Badass Blogger Series: Google Analytics (WTF and WHY?!)

Hi my friends!

How's the week? Got all your cyber Monday shopping in I hope :) 



Because recently I've been sort of insane about Hundred Blog.

I am ready to take it to the next level. I'm getting the website redesigned next year, setting up more processes in place so that it's more professional. So that it's more like a BUSINESS.

I'm losing sleep. 

But that's how I do. I am all or nothing about things, and when I find something to do, I do it.

Making it a business. It's blogging 2.0. Evolving beyond the passion project.

If you're like me, you've' been blogging for over a year now, and ready to take it more seriously. You have the blog, but wonder what else? What other things do bigger bloggers do that sets them apart. Or if you're starting a blog, you're wondering what it involves. 

To backup. I first became obsessed with GA, when I found out when pitching brands that I had my Google Analytics set up incorrectly.

Pretty par for the course when it comes to me. LOL. 

The data was pulling a bunch of zeros. I had what I thought was my Google Analytics fed to Fohr Card (which is one of the platforms I use to connect with brands).

So it looked liked no one had ever visited my site. Let me tell ya, that looks REAL good when you're pulling up NO data to brands. 

Also, I know I said Google Analytics your eyes glazed over and you're now bored. BUT. FOR REAL. Stay with me!

I needed help. I needed to figure out WTF is this Google Analytics and what can I get from it? 

I enlisted the help of Cinthia Pachecho, an analytics wiz genius of Digimorph to help me. I'm like GIRL, my numbers are whack I don't know what I am doing and I need to start getting smart about my data.

Because, like I've said before, in a previous post on numbers, here. The numbers, they don't lie.


You don't need to be obsessed with the data, but you need to listen to what it says. It's the voice of your reader and with it, you can see who they are, where they live, their age, and what they like to read on your site.

Critical info, right?

Google Analytics is key for anyone in the online world for having lots of information at your disposal so that you can make the best decisions about your business, your online presence and to see how your branding is being received.

I NEVER thought I'd be on the side of numbers. Honestly.

I'm so like, "but if it feels good, I'm gonna do it" and "the energy" blah blah. Typical, L.A. GIRL. 

But, businesses go off of NUMBERS, and yours will grow if you invest in understanding yours. 

I know it is a LOT of info, and a lot of it is unnecessary for most of us babes, so let’s walk through some of the basic elements of Google Analytics in ways that will impact your blog or business online.

3 Reasons you need to care about GA:

Brands will ask you for these numbers: Brands I've worked with have asked me for all the data in GA, and for screen shots even to make sure that I'm being honest about what I say. So also remember that, some want to see it to make sure it aligns. Be honest about your data, but be prepared when they ask! If you want to charge for the work you do, you need to show them why (with your data and proving your content is badass!)

This is how you grow your business: Knowing where you're at, and the places you can improve is critical for improving your blog/website and generating more traffic. 

Necessary data for your media kit: Data about your audience, and page views is necessary for your media kit when sending to brands. 

Narrow down the numbers

What is most important to you and your business? There is a LOT of information that you can pull from Google Analytics, so it’s important to know first and foremost what it is that you’re hoping to learn about your website so that you know where to look.

So think about what's important to you. 

Is it growing a community? Then pay attention to return visitors. If you're trying to sell something, maybe it's a high conversion rate. Think about your goals. Mine is to grow a community, and convert on my clicks for affiliate links, as an example. 


This can be some peoples default metric for the health of a website. But, what’s more important is who is coming to your website and how they’re engaging with it. Yes, you want people on your site. But you really want them to engage with you. You want them to click through, hang out and read your content, buy, and subscribe. You want people to do things on your website, not just show up.


I have been all about this one. 

This one because I realized, that my bounce rate was higher than I wanted to. Why is that? I think my homepage design doesn't entice visitors to stay, to dig deeper or click around. I need to really think about what actions my audience is taking so that they want to do more than just read one post. They want to stay!  

Here, the lower number the better. 

Who is your audience? 

This helps you understand who is coming to your site!


This is cool because it tells you the age, gender and location of the people coming to your site. This is helpful for your media kit. This helps me to understand what my customer is and what would they be most interested in. 

Where are these people coming from? 

The Acquisition section gives you information on how people are getting to your website.


These numbers come from people who have found you by searching in a search engine (like Google). It could be people who know what your business is called by searched in Google rather than going to your website (like someone may type in Hundred). You need to pay attention to if people are finding you through popular links on search engines or if they are going directly to your site. 


This is when people clicked on a link to get to your site from somewhere else. These are links from people who might have mentioned + linked to your website from their blogs. Thank these babes!

You can use this information to find a potential collaboration or guest post opportunities! These are your tribe.


These are specifically referrals from social media and will help you understand where to put your focus in your social media strategy. 

How do people interact with your blog/site?


This shows you what's most popular so that you know what your audience is loving most. Give the people what they want, right?!


This shows how people got to your website, where they go next, and where they leave your website. This can give you great information about where your audience might be losing interest and if they’re following path you set for them.

Now what? Getting you sorted with your own Google Analytics! Links to help:

Feeling a little overwhelmed?

I know. So a few links and ways to help you get started getting set up. 

How to set up Google Analytics on Squarespace

How to set up Google Analytics on Wordpress

Have Cinthia set up your Google Analytics and walk you through the details

Normally she charges $50 for this, but for Hundred Blog readers, I begged her to offer a discount because she was so good! Tell her you saw this here and she'll get you sorted for $39.

Having a call with her was key. I needed to do this to ask all the questions in the world, and make sure what I was doing was right. Because honestly, I messed it up the first time! HA! 

She helped me see that there were websites like 'NIUME' that were getting me a lot of traffic, and that a lot of readers came from Disqus commenting. I also got a good amount from StumbleUpon. If you don't add your pages to StumbleUpon you should!

I found out my audience demographic which really helped me so brands understand my reader base. 

It was a game changer and I feel more confident than ever in what direction my site is going to go. 

If you're looking for something more advanced, she can do that too, she has courses that are really helpful for those who are looking to take it to the next level. You can check out her courses she's starting soon here.

Lets also be real though.

Google Analytics is not something I pay attention to on a daily basis. I can barely shower everyday.

I am going to check in monthly on my progress to stay up to date with anything I need to do on my site and for my angel readers, like you. 

I'm using it as a basis for making Hundred better, and providing more content that's valuable for you, and for me and so we can grow and be better together.

Make sense? Let me know your thoughts here. Do you use this already and am I behind or what?

Okay, now get ya GA all sorted and let me know how it GOES!

Questions too, ask me!



HUM NUTRITION BEAUTY GIVEAWAY: My anti-aging arsenal (saving me from my tanning bed days)

How was your Thanksgiving? 

Full of family and food?

Hoping you relaxed and got some hang time in. I took a day or so away from social which was nice. I was in Florida with my dad, who lives in Siesta Key. I love that as I get older, I cherish family time so much more. Especially being with my sister, I CRAVE chill family time.

Anyone else with me? 

I'm also trying to ease back into life, but it's SO BAD all I am looking forward to is Christmas now - eek!

But, to this weeks post and the last giveaway for November!

Writing today, with all of the Almost 30 feels, to talk about SKIN. 

I don't know about you, but I am a freak-a-leek about my anti-aging regime these days. I'll never forget seeing my first forehead wrinkle, a year ago just chilling in the middle of my forehead. It actually gets smaller or larger with how hydrated, or well slept I am which is CRAZY.

Not against botox or anything like that, but I want to hold out as long as possible, since it seems like a slippery slope, like once you commit, you gotta do it! Plus needles. I mean, do I need to even say? HATE them. 

Sadly my tanning bed loving past, combined with my former years of drinking, lack of sleep and just reckless behavior, definitely did a bit of work on my face. 

Nothing crazy, I think that I've made HUGE improvements in the past two years being vegan, drinking MASS amounts of water and not drinking often. 

But I really want to be sure that I am doing everything I can now to prevent wrinkles, hold off aging and stay super smooth and young forever.

Anti-Aging Secrets:

Hydrate: SO key. I know, I sound like your mother, but honestly I can tell on my face if I've had enough to drink by the amount of fine lines I can see. Your skin is basically water, so add some flavor, or squeeze a lemon in to make sure you get your water each day. I have a gallon of water daily (crazy I know) and it's huge. 

Diet: I have to be real here. Being vegan changed the game for my skin. Removing dairy, gluten and avoiding white sugar will absolutely change your skin. I can't say this without bragging, but I do get compliments often on my skin, and it's all because of my vegan diet I think. It wasn't always this way!

