk foods, but also ordering online means you don't leave the house. AYYY!!

So here we are!

Recipe for a super easy, filling, affordable, grab and go chocolate protein chia seed breakfast, that takes 2.5 seconds to make.

What you need:

Chia Seeds, about a 1/3rd cup 

Hemp Seeds, about a half cup

Flax Seeds (I like ground better), about 1/4th cup

Vega Sport Chocolate and Greens Protein Powder, one scoop

Almond Milk, about a 1/2 cup, but really just do as much as you'd like (I love the 365 brand from Whole Foods)

A hipster mason jar because plastic is SO OUT

Where to get supplies:

What you need to do:

  • Throw everything in a jar, and mix it up so that it's a soupy consistency.

  • The chia seeds will absorb the liquid to become a mouse like texture overnight.

  • After stirring it up, throw it in the fridge.

  • et Viola!

  • Take with you to work, or just eat it in the morning!

I have been taking it with me to go in the morning and it's so freaking good.

You can add other stuff to it too. Whatever you'd like, goji berries, cinnamon, or fruit. Feel free to make it your own!

Do you guys have any super easy recipes that you use in the morning? Would love to hear your routine!

P.S. Almost there! It's THURSDAY!



Hello you!

How was the weekend? I was in ATL for a wedding (which I'll write about) and it was GORGEOUS. Like, classy, elegant, and FUN. There was a Beyonce drag queen surprise, and it was RIGHT. More on that later, but what did you do? Anything fun?

Super excited about this one, because it’s one of my favorite trends ever. I liked this trend before it was a trend. Yep, I'm saying it. 

You know when you’re on the fence about buying something but you end up just going for it? You’re like whatever, I hope I wear this.

This dress I'm wearing here was one of those things.

I got it in Toronto, and I didn’t know I would wear it as much as I do.


It’s the go-to, to look super street, edgy and badass. The green palm print is everything, and the jersey lining at the color – DOPE.

Palm print is so in right now. It’s all over magazines and in stores right now, and the saturated green looks good on about anyone. Whether it's the palm print in house decor or on some PANTS it's super in.

^^ little bun head LOL.

This print makes me feel so tropical and like it's okay to wear bold prints and colors again but still be cool. NYC scarred me for PATTERNS. 

Plus, the jersey lining on the collar of this is urban dime piece, and I love love it.

So, bad news. I know this is lame to be like 'oh it's sold out but check out this SUPER CUTE OUTFIT I LOVE. But that's what's happening today. I seriously cannot find it anywhere online. I've been looking!! It's from Lush, so if you find it. Please share!

...if you stop hating me please continue.

But, alas, even cutter stuff that has the PALM PRINT for your house, to wear, for your phone...whatever! All of it linked for you below!

Shop similar looks:

How are you incorporating spring trends right now?  Any favorites here?

This week I am doing lots of work for future posts on the blog, feeling happy about my progress! Also just reviewed some of my old posts - and OH MY GOODNESS, how Hundred Blog has evolved. My old posts were seriously written like Haiku's. No beginning, middle or end.

Anyway, glad you're a part of the evolution!

How’s life for you?

Would love to know!



Wedding Makeup like a PRO and products you NEED to get (but probably don't have!)

Oh hello!

Y'all know I am unafraid of a full face of makeup. I can do eyes, lips, brows, contour.

ALL of the makeup, thank you!

Because honestly, I wear makeup maybe once or twice a week, so when I do, I go all in mask mode. I love to take my time, try new products, try new techniques and being unafraid allows me to diversify my look.

For the wedding I was at last weekend, my favorite girl Laura Moriarty was there and I HAD to have her do my makeup.

She worked in New York City, with models and celebrities and is a true genius with her tools. She also just "gets it" and when I said, "do your thing" when we talked about the look I was going for, I knew it would be perfect. 

I mean, on the real, most of the time when I get my makeup done I leave and go change it, redo it or add more. It's hard to understand the look you want or are comfortable with.

I'm rambling. But, I wanted to share how to achieve this look and more importantly the PRODUCTS that are changing my life and giving me soft, glow-y, radiant skin. Every one of these I bought because they are quality, and seriously make you look amazing.

(Some of Laura's clients, below!)

So, I had Laura write it ALL out for you guys so you can get that look, and get all these seriously incredible products.

Enjoy this detail on how to achieve a radiant face via makeup artist Laura Moriarty!