Sleep: Bags under your eyes? Dark circles? From the sleep baby. I can tell right away how much sleep I've gotten because you do look so much more refreshed when you've slept, 

Moisturize: Slather it on baby. Morning and night, I lather my whole body up. 

Lay off the booze: Mom again, I know. But it makes your skin red, breaks up capillaries, and leaves you flush.

Eat things like: Kidney beans, sunflower seeds, walnuts, dark chocolate, dark leafy greens, green tea, walnuts, citrus fruits 

Products to keep that baby face:


Vitamins I SWEAR by:

Lately I've been taking these three from HUM Nutrition, and it's been so interesting to see the difference in my skin hydration and texture. Along with my favorite BB from Tarte Cosmetics (get it here), these have really saved me from the dry LA weather, and overall helped me glow from the inside out. I just feel a bit more dewey, always.

I am a HUGE fan of collagen. It keeps my skin from the little cracks, just making it overall smoother, softer, and it feels more plump. 

TURNTIME: Polypodium leucodoms UV guard, skin nurturing complex.  You can get it here. I seriously need the UV guard being in L.A., but you can never have enough sun protection!

ARCTIC REPAIR: Clinically shown to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles with wild arctic lingonberry seed oil. Get this one here. I'm sooooo into this natural remedy.

COLLAGEN LOVE: Supports skin elasticity and firmness, with collagen types I, II and & III. Buy this one here

...Plus there's the GREEN powder drink that tastes, seriously incredible. My favorite, you can get here.

I've been through SO MANY green drinks, and whenever I force them down my throat, anyone around me assumes I took a shot of tequila at 7 A.M. they've just never been good. 

But this one tastes so rich, smooth and it sometimes confuses me that I enjoy it. The flavor, I LOVE, in just water. Huge fan of this one for getting your greens in. I take it in the afternoon as a little treat (it's that good) after my lunch and as a pick-me-up. It gives me energy that coffee never did. 


It's simple!

Comment below your young skin secret, and you'll be entered to win these HUM NUTRITION products! Turntime, Collagen Love, Arctic Repair, and Green drink!

A $200 value, all for you! Just because it's giving back November, baby. 

What sort of tricks do you guys use to keep your skin healthy and young? Would LOVE to know.

Can't wait to see who wins. Hope you like!



**Thanks to Hum Nutrition for partnering with me on this post. 


Special Black Friday post, babes!

I actually did my Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, while boarding the plane from LA to Tampa. Seriously, iphones can be DANGEROUS sometimes.

Within a matter of 10 minutes I had blacked out and ordered 15 things from ASO'S. That's only the beginning.


But, you gotta do what you gotta do and it's important to work the sales that are happening because you can get some MAJOR deals.



Nordstrom: Per usual they're coming through with a major sale right now on almost everything (I needed a reason to get a new purse right?)

Old Navy: 50% off almost EVERYTHING (I got my black booties from there and I LOVE THEM! I linked them here).

Ray-Ban is offering 30% off site-wide (11/24 - 11/28). 

Bloomingdales: Brown Bag Sale'n it right now with 50% off items, and $25 off $200.

Ashley Brooks Designs: is offering 25% off + free shipping site wide starting on Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday with code ALLTHEGIFTS. 

Target: 30% off clothing, shoes and accessories (I got so many pieces from their WWW line - so cute for winter!)

NARS: 20% off site wide + free shipping (the best matte bronzer and lipsticks ever made)

What I bought:

Tarte: 25% off using the code FRIYAY (they have my favorite BB cream EVER!)

Shopbop is running their famous tiered sale! Take 15% off 200+, 20% off $500+ or 25% off $800+ with code GOBIG16

J.Crew is offering 40% off site wide! Use code HOLIDAY.

ASOS is offering 30% off site wide! Use code THANKFUL30. 

What I bought:

Banana Republic: is offering 50% off one item, + 40% off the rest of your order! 

Glossier: is offering 25% off Friday through Sunday! 

Madewell: 25% off your entire purchase

Paige Denim20% off your purchase with the code CYBER20

Rebecca Minkoff: 25% off your order of $100 or more

Urban Outfitters: Buy one get one 50% off

French Connection is offering 40% off site wide (11/21 - 11/29) with code F40BLF. 

What I bought:

GAP: 50% off everything online and in stores using code TGIF50

Revolve: 60% off select styles starting Friday

Nike: Extra 25% off already marked down styles with code Extra25

There's also AMAZON for things like an Apple Watch (in Rose Gold WHAT!)  and other gadgets.

I am going to link what I got for you next week, or maybe this weekend. But happy shopping friends!




WHITE OUT + What I'm thankful for

Hi guys,

Just a quick note today as we get ready for Thanksgiving. 

Thank YOU so much for being a part of Hundred Blog.

For reading, for commenting, for engaging and just being a really great part of helping me create on a daily basis. 

Letting me have a place where I can be myself, means THE WORLD.

If you listen to me say ridiculous things on The Almost 30 Podcast, thank you for that too! It's been crazy how big it's gotten... and it's all because you listen!

So, I'm most grateful for you this year!

Spending my holiday in Florida with family. What are your plans? Hopefully you're with family and in elastic pants hehe.

Also, P.S. This month I did a bunch of giveaways, make sure you enter!

Dessange Hair Products

CaseApp Marble iPhone Case

Kaizen One VIVA Water Infuser Bottle

This week, sharing my favorite WHITES for Fall and Winter. I am such a fan of a good white, or cream, or rich ivory. I feel rich and regal and adult. Nothing makes you more angelic! 

I've listed below some ways to wear white all year round, plus some of my favorite white's for fall.


Ways you can wear all year round:

Tweed jackets or skirts, and metal to toughen it up.

Blazers and crop pants with a bit of an edge.

Jumpsuits - period.

White Chunky Sweaters with a skirt and boots.

Long silk slip with a chunky sweater (MY FAVORITE).

White peacoat and black leather leggings.

......Say FUCK IT and wear what you want to wear.

My favorite Fall whites:

What I'm wearing in this post:

Monrow Attire White Mesh Dress (sold out but similar linked below)

NARS Lipstick in Red Lizard

Gold Midi Rings

What's your favorite way to wear white this winter? Anything you're loving that I linked? Let me know!

Again, thanks so much for reading, for commenting, for sharing and all you do! Super grateful. 

Happy Thanksgiving, loves.




I was blackmailed by a stalker...and he went to jail


So, I never thought that I would write this post.


Just wasn't ever sure that there would be an appropriate time or place, and although I am super honest and up front, I think I am sort of closed of on some topics in my life. I also just sort of live my life and don't think about my experiences after they happen. It's not good to dwell on things really. I'm always thinking ahead, for better or worse.

But, when I realized that I told parts of the story on the Almost 30 Podcast, I figured I needed to provide more detail. 

It is also the most talked about topic we've had thus far. Lindsey and I get SO MANY questions about it.

So, I figured I should share my experience.

(If you listen, make sure to note that it's our first episode and it's so ROUGH. It gets better, I promise!) 

(Listen to the Almost 30 Podcast in iTunes here.)

Plus, it's good to be aware, to share what I learned and if you're in a similiar situation, you're not alone.

In short, I was blackmailed, harassed, threatened and violated by a stranger, who had naked photos of me, over the course of 6+ months. 


Each week, a few times a week, from various emails I would recieve threatening emails about how I was going to have my career ruined, my life ruined, all of these terrible things happen to me. All of them attached with a photo. That was 

I'll cut to the chase, basically any nude photos I had in my phone, saved, or deleted, anywhere, I was being blackmailed with.

Photos that I had only sent to Justin (obviously) some flattering, some not (HA) but all 

I guess I should feel shameful that I take pictures of myself. But really I dgaf on 100 and I'm thankful that my reader babes aren't judgemental of that sort of thang :) If I am feeling good, I snap a photo, and send it to the person I love and plan on spending my life with. 

Nothing crazy, nothing that you really couldn't google right now. We've also seen some T & A.

So to back up. 

One day I was working in my apartment when I recieved an email from a random email that said


Then the body of it said something along the lines of, I've got something you need to see. You need to respond to me.

Check your Facebook messages OTHER folder.

Then, I go to facebook, check the others photos folder, and there it is. My ass and my titties, on someone I don't know's Facebook message.

I am jaw drop. I get chills actually writing this. 

I was thinking this was an empty threat, that didn't mean anything, and to see it verified blew my fucking mind. One was an old photo, one was a photo from my deleted photos.

I had no idea what this person was acutally going to do to me. I wasn't sure how much they knew, if they hacked my phone, if they had my social security information or credit card information. Where I lived....I had no idea. 

At this point, I'm really shaken up, and really embarassed to tell anyone, even Justin. 

I tried to understand how it could happen.

A few days go by, and I get another threat, more aggressive, and via email another photo sent to me. Another one that I had no idea anyone had. 

This time, I went to the police in Los Angeles County, sat at the police station for a few hours being questioned and to be honest was pleasantly suprised at how nice they were. Yes they did as me if someone hated me and was out to get me, and if I had sent these to anyone else but Justin. But believed me when I said no.

They wrote me a ticket, said they were on it and I was on my way. Not much else I could do at this point but change all passwords and really up my security on every system that I had. 

Did it, check, check. 

I also called Apple and said my iCloud got hacked (Kate Upton style, LOL) and he said "that's not possible"...LOL

But for the next 5-6 months, I continued to get emails from various email accounts a few times a week that were increasingly more aggressive, more direct and more intense.

Each time I was suprsied at the photos they had. At this point I had deleted every one of them off my phone but it felt like they had an endless supply. 

I was scared that they would hack my work email, hack my personal email, send them to anyone I knew on a professional level, because that's what they said they were going to do (among other things). This person was also emailing every email account I had. My work, my personal, my blog and another business account. They had access to all of my emails and contacts. But weirdly, weren't taking money from me, just harassing me. 

Each time it was just as scary, and I couldn't go a few days without a new email emailing something to me.

KRISTA. You need to reply me or I will RUIN your career. I have THESE. 

Sometimes J and I would laugh, and say to each other, "Thank God I was hoping someone would release these". To help alleviate the painful truth that I was being watched and harassed for so long.

At a point it got numb. Just sort of expected it but it never really went away that I was scared. 

It became part of my life, and I wasn't sure what else I could do beyond telling the police. This went on for about 6 months, and the email addresses changed, the Facebook accounts changed, it just continued.

Then, on a random Wednesday, I got the call.

From the Police Department in Santa Monica who wanted to talk to me.

I'm like, um yes WHAT. 

A long conversation later discussing my experience and current situation related to my stalker, the police man asks me 

"Do you go to Yoga at X Location?"

I'm like yeah bro, why.

"The person who has been harassing you has been traced back to working here." 


"He's been taking phones of females the yoga studio and harassing a few girls there. Each time you've been into class, he's been taking your phones and sending himself as many photos as he can.

Then harassing, threatening and blackmailing you with them".


Weirdly, I knew who the person was right away.

He NEVER talked to me when I came in. EVER. I always said hello, signed in and just did my thing, but each time I said hello he would blankly look at me and say nothing. Like a fucking werido.


Someone that saw me so much, and in a place where I go to relax and reconnect, took advantage of that, and violated any sense of peace I had.

it's one of the oddest things I've lived through to date.

.....and the guy ended up being convicted of a felony.

He lived with a girl he met on craigslist - who he violated too. That fucker.

He had also been doing this at least 5 other girls that they know of. 

I can honestly see his face in my mind, and it's crazy. I felt confused, and thought through each time I went to class, when I would be in the yoga state of mind, that I was having my stuff stolen, or someone was looking through everything I keep private. My texts, emails.....


I went to court and testified against him.

The police found him, by responding to one of his emails, pretending they were one of the girls. They were able to trace the phone to his. Then they put it together that we all worked out there, and he worked there. 

Real detective work, right?

Felt good that justice was served, and this person was committed at a federal level.

For me, I guess I learned to lock my phone at all times, to keep it with me, and now I am really weird with dudes who work at gyms. 

This is crazy, I know, but I feel like it was a weird karmic debt that I was carrying from another life. That I had to experience in this life.

I guess it made me feel lucky that I am safe.

That I wasn't harmed and that I can be there for any female that's been violated, blackmailed or harassed. 

You guys know me, I am always about reflection and growth and thinking about what things mean on a deep level. 

But sometimes things just....are.

They're just shitty. 

But you need to see things as they are. Technically, it's not personal, and hey, it ALWAYS could be worse. In the grand scheme of things, I am always lucky.

Healthy. Happy and whole.

Also keeping the nudes to a minmum :) and my phone locked always.

Definitely listen to the podcast epsiode of this, it's a light way I talk about it, and if you have a simiiar situation, story or feel like somethings happening to you that's not right, say and do something. Without telling the police, he would have never been convicted or behind bars.

Always act, always.

Okay, felt good to finally share with you. Safe space, right? Now you know the full story. 

With love,


In this post I am wearing Ethona Active and the photos were shot by Stefanie Villers of Catching Cali. 

Bye bye BORING WATER: Infused agua FTW (via Kaizen One water bottles)

Hi guys!

How are you? How's the week?

I'm excited to share with you a new FAVORITE. 

One time I did the math for how much I spend on beverages alone in one week, and it's around $85. Swear. 
I am sort of over plain water lately. 

Anyone with me?

 I drink kombcuha almost everyday, I'm a sucker for a good green juice, Rebel beverages, La Croix...I am pretty much over regular water. 

I need something new ya know?

But, staying hydrated is SO KEY for me and feeling energized, feeling good about my skin and my bod, so I need to keep it spicy to stay interested. If I am dehydrated, I can see fine lines on my face (thanks to being #almost30) and I look so much healthier and alive when I've had my 64 oz a day. 

Yes, that's how much I normally drink! If not more :) 

The major game changer for me is having my water bottle next to me in the morning. I wrote about my morning rituals before here, and I LOVE that with a water bottle infuser I can have a lemon infused water right with me in the A.M. I drink an entire one in the A.M. 

Benefits of staying hydrated: 

Aid in weight loss

Help digestion

Increases energy and relieves fatigue

Improves skin complexion

Flushes toxins

Boosts your immune system

So I was on the hunt for a water infuser, to add some vitamins, add some fruit, add some excitement to my water.

In comes my little buddy, the Kaizen One Viva Bottle. No one in L.A. can be mad at me for carrying plastic anymore, and I can spice it up 100 ways. I love this one because it's super sleek, real glass, and can be hot OR cold. So I'll throw tea in there too, in the morning on my way out for work.

How it works is, it has this little silver bucket, that you can fill with whatever fruits, tea, herbs, anything, in the top. Pop that in and then fill-er-up with water, and after a minute or so, you have infused water to enjoy. 

More exciting, and a change to keep you drinking water, staying hydrated and happy.

Other (on brand) details about the Viva Bottle:

It's made with natural bamboo with silicon seal to keep your bev from leaking

It has a stainless steel strainer and infuser basket 

It's double walled glass so that your bev keeps the temperature you want longer

I've also got a few more ideas for mixing it up with your viva! 

Infused Water Ideas:

Cuties (the little oranges fit in perfect!)

Grapefruit + Rosemary


Cucumber + Lime

Grape + Orange

Tea Infusions:

Sakara Detoxifying Tea + Stevia

(15% off your Sakara order with ALMOST30LOVE code)

Chai Spice Tea + a dash of Cinnamon

Lemon Ginger Tea + a dash of Turmeric

Ginger Tea + Apple Cider Vinegar + Stevia

I've been doing the lemon water in the A.M., then a Sakara detoxifying tea, and in the afternoon for something sweet. Either grapefruit or watermelon. 

If I am eating any fruit, really I'll pop some in my water to give it that extra flavor. No calories, just goodness.

It's such a game changer for me to try to reduce my snack attacks. 

I feel like I ALWAYS need to be eating or drinking something, LOL

So this seriously helps hydration and curbing my sweet tooth. 

(I swear that thing runs my life). 

*puts down water bottle to finish post*

I genuinely suggest checking this out and make sure to:

1. Experiment

Try different ingredients! I haven't found one I didn't like yet :) 

2. Do your research

Find which fruits and teas will benefit you the most. Then, throw those in there!

Have you guys tried fruit infused water? Or tried an infuser for your water? So tasty, no? Let me know which combinations you love.

I'm doing a giveaway of one water bottle via my Instagram if you want to check out how to win one! @hundredblogla!

Also, thanks to my friends at Kaizen One for sponsoring this post! 

Happy Wednesday, xoxo


GIVEAWAY: Sleek, clean, minimal and MARBLE iPhone case from CaseApp

Hi hi!

How are you? Excited for Thanksgiving? What are your plans for the Holiday?

Continuing the trend of giveaways this month, with another amazing opportunity from CaseApp! I don’t know if you guys recall, but a while back I did a giveaway with them, and it was so popular that I wanted to run it again for ya!