How to achieve the perfect glowing, hydrated summer skin...


Primer: Laura Mercier Hydrating Skin Primer then go over with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal overtop primer to achieve a shimmering, glowing base.

Foundation: I used Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4.5 and mixed it with Nars All Day Luminous Foundation in shade, Vallauris for a dewey yet fuller-coverage look, and blended with dampened Beauty Blender in a light, dabbing motion.

Contour: Contoured hollows of cheeks, temples, and jawline with #4 (darkest shade) in Cover FX creme Contour Kit, shades G10 to G40 = G Light-Mediumand blended inwards with Beauty Blender.

Highlight: Highlighted bridge of the nose and under the eyes with Maybelline Master Conceal in Light concealer, and blended outwards with Beauty Blender.

Bronzer: Bronzed hollows of cheek and apples of cheek with Buxom Bronzer in Tahitismells as good as it looks.

Strobe: Strobed bridge of nose, cheek bones, and brow bones with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal using your fingers

Then go over strobed areas with Laura Mericer Face Illuminator in Indiscretion with a fan brush to maximize glowing look.

Blush: Applied Stila, Field of Florals Convertible Dual Lip & Cheek Palette to apples of cheek with fingers in colors Lillium mixed with Gerbera. 

(Using a creme based blush enhances the dewey-skin look!)


Eyes: On lids, I used Urban Decay Eye-Shadow in Chopper and Make Up Forever Eye-Shadow in Copper Red in crease.

Then, I took Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick in color Golden Pink and highlighted inner corners of eye, under the brow, and on cupid's bow (top of the lip) for extra highlight.

Lastly, lined top lash line with Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye-liner in Graphite.

Lashes: Coated lashes with Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Extension kit by Physicians Formula *MUST try mascara, creates long, full lashes.


Lips: Lined and filled lips with Buxom Full-On Lipstick in Dolly.

Then went over with Make Up For Ever Artist Pexi-Gloss in color, 202.

These are my obsession! You can wear them everyday, to work, whatever and it's just enough color to make you look alive and feminine, but not too much. Plus my lips get SUPER soft.



This Forever 21 Striped Shirt is my JAM! I wear it as a dress and then with black jeans for a edgy look.

I also noticed that Fashion Lush was rocking it as well! 

On my hair, I used my favorite Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo, and Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray and Oribe Beach WavesShine Spray.

Questions? Let Laura or I know! You can connect with her via her website, or just ask us here and we'll answer!

If I could get ANY of these products, I would DEFINITELY get the Mascara, and the Buxom Lipstick. Key for everyday - and super affordable.

Yas queens, yas.

Love you!



55% off healthy cleanses for *summer bods* + Chef V Interview

Oh hello you!

Guys remember when I did the Chef V cleanse? I talked about how it was 'The Realest Cleanse in the Game'.

Well it still is!

I had to write the word, 'cleanse' here, but it's more so like a reset, a refresh, a restart, a chance to reduce sugar cravings, restart your gut flora, give yourself energy, battle cravings...all of that. So to me, Chef V is different because, it's not a juice cleanse with 6 juices LOADED with sugar (fruit sugar, I know, but still you get the same energy crash). It's super CLEAN, low sugar, nutritional and WORKS.

I've done a lot of cleanses. I've fasted, I've tried a lot of different things.

I love experimenting, and our bodies are our greatest experiment.

I am in the middle of doing a little experiment right now, by having a green juice every day for a month.  Simple, easy and using the Chef V green juice to see what happens. Post on that later.

I wanted to interview the real Chef V - and get her health perspective, business perspective and just learn more about eating well. 

But, for summer bods in a pinch, try their cleanses, and use the code HUNDRED for 55% off. Honestly, SO AFFORDABLE, I am thinking of doing the 21 day cleanse, because this babe is DESPERATE. 

Right and I know I shouldn't say 'summer body' and we should all love our bodies all the time no matter how they are. True. I feel you. But like, I need a body that's appropriate for summer, so summer body.

What's in each cleanse. 

  • The Chef V Green Juice: HUGE FAN. Low sugar, gives me energy and just feels GOOD. 
  • Shake powder: I use it with almond milk to make it more substantial - delicious.
  • The soup: Which is also filling and delicious. 

There are 3 day, 5 day and 7 day. If you wanted you could do the full on system, or you can also work some foods into it. Like a salad at night, or at lunch, apples, carrots and hummus...etc. That's what I'll do if I am working out hard that week.