A little background.

When I did that collab, I had my amazing marble case from CaseApp, and I switched it up with a palm print this summer.

The whole time I secretly I missed the marble.

I just felt like the palm was a little too flashy for me, I want my cases to be clean, white, and be able to look professional at work meetings and at blog events. I don’t want my case to be so colorful or printed that people think it looks immature or I seem young.

Does that make sense? Minimal and professional. 

Marble is clean, it’s white, it’s got a bit of an edge and it’s just versatile basically.

This one I have now from CaseApp is different (and better) than the one I had before because its way more durable and thicker.

It’s got an extra layer of protection (which I NEED) and I feel much safer about my reckless habits with my phone with this one.

It's matte, there’s a little bit of a black edge around the outside which I like, and it really doesn’t take on any dirt or coloring on the case which is key.

I feel like I’ve had cases (like my last palm one) that had white around the edges (rather than black here) and it got so dirty it looked ratchet.

Having this be black it always stays the same color, and the white marble on here hasn’t faded at all from the time I got it from CaseApp a month ago.

I’m not the only one with makeup all over my case please?

CaseApp also gave me the matching iPad cover which I am SO into since I didn’t give my iPad any love with a case. Hence, why it’s cracked, LOL.

So I needed to start taking care of it, and I love how it’s just as clean looking, and matches perfectly. This one has a bit of a gloss on the finish, which is amaze.

Simple and easy for you! We’ll of course ship it your way for free :)

Excited for you guys! I really LOVE my case so happy to share it with you (and a friend if you want!)


How to enter:

Follow @hundredblogla on Instagram (me!) 

Follow @caseapp on Instagram

Like my photo and tag a friend who you'd like to win a phone case with you!

We've got two people winning! 

That's it!

Giveaway closes on November 28th at 5 PM EST.

I will DM the winner and we'll send ya the marble dopeness! 

Discount Code for 20% off your purchase from CaseApp: HUNDRED

Okay guys happy giveaway month! Another one coming on Thursday this week :)

Let me know if you have any questions, etc! Wearing Bourbon Barbies in this post!



I never f'ing bake Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Cookies (whole wheat and low sugar)


How are you? How's the week going? I'm doing a 'reset' with Daniela Kende of Color Me Complete this week, and traveling to San Francisco, will keep you posted on both! 

This past weekend I had my best friends wedding in Cincinnati, and it was AMAZING.

The best, I mean all of the feels. She was a f'ing STUNNER for real (you can see on my IG @hundredbloga). I'll spare you all the details but, to the bridal suite on Sunday I brought a batch of cookies I made that Friday for the bridesmaids. 

When I walked in Kaitlin, (the bride) was like "what the fuck is that?" 

Because she knows I NEVER BAKE OR COOK. 


I mean what can I say. I was home for a few days and feeling all sorts of domestic, and decided to make up and bake some pumpkin themed cookies just for her special day.

Guys, everyone LOVED THEM. 

Yes I will brag about this. 

Seriously I got major props from everyone, and they asked if I would share, so I thought I'd also share with you!

Keep in mind, these are unfortunately not vegan :( so FYI on that vegan babes. Obviously I try to keep as much of what I do vegan, but sometimes you need a damn cookie, ya know?

My I never f'ing bake Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Cookies

2 cups whole wheat flour

1/2 cup flaxseed

1 teaspoon of baking soda

3/4 teaspoon of baking powder

1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice

1/2 teaspoon of salt 

3/4 cup of coconut sugar (or regular if you'd like) 

3/4 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup or organic pumpkin

1 egg (or you can do a date or applesauce!) 

1 tbsp of vanilla

Dark chocolate chips to taste (I usually do a fist full)

The reason I love these so much is because they have:

Whole wheat flour: Way better than normal flour by health standards and taste standards 

Flax Seeds: High in omega 3 essential fatty acids and fiber

Coconut sugar (and they're pretty low sugar for cookies are concerned): Cotains fiber and inulin which helps to slow glucose absorption

Dark chocolate: High in antioxidents, high in minerals and a good source of fiber

Pumpkin: High in fiber, vitamin A, reduces LDL cholesterol, LOADS of potassium

All pumpkin everything right babes? HAPPY FALL MY LOVES.

Let me know if you make em, and my vegan babes, can I make these vegan? LET ME KNOW.

Loving you,



GIVEAWAY ALERT! ICY BLONDES REJOICE + my current haircare routine with Dessange

Hi babes! 

HAPPY MONDAY! I know, who says that right?

Well I am excited to brighten the day with an easy amazing giveaway for you of a new product I've been loving.

I haven't written about beauty and new things in my routine in a while so I am oh so excited to chat with you about an update I have on the hair front.

(As a note I've also written about a vitamin I take called viviscal here, my hair secrets here and did a little hair tutorial here.)

My hair is like, my thing.

The uglier I feel, the longer I want my hair to be.

This weekend at the wedding I was at, I was walking down the aisle (I was a bridesmaid) Justin was like "you had the biggest lions mane of all the maids" - LOL. This was when I told him to tell me I was pretty (because I was NOT feeling so hot in my dress, ya know?)

But with hair, it's important to know too I'm also a real big shampoo snob.

LIke, it has to be nice and it needs to be expensive for me to use it, because I'm washing my hair about once a week or every two weeks. Seriously. It's a game changer.

My biggest problem honestly lies in the fading of my color. In LA you are in the sun so much that my blonde turns brassy in weeks. It becomes a bronde color that I'm not into and it BUMS ME OUT. 

I think anywhere, actually, keeping the color of your hair the same day you leave the salon is so KEY. But when you're blonde the blonde changes color daily. The water could make it fade, the salt from the much!

So I was so excited to try Dessange Paris, and see about the California Blonde product line. I mean, hi? That's me right?

So my thoughts y'all! Honest and true, like me :)

For real.

I need to talk to you about the Color Correcting Cream. I am going to sound dramatic, but I don't know where this has been all my life. My color gets brassy, in less than two weeks after coloring it and keeping my blonde ashy and cool - is a CHALLENGE. I'm not gisele in 100 ways but also that I can't pull off that brass. This cc cream takes ANY Brass out of your blonde and brings you back to the sexy cool color that's light and more white than orange/gold.

I now use this regularly, once a week to reset my color and fresh it up. It keeps me going to the hair dresser so much and freaking out about my dull locks. 


The shampoo and condiitoner have been really nice to help prolong my color and keep me blonder, longer. I am a huge fan of the consistency of the shampoo, and the conditoner I mix with my other conditioner, because my hair is MEGA dry. If your hair is normal, it's a perfect moisture for you. I just mix it with Oribe Gold Lust or Bumble & Bumble Super Rich, to give my hair that extra something.

For the illuminating gold serum, for real such a good additon to after shower, pre-comb through your hair. it's major for keeping the UV rays from penetrating your locks and ensuring less breakage.

As a non-grocery story user of hair products, I am so into IT.

This whole set, is SO affordable, at Target and really worth the price to extend your color and maintain your blonde.

Did I say it's at Target? I think they should have a bar in target, but I'm just SAYING. #favoritestoreever

I am so glad that there's a new thing to keep my color, something that's affordable and basically salon quality at a serious low price (everything is under $10 - what?!)

But most importantly I want to share the new product with you! I'm doing a giveaway to my readers for a full set of Dessange Products from any of their 5 collections! LOVE THIS.

To enter:

Follow @hundredblogla on Instagram 

Comment on my photo which set of Dessange Products you'd like to enter (I've listed out each of their lines below!)

Additional Entries if you comment below which set you'd like to recieve as well!

Giveaway ends on November 19th at 12 PM EST.


^^Make sure to tell me which of the ones you'd want :) on my IG or here!


Questions for me on the product, anything? Let me know! Let's chat!



Thanks to Dessange and Target for sponsoring this post! 

Interview with Kathlyn Hart: Podcast Host, Life Coach, Website Designer and Overall Amazing Human

Oh hi guys!

I want to introduce you to someone awesome today :) 

Kathlyn Hart of The Big Leap Show. She's a life coach, motivational speaker, podcast host and overall kind, funny, and driven babe that I was thankful to be introduced to about a year ago by my friend David.

I was on her podcast, The Big Leap Show earlier this year, and it was one of my favorite conversations with someone. She's SO FUNNY, she's so open, her questions are amazing  You can listen to that episode if you want, here!

Guys I have to be honest too, Kathlyn's voice is like SMOOTH BUTTA. It's seriously soothing, melodic and just f'ing beautiful. You must hear it! I am slightly in love.

Kathlyn knows all about chasing your dreams, going for what you want, but also being super smart and saavy about it. She's really well connected to TONS of badass ladies through The BLS and I consider her a knowledge center for dreamers and doers in life. 

I also just really like her as a human, and feel excited to see her grow!

So excited to introduce you to her, and make sure to listen to The Big Leap Show Podcast too - it's AMAZE.

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do :) 

My name is Kathlyn Hart but everyone calls me Kat ;)  I'm a motivational life coach, business website consultant and host of The Big Leap Show podcast!


What is The Big Leap Show Podcast? What is the mission?

The Big Leap Show is a weekly podcast where I interview badass women in business about their leap into entrepreneurship. 

So many women are craving the freedom of being their own boss and starting a business of their own. 

Taking the first step and starting though can be overwhelming and scary. 

The Big Leap Show's mission is to get real with boss babes to learn what it took them to take the leap and start a business of their own.

Technically, what does it take to create a podcast? Can you talk about that process? 


The most basic podcast can be done by recording a basic audio file on your computer or phone, and then uploading that file to what's called a "hosting service" that will store your file online.  There are audio specific hosting sites that you will want to use for your podcast because the files can be quite large. 

I use Libsyn ( which I really like. 

Then, to get your audio file into iTunes or any other podcast directory you need to submit your unique "RSS feed URL" which your hosting service provides.  After that boom, you have a podcast.  Every time you upload a new audio file to your hosting provider, iTunes and all of the other directories which you have submitted your RSS link to will automatically detect that you have a new episode.

Now to have a more professional podcast there are number of things you might want to buy or consider using including...

A mic (I use the Audio-Technica ATR2100) - link =

Intro/Outro Music (I bought mine from Audio Jungle) - link =

Audio mixing application (I use Garage Band)

A website (I host mine with BlueHost and create it using Wordpress) - link =

To learn more about starting a podcast feel free to reach out to me!

You interview some pretty badass females. What's been something that has stuck with you recently? 

You know the biggest "ah-ha" is that you you don't need to have a website or even social media to have a business. 

One of the women I interviewed didn't have the greatest website and didn't have any social media accounts. 

Yet her business was easily making over $100k.  For all of us who grew up with the internet we automatically assume if we want to start a business, the first thing we need to do is set up a legit online presence. 

The problem with this is we can get so caught up in LOOKING like we have a business, that we forget to even validate our business idea. 

Don't let the cart get ahead of the horses. Test and validate your business idea first. 

After you know you have a good idea, then you can start setting up your online presence (that is if you feel like it will help you to bring in business).

Is there a theme you've noticed with the guests you've had on?

At one point or another all of them said, "I'm just going to do it."

We can get so caught up trying to perfect our ideas and best prepare for taking the leap. 

At a certain point though, you have to just jump in.  You might fail, and you will definitely fall along the way, but who cares.  You'll learn something with ever step you take, and if in the end taking a leap is a total flop, you'll be better prepared for the next leap!

For other themes you can check out the video I made to celebrate the show's 6 month anniversary which recaps the top 10 tips from guests: 

I love that you are also a life coach. You have managed to take things that you are super talented at, and are uniquely qualified to do, and made it an aspect of your business. Like Wordpress and creating websites for people as an example. I'd love to hear how you made this a business and what it takes to do that. 

My businesses all developed pretty naturally. 

After I quit my job as a software designer I began meeting tons of business owners who knew nothing about websites, email marketing, or social media while backpacking through Asia. 

I love doing all of those things, so when they started offering to pay me to help them I thought, "Why not?!" It meant more money to keep traveling, so I was happy to do it. 

The same thing happened with my coaching practice.  After switching my jobs multiple times, negotiating to double my salary, saving over $16,000 to quit my job and travel and then starting my own website consulting business I've gotten more and more strangers reaching out to me for help. 

In the beginning I did it for free, but overtime I developed it into its own coaching practice.

How did life coaching transition to the podcast, The Big Leap Show?

I've always like podcasts.  In fact when I was saving to quit my job, I would listen to shows on my way to work and back everyday.  The idea for The Big Leap Show came two years after starting my website consulting business.  In those two years I had met tons of fellow female business owners who would secretly share how freaking hard it was for them to start a business (especially when it seems like every other business owner via social media is killing it and "living the life"). 

I realized that nobody really talks about the hard stuff. 

The challenges, the fears, and how to work through them. 

So I created a show I wish I had when I first started.  Real conversations with badass women where we could pull back the curtain and talk about what it really took them to take the big leap to start a business of their own. 

What's one piece of golden advice you give your coaching clients that you could share with readers? 

Tap into your inner wise self and screw the inner critic. Our inner critic keeps us small and safe.  It tells us, "You're not ready, you don't know enough, it's already been done..." Begin tapping into your inner wise self by questioning your automatic beliefs.  Why do you not feel ready?  How could you become more ready?  Who can you ask for support or guidance? 

When you start asking questions and get curious, life gets a whole lot juicier ;)

What are some daily rituals that attribute to your success?

Oh so many I love rituals! 

My top two would have to be coffee and gratitude.  Every morning before getting to work I like to slowly make my coffee. 

This is my "All right let's do this baby" ritual. 

While it's brewing I like to think through what I need to accomplish that day and visualize myself completely all of it effortlessly.  Then every night before going to bed I write out everything I accomplished that day (both big and small) + little "moments of joy."  Moments of joy for me can be everything from catching up with an old friend to making a bomb dinner.  I find that writing my accomplishments plus moments of joy help me to find deep gratitude for the day and my life :)  

A bonus of doing this is on shitty days I can remember not to be so hard on myself by going back to my list and seeing all the progress I've made!

What's been the most exciting moment of 2016 for you?

Getting a dog! 

I work by myself from home, and it can get lonely.  My pup, Mr. Bernadino (or Bernie for short) has brightened my life because he is a total goof ball.  He not only makes me smile whenever I look at him, but he also forces me to actually go outside and see the sun.

What's challenging about what you do? 

Honestly, promoting myself out as a coach.  Like I mentioned my coaching practice came organically, so promoting myself is still uncomfortable.  To get through this, I have to remind myself that it's not about selling my services to people who don't want them, it's about sharing what I do so I can connect with and be in service of women who DO want them. 

Your life mantra is:

If you live each day to the fullest life only gets better

Where can people connect with you further?






Such a badass, right? I love how down to earth, open and SMART this lady is. she is truly DOING IT in all the best ways possible. Living in flow and supporting others along the way. 

Okay, hopefully you loved this, I thought you would! Let me know what ya think, and if you know of any badass babes to interview, let a sister know!

Loving you!



Photos via Kathlyn Hart on Instagram @hustlinhart


Dressing for your body type can change the game for your look + this dress from Free People

Oh hello you!

I need to give a shout out for the babes that can dress for their body type. Like, mad respect girl, you did your homework, you actually pay attention when you’re shopping to silhouettes and styles and you stick with what works.

And it pays off because you look amazing.

I’ve been thinking really that mumu’s are my favorite style, but that also could just be cop-out to finding an actual body type of styles to fit me, HA.

What made me really think about this was this Free People Dress, which really surprised me because I felt like the cut and style, which probably would be flattering on anyone to be honest, felt really made for me. I love the low in the front and back, to show off the shoulders and clavicle, and then not fitted through the body, and short, made it super comfortable and in my eyes flattering.

When in doubt show off your clavicle am I right?

Plus, I could eat and drink all night, and was FINE.

Major KEY.

I wanted to do a little bit of research and find the best dresses or styles for everybody type and share it with you. Helpful for me, helpful for you, it’s an updated guide to finding the styles that give you that extra edge to look and feel your best.

Determining your body type

I love to use this Who What Wear Guide below which is a few simple questions to determine your body type. I mean, I think we all can fit into a few different categories at some stages in our life (I think I've been a banana before and also a rectangle (LOL). 

I think really it's not about putting yourself into a category at all, but more about finding clothes, cuts and brands that really work for you. Those that accentuate you and work to make you feel fucking good when you are wearing it. 

When I do stick to a loose guideline of certain styles. I notice I feel slimmer, I feel happier and I wear those clothes more. 

That's what wearing clothes for your body type is about. Finding what works for you, and working it.

Tips for styling for your body type:


Cinching the waist is key! Belted jackets, or clothes that are fitted to show the curves work too. For curvy, I think it's good to show off the clavicle, and chest area. For the bottom, wearing flares or high waisted pants to show off that a$$ is also a good move. Also, the crop top and pencil skirt is a classic - Kim K all the way. 