Okay, so HUNDRED code, and now to the interview with Chef V:

Veronica Wheat, founder of Chef V, is an author, yoga instructor, healthy chef and nutritional therapist. 

How did Chef V begin, and what was the motivation behind starting your own business?

I started in 2010 making healthy meals for people at their homes and  boutique catering for birthdays, showers, And even weddings. In 2011 I started making healthy meals and delivering them to my clients home. I would shop, cook, deliver, plan, answer their questions... I did it all. With my meals I would force people to drink my famous Organic Green Drink. 9/10 people had no idea what a green drink was in 2011. But in 2012 I decided to stop doing the food and developed a way for everyone to get fresh, never pasteurized, green drinks delivered to their door for a low cost. This took off because no one else was doing it. (Niche!) Soon I developed my own cleanse, based on my nutritional background. I knew typical juice cleanses out there were not the healthy option for cleansing. Over 200g of sugar per day! Yikes!

I developed a cleanse that is not all juice but incorporates plant protein to rebuild muscles and help you loose fat not muscle. Then I added a tasty detox soup at night to make you feel as though you are indulging. The plus side is that people started loosing lots of weight on my cleanse, besides all of the beneficial internal effects. Now I have two locations across the country one in San Diego and one in Mew York city, where I have distribution access to over 120 million people! That's a lot of healthy green drinkers! 

Certified Organic - what does that mean and why is it important? 

It is very important and we pride ourselves on that. It's a rigorous standard that makes you oxide by all organic processes. Everything must be certified organic with a track record, down to the seed, soil, and grow process. Then, on our side we must oboe by certain regulations like even our cleaning products and veggie washes must be certified organic. Some companies my boast that they use all organic products but I guarantee that they aren't obiding by all of the regulations above and beyond just organic produce. So look for the USDA seal for certified organics. 

What is the difference between your cleanse and others?

Low low Sugar, certified organic, local, always made fresh, delivered to your home, cold-blended,  not juiced (for maximum nutrients), not pasteurized, you get two protein shakes per day, and a yummy soup at night. 

What has been an amazing success story of a customer that stuck with you?

We have heard everything from massive weight loss (25 lbs. in one week), people have stopped taking auto immune medicines, people say their cured of allergies, a guy said he had gout on his leg for 10 years and did a 3 day cleanse and t melted away.

One lady was cured of diabetes after a year and lost over 100 lbs. all of these testimonials are on Facebook and Yelp including videos and reviews. Check them out

What's hard about what you do? (Owning your own business, etc.)

Managing people is always hard to do. Especially as we grow and a new Position comes about and you have to train  and manage a new person, luckily we have great managers who are awesome and help achieve these goals every day. We have an amazing staff that I'm thankful for.

What's most rewarding about what you do?

Changing people's lives!

I've had people that never ate a vegetable before in their life, no joke, start drinking the green drink and magical things happen to their bodies. Just the testimonials are amazing. It's everything about our business. If our customers aren't happy we aren't. That's why we are so big on reviews because we can really learn from people's input. 

What's the biggest misconception about cleansing?

Well, there are tons of misconceptions because most cleanses out there are toxic! Just make sure you have good nutrients while cleansing (no master cleanse), and make sure there isn't tons of sugar, more then 40g per day is super toxic. Sugar turns to fat, spikes the blood sugar and can cause diabetes, amongst other health issues.

What's something people need to remember to be successful when cleansing?

I always tell people to pre-cleanse 2 days prior and 2 days after, to ease you into and out of the cleansing process. You want to ease yourself into and out of a cleanse so you don't shock your system, before or after, and you aren't adding toxins to your body before or after so you have the most success. I give you a detailed schedule to follow before and after with foods you should and should not eat. i.e. No gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, or red meat. 

What is the biggest mistake you see people make with their diet?

Not being consistent or planning ahead. Eating out is seriously detrimental too. So many hidden calories and salt to make food taste good, even at 'healthy places'. 

If people could one thing for their health, what would you suggest they do?

Drink a green drink every morning for breakfast. It will change your life! 

Where can people connect with you and learn more?

Facebook, Instagram @chefvlife or my blog

I got a 5 day cleanse coming that I am SO EXCITED about (maybe just excited to see how I feel after) but I will keep you posted on the progress!

She's cool, right? I always love hearing from entrepreneurial babes, that saw opportunities and made something out of them!

Keep me posted, guys! Talk soon!