Wrap Dresses

Pencil Skirts

Crop Tops

Belted Dresses

Belted Jackets


Show off the shouilders and legs baby. This is my LIFE. The key here if this is you is hiding or sliming the midsection. Short dresses work, long sleeves work and anything that can help accenutate the best parts of ya bod.

Shift Dresses

Flowy Tops

Low Waisted Straight Leg Pants


Highlight the thinnest part of your body, your waist to make it more proportional to the rest of ya. Athletic is generally all the same size at hips, bust and waist. 

Ruffle Tops

Bomber Jackets

Side Cut Out Dresses and Tops

High Waisted Dress Pants

Mini Skirts

Triange (Pear Shape): 

You're basically J.Lo and have hips that don't lie, and that are the widest part of your body. Often times pear shape have a butt, smaller shoulders and broader hips. It's key to show off your ASSets, and accentuate your smaller upper body.

Off The Shoulder Tops

Fit and Flare 

A-Line Skirt

Detailed Top

Structured Jacket

Boot Cut Pants


This is you if your shoulders and bust are larger than your hips. I am sometimes a triangle, and it's key to show off the shoulders rather than cover and hide them, because they can often look bigger. Often triangles love their legs, and waist because they are the smaller parts of their body. 

Fitted Jackets

A-line dresses

A-line skirts

Skirts that skim your bottom half

V-neck sweaters and shirts

Skinny Jeans

Shop the post:

Free People Sylvia Mini Dress

Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal

Here I am wearing this Free People dress that I feel like truly fits my body type.

I'm comfortable in it, it's soft and flowy and it shows off the body parts I like (my legs and chest) and then hides what I don't like as much (stomach and upper bat wing area). The beading is so detailed and feminine, with the blush it's basically flattering on anyone. Plus it's really unique and expensive looking. Highly recommend this in any of the colors.

The sandals, are worth it. You need a good nude heel for all formal actiivites (or 100 weddings) and these are a classic. 

Anything I missed? What do you normally wear for your body type?

For me, I feel like my body type changes, HA, but sticking to the ones closest too it definitely helps me look and feel my best.

Let me know what yours is and what you wear for it!

Have the best week loves!



Vitamins for beauty, energy and stress + my diet pill disaster

Oh hi! How are you? How are things?

I was realizing the other day when I was taking a fist full of vitamins that I needed to share them with you!

Vitamins, anything to make me feel/look better, I'm in.

I have been taking vitamins for SO long now but really just did a whole lot of research to find some natural/herbal remedies recently that I'm really into.

(Right here I have the OG vitamin - good old HEALTHY EATING!) This juice is from Juice Served Here.

A little backstory, let me tell ya something sad.

In HS and college I would take diet pills, like, hmmmmm, everyday? All the time? Whatever it was, I was into it. Just part of that obsession to be thin and not really understanding the ramifications it had on my body. Some worked, some not, but I mean, it's not sustainable as you know.

It also makes you feel cray cray. Like coffee x100. Diet Pills are the OG of coffee. So hype - ALWAYS.

So a few years ago, I stopped and was like cold turkey, I'm done, etc. etc. but in the meantime, started taking pre-workout, started finding other stimulants to keep myself HYPE.

Long story short they have really messed with my hormones and ability to digest/process sugar, so I had a rude awakening the last year trying to manage it. Definitely had some weight gain, energy issues, and really just a need to reevaluate what I am putting in my body.

Bummer right? I can write a longer post on this whole thing later if you want, let me know!

Also, did anyone else do crazy diet things? Crash diets? Is that just me?

So in my quest for balance, health and overall healthy natural energy I've really found some game changing vitamins!

I wanted to share some of the best I discovered to help prevent aging, enhance your mood, reduce anxiety, lower cortisol, balance your hormones, increase energy, weight loss, all of the good buzz words. 

P.S. not a doctor, k.

Natural Vitamins that are changing the game 


What it does:

Maca helps to balance your mood, improve your skin, increase libido (to keep things spicy!) and is rich in vitamins B, C and E. It has lots of magnesium and amino acids as well. It's also high in phytonutrients and helps to balance hormones naturally. As an adaptogen, it helps the body naturally adapt to enivornmenetal stressors. It's also been said to help women's mood during that lovely time of the month. I think it really balances my mood, and the hormone thing I definitely have noticed a difference with. 

How to take it:

You can take it in a pill form or powder. It's really nice to add to smoothies and beverages. Take between 500 and 1,000 milligram daily. 

Buy it here

Holy Basil

What it does:

Holy Basil helps you to balance your cortisol levels in the body, and reduce anxiety. (AMEN RIGHT?) It's been shown to assist in adrenal fatigure, hypothyroidism, acne and managing blood sugars. I am a huge fan of it's benefits related to balancing my sometimes out of wack blood sugar.

How to take it:

Orally in a pill, or some people take it in the form of a tea. I do the pill :)

Buy it here


What it does: DHEA apparently naturally declines with age in the body. So supplementing it, helps to balance hormones, build up the adrenal gland, strengthen the immume system, provide more energy, improve mood and memory and build up bone and muscle strength. At a high level, it's been said to slow down the overall aging process. 

How to take it: Orally in a pill once daily

Buy it here


What it does: I think this is a really hot vitamin right now in L.A. I keep hearing so much about it! Ashwagandha is an apdogenic herb, that has been said to combat the effects of stress, reduce anxiety and depression, stabilize blood sugar, protect the immune system and overall make you feel happier. 

How to take it: Orally in a pill, or power form you can add to drinks, beverages. I think personally it's more potent in a beverage!

Buy it here

Astragalus Root

What it does: This adaptogen lowers cortisol levels in the body, acts like an anti-inflamintory and boosts the immune system. Cortisol, being the stress hormone that makes you feel fat, this is a great combat for that.

How to take it: You can take it as a pill or just consume the natural root! 

Buy it here

I'm also a hug fan of all things HUM Nutrition. I LOVE their packaging, branding and quality.

Some of my favorites are below:

Have you guys tried any of these? Any vitamins that you swear by? I definitely try to get it in from food, but a little supplementing seems to be a great idea to make sure you are getting it all in!

Let me know - I am sure other babes here too would LOVE to know what you take.

All my love,


You MUST find out your moon sign + Details from my first event!

Guys, you know I am so into astrological signs. But, did you also know I hosted an event on Friday with Erica Kmiec of Soul NotionEnergy Muse?


Moon Signs and Manifestation.

There were 25 babes (we were supposed to cap it at 15 - eek!) but each person was so so essential to the conversation and the vibe in the room. (If you came, THANK YOU!) 

LuluLemon, Ethona Active, Kreation Juicery and Macabursts sponsored, and it was all the feels with the sponsors and attendees.

We opened it up with a quick meditation, got to know everyone, and Daniela Kende of Color Me Complete walked us through an exercise on eating mindfully and connecting your intention with your health.

Erica talked about your moon sign, and I wrapped it all up with the importance of intentions setting, to achieve what you are looking for. 

I think I told you I want to do more events, meet with more people, learn from more people and basically just grow along with Hundred.

So, when I met with Erica after she had the idea to host this event, we knew a few things. We wanted to bring together some badass females, to make it super cozy and fun, and also to discuss the moon sign.

Your sun sign, is basically what we all know, and the moon sign is a bit more low key. Not as popular - just yet!

But finding mine out - was EVERYTHING. I explained who I am and why, way more than Pisces could. 

It's everything. It guides me through the day or month and I use it as a little way to check in with the universe.

I am a pisces through and through. 

Emotional, creative, thoughtful, compassionate, fluid, intuitive, friendly, a bit TOO deep at times.

So that's my sun sign. But little did I know that there was a MOON sign as well.

Find your moon sign here.

What you'll need:

Your Date of Birth

Your Place of Birth

Your Time of Birth

Bazzar says,

"In astrology language, your Sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, while your Moon sign, the second most important influence in your horoscope chart after the Sun, represents your emotions, your inner mood.

And the two together strongly influence your emotional mode of operation."

So basically, the 'SUN' sign that we normally know,  is only half of the story. Your moon sign, is what determines your dreams, your emotions and what's really going on underneath it all. 

What's my moon sign? 

Moon in Scropio baby and it's CRAZY.

"While others may find security and comfort in material things, Moon in Scorpio people seek out emotional intensity. No matter what, there is something very intense about Lunar Scorpios. They are diggers when it comes to the world of emotion—they can see beyond facades and cut right to the core of a person. This ability to “see” what isn’t obvious to the rest of the world can be intimidating to others or wildly attractive, depending on the audience.

Their deep-seated need for transformation and rebirth can manifest itself in the lives of Lunar Scorpios in different ways. Most have powerful, emotionally intense lives. Some feel like it is beyond their control— these natives seem to attract emotional upheaval, and their lives appear to consist of plenty of dramatic ups and downs.

However, when accepted as an emotional need, rebirth and change doesn’t need to be so dramatic and overwhelming.

In some way or the other, Moon in Scorpio natives seek out intense experiences. If their lives are regular in any way, there can be an unconscious need to test their own strength and stir up emotional excitement.

Self-awareness and acceptance is probably the best way to handle this deep need for emotional drama.

Doing things halfway or having meaningless relationships simply doesn’t fulfill them. Lunar Scorpios want all or nothing."

BASICALLY WHY HUNDRED BLOG IS CALLED HUNDRED. I am all or nothing. I do things all the way or not at all.

I'm also always on the quest for transformation. Just wanting to grow and change and evolve is SO IMPORTANT to me.

Knowing this seriously helped to make sense of my personality a bit. Like, okay OHHHHH that's why. That makes sense.

It's nothing too crazy but it's another one of those ways to get to know yourself, or to understand yourself that can really help you to move more confidently towards what you want in life.

During my portion of the event I talked about being a spiritual person but also being FLEXIBLE.

Fierce, but flexible. 

It's so important to go boldly in the direction of your dreams, but also to be realistic about what it's going to take to get there.

Maybe it's less sleep, maybe it's an investment, maybe it's less time with friends, or maybe it'll take years.

Really thinking realistically about what it's going to take is so important. 

Lastly, on that, not being attached to the outcome.

You can't become obsessed with the outcome. You never know what's in store for you! It could be greater than you ever imagined 

Let me know if this resonates with you! Love reading your thoughts! Also, what's your moon sign guys? Would love to know! Comment below and share this post with friends who would LOVE to know their moon sign too :)

Have the best week!



Market yo shit: How to share your blog to get more traffic

Hi Hi!

Happy Wednesday, friends! How's it going? 

I recieved a lot of positive feedback on the blogging tips post, and the measuring your analytics post I did in the past few weeks.

Which makes me SO HAPPY because those posts, I am SO INTO.

Value added and super juicy.

Real quick though, lets get the outfit over with!

 You and I have talked about starting the blog, and about the importance of numbers, but it's even more important to know how to MARKET your blog. I feel like when I talk to people it's the same sentiment. They're looking to get more people to their blog. 

I mean, I hear you.


If you do amazing, bomb-ass posts that you take hours and hours to do, but don't market your shit, no one's going to read it.

Sad, I know. 

For me, hearing the word marketing sort of makes me feel, icky.

Just a bit though!

Just, unnatural. But it's the way of the world and people WANT to find what you're putting out.

Marketing is the sharing.

It's the engagement and it's the back and forth between you and people that want to connect with your brand. That's critical, honestly. 

As an example, I was doing Hundred for about 5 months before I shared it with anyone. Which, was a good thing because it sucked, LOL. It also allowed me to get content there, and find my voice.

But I didn't get ANY readers, until I started to market my content. Then, it grew from there, and continues to grow with each and every time I create content, and MARKET it.

So all I do is listen to podcasts, read, speak with and learn from other smart people. So in that, I wanted to just break down the best way to market your brand or business, to grow it to be the thing that you want it to.

Get your content right:

First things first.

Create the content that you love, and honor what it is you want to put out in the world. Do it! I won't tell ya to do otherwise, but I will say that the best content to create is the content that your customer wants to read. 

If you're a food blogger, people may be thrown off if you show a post that's about the beauty products you've been using. It's weird, but people are creatures of habit and like when they go to a blog expecfting something, to find it.

Not saying you don't need to stay in one lane (I mean I'm all over the fucking board) but you're content needs to be right. 

Whatever your blog and it's vibe is make sure to ask yourself:

Am I providing value to my audience?

What is the topic that I cover that this post falls under?

What is the action that your reader can take next?

I think each of these pieces of information is equally as relevant and important. Each post, needs to provide value, it needs to align to your  brand, message or belief and the reader needs to be able to 'continue the conversation' or take an action against it. Shopping, as a popular one is one action. Or it can be to follow you on other socials as you travel this weekend. To read more on that topic in a book you suggest. To check out x website. Or for those that have products whether physical or digital it's to buy that product.

On the value piece I think it gets a little bit tricky. Because a lot of times, people rate or find value in different places than others. What I may find value in, others may not.

But this is where you cultivate your voice, your differentiator, and follow that.

On the topics piece, this can be tricky to categorize everything if you are a 'Lifestyle' blogger but there are creative ways to do so. Still working on that one, LOL.

I would however think about which topics you're most excited about, and write those down. Break it down to what areas fall in that, and try to always go back to those original topics. 

Smart content is also well-strategized content. 

If it’s a post on your own site, keep them moving through to related blog posts or a sales page for your latest product or service.

Create a process (and stick to it!):

Creating a process for blogging and sharing content is really important.

Your audience needs to know when to check in with you to see what's new. Consistency is really key. 

I post on Mondays and Wednesdays and the podcasts go up on Tuesdays. I want people to know when to check in!

But more importantly to that, I have a process (although very basic) for marketing my blog when I've shared a post or a new podcast is out.

For the blog it's:

Reading this, it seems more time consuming than it is honestly. It's a good half hour or so to do all of the above, but when I am in the zone I whip right through it. I do it right after I post at 6 AM PST.

Know your readers: 

How about calling them fans eh? Yes your mom and friend from High School who read your shit, are FANS. I just sort of feel weird calling everyone readers or viewers, maybe just calling you friend also works!  

Of course, all of the tips above aren’t going to do you any good if you don’t know your readers well, or if you don't engage with them.There are so many opportunities to tap into your readers and get to know what they want, what they don't want and what they like to see/read from you. 

Read (and engage with) your blog comments:

Which post really reasonated with your audience? What do they love to read about and see from you? Was there something you did when markeitng that post that may have driven more traffic than normal? There could also be something there too!

I LOVE to read the blog comments to really make sure that I am writing what you want to read. 

Ask for feedback:

If you're feeling like you don't know what your readers want from you, just ask them. Do a poll or share an instagram like Damsel in Dior, and ask how they want to engage with you. Is it on snapchat, is it once a week through a thorough blog post? People like to share feedback if you're going to take it into consideration and be respectful of their opinion. 

Interact with other bloggers:

Most of marketing for me, is interacting with my readers and importantly other bloggers. This is done via Facebook groups, or communities like The Style Collective. 

I do a lot of commenting, reading and engagement with other blogs, because it's important to me to support others, stay interested and give credit where credit is due.

By sharing my posts in blog communities, I get lots of traffic and readers to the site. 

You can also consider business cards, as a way to market yourself. I got mine from MOO and wrote a post about them here. They are good when I attend events and conferences.

Which brings me to the point of getting to know people you interact with online, IRL. 

Attend an event or meetup:

I think these are so underrated and I want to meet people IRL much more this year and into next. Although I may seem cool with all these spelling errors and random knowledge, I am way cooler in person :) Plus it allows me to feed off and contribute to others energy. I always try to meet local LA bloggers, and am starting to host more events like the one at Soulcycle or the one this Friday in Manhattan Beach.

You can join the SoulCycle Almost 30 Podcast Launch by clicking here.

Have brands you work with market for you:

Whenver I work with a brand, I include in the terms that they are to share my link, photo, pin or instagram on their socials as well.

This is HUGE and it's a really great way to get traffic and to bring their readers, to your site. This often happens naturally, if a brand likes the photos you've taken, but I like to be sure! As an example, I've seen a 192% lift in my posts, if a brand shares what I've done for them on socials.

It's a win-win! They get content, you get traffic.


As far as SEO, people need to find you on Google Search.

Having an SEO strategy in place is really important for marketing you and getting traffic to your site. Having an SEO plan gets organic growth and page views (vs. paid or bots - which I don't know how you can actually do that with page views...). 

It's really important and it seems really techy, so just a few high-level tips:

Being Boss on SEO Strategies

Style Collective SEO 101

There are so many resources for creating an SEO strategy, and I would suggest a few articles here to get started. Frankly I am not a complete expert on this, but manage to have Hundred listed as #1 on Google Search.  

Most importantly, having a marketing strategy is the best way for you to get your content out there. It's how you connect with your audience, brands find you, and get you paid for what you do! Finding the right plan to distribute your content is a critical part of your process! 

Okay PHEW.

What do you think? How do you market your blog, or business or service? I feel like so many people are moving towards more creative, living on their own but also need to know how to share their business with others so I am hopeful this is helpful!

Let me know :) 

Loving you,




HOT GIRL CONCERT WEAR: featuring Bourbon Barbies

Hi hi! 

How are youi? How was the weekend? 

I just got back from a week in Detroit, and then in Chicago for the weekend for a wedding!

It was THE BEST. I miss my friends so much, and being with everyone I love is every.thing.  Detroit felt so much like home (Midwest LIFE) and it was great to be among trees and the fall. Chicago felt like/is my serious home and I got to see lots of people, enjoyed the most amazing wedding. 

What did you do though?! Let me know!

A week ago when I was in Denver, we did a concert at Red Rocks and it was basically the shit. Completely rated appropriately (which is high) and a perfect setting for a good fall concert.

I was REALLY into my concert attire, all of it by Bourbon Barbies, a sustainable fashion brand that's doing things differently.

Sustainable being, the clothes are handmade by the BB babes, each to order, and sourced from the leftover designer clothes that places normally THROW OUT.

BB repurposes them, and makes them unique, and rad. They're affordably priced, and I feel like this street vibe is perfect mixed in your wardrobe. 

So I was in a ripped t-shirt, with the lace up and my FAVORITE jean jacket probably ever.

Everything is oversized and I was basically wearing pajamas, in public. Nothing is BETTER. It was comfortable, rocker chic and I really like to just play the part at concerts and dress accordingly. 

Also shout out to this jean jacket for being SO BADASS. I've gotten so many compliments on it. It's so comfortable and just the right size. 

Go to brunch, be brunch chic. Go to a show, be show chic. I am such a fan of dressing for whatever situation I am in. It makes it SO MUCH more fun. 


So I shopped all my favorite Fall/Winter concert threads for you! 

Shop rad gear:

Shop bitchin' shoes:

Shop badass jackets:

Shop babe accessories:

Okay so what are you loving? Anyone else wear specific outfits for specific places? 

Also any good concerts you're excited for? I just bought two tickets to Bon Iver at the Hollywood Bowl and I am SO EXCITED. I feel older that I am looking forward to a 'chill and sway' concert, but thats LIFE.

Okay, loving you! Chat soon.



Shower TIME: What's in my SHOWER

Hi friends!

How are you!? What’s happening?

I'd like to start this post a little like 'The Most Interesting Man' ads.

I don't often shower, but when I do. I make sure that it's GOOD AND WORTH MY WHILE!

(If you want to stop reading, I understand...LOL)

I wanted to tell you, the last weekend in Denver, with girls, I was reminded how all ladies have their specific bathroom bathing, shower habits.

Like, shower lengths for example.

Long showers, short showers. Hot or cold, or what products you use, is SO personal. It was so good to be like, oh you use that for a body wash, oh yeah dry brushing is so in, etc.

Also, call me crazy but I love a cold shower.

I think it could be living in LA but seriously it wakes me up SO MUCH and I heard some weird things about it burning brown fat or something? 

Again, weight loss. I'LL DO ANYTHING. Plus the water in our place is either only lava hot or chilled drink cold. Nothing in between. So I just go with it. 

(I've also had my landlord come in when I'm in robe to try and get the temperature right - she's an old lady, LOL. Love her).

Cold showers have been said to:

  • Increases Alertness
  • Refines Hair and Skin
  • Improves Immunity and Circulation
  • Stimulates Weight Loss
  • Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery
  • Ease Stres
  • Relieves Depression

Read about that here. It's sort of like the same benefits for cryotherapy from my perspective. I do that regularly (like 3x a month) and I wrote about my experience here.

Truly though, with cold showers, you get used to it. It becomes normalized and it's not scary. 

But I wanted to share some of the amazing products, and my shower routine because I’ve done my research!

Shower with cold water: It is good for burning fat and its good to make your hair super shiny.

Dry brush: Seriously a little massage for yourself, dry brushing is great for your skin, cellulite and just overall loving your body, HA. I feel like when I do it I am doing good to myself. I got my dry brush for super cheap on Amazon, here and I do it twice a week with body wash in a circular motion to increase blood flow and help brighten my skin.

Exfoliate: I wrote a post on the importance of exfoliation here, but seriously believe in the benefits of exfoliating for skin clarity and tone. Makes you feel super soft and like a million bucks.

Leave your hair wet: I don’t blow dry my hair, ever. I do enough damage curling it and having it up all the time, that by letting my hair air dry it’s really helped with damage control. Perfectly straight hair isn’t always in, so let that natural wave show (even if it’s just a few days a week!)

Use a wet brush: I bought a really cheap wet brush that really treats your hair RIGHT. It’s gentle, prevents breakage and helps your hair grow longer, stronger and more healthy.

Don't dry off TOO much: Right when I get out of the shower, I dry off just a bit and put on an oil or body lotion. So key to get your skin when it’s a bit wet so that you can absorb the extra moisture from the water.

Always use a hair mask: I do a hair mask every time I shower, pretty much. My hair seriously needs the mouisture and i think showering less allows me to do it, and have it really soak in. I LOVE mixing high end, and low end brands. This has helped me to grow longer, thicker less damanged hair.

Get laser hair removal: It' SO WORTH IT and then I don't need to shave. I got it done in NYC and it's lasted forever. I did basically my whole body, I tried my arm pits and it didn't do anything though, but everywhere else really works! You can get deals on Groupon or Gilt City for really good places. For NYC I did Skin Spa Soho. 

Be picky about your bath towels:  I was using just regular old towels before, nothing special, but when I found MAYDE I was like, damn. I have not been living my life the right way. This towel is SO BIG so it wraps all the way around you, like a blanket and it’s so so soft I like to hang in it as LONG as possible.

Mine is the rainbow towel, and it's turkish made, huge and SO SOFT.  

You can get one here

Plus, I am in love with the pattern, it’s bright and cute and just really dope with the fringe. I LOVE it.

I have two for our bathroom and want to get more for when guests come.

Mayde also makes amazing beach blankets and I have such a cute one that I use for our trips on the weekend to Malibu or to the beach.

Before I was using ratchet towels that I barely fit on, and Justin and I would be like massive people on tiny towels. NO BUENO.

So the beach blanket seriously makes my life. The pattern is cute, it’s light and it makes me happy inside.

Shop my favorite Mayde towels:

Shop my favorite exfoliant and dry brushes:

Shop my favorite shampoos and conditioners:

Shop my favorite body lotions:

Shop my favorite hair masks:

What products do you guys use in the shower? Anything I missed? Tell me your routine!

Okay back to cooking, I'm trying to make dinners now (blah) and cook for like a week. WISH ME LUCK.



Interview with Jen Glantz, author of, 'Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire)'


I've got a dope, interesting, loving female for you to fall in love with today. Jen Glantz, of 'Bridesmaid for Hire'.

What started as a craiglist ad Jen has turned into a full blown empire. She's a professional bridesmaid, author, blogger, entrepenuer and all around badass.

You may remeber her from being on the The Almost 30 Podcast a few weeks back, where she blew me away by her kindness, her warmth, and her hustle. This girl had a job she hated in NYC, got laid off, and made her dream life by working hard and following her gut.

I could go on FOREVER. 

But a good place to start would be here: 

Once you've listened, subsribed and rated The Almost 30 Podcast :) please enjoy my interview with the amazing Jen Glantz of Bridesmaid for Hire.

Can you please give readers a brief introduction to who you are - what you do :)

I'm Jen Glantz - hello, new friends!

I'm a dry-clean only kind of mess who pulls herself together behind a Forever21 dress and hair products from CVS.

But if you want me give you a verbal on my resume, I'd love to tell you that first I am a storyteller and then I am a professional bridesmaid. I'm the heart behind the blog,, the author of the book All My Friends are Engaged, and the proud founder of the business, Bridesmaid for Hire. 

I'm also a wanna-be contender for the world's fastest pizza eater and library book reader.

Can you tell us about the circumstances or situation that prompted bridesmaid for hire? I love this story!

All of my friends got engaged in our early twenties and I became the "always a bridesmaid" of the group.

One day, I had two friends ask me to be their bridesmaid. They weren't super close friends of mine, but before I could even bat my eyelashes or look away to roll my eyes, I said yes, of course. I came home, told my roommate, and she blurted out -

"Wow, Jen. You're becoming a professional bridesmaid."

At that moment, I was going broke from being a bridesmaid and I was going mad trying to piece together the reason why every single person I knew was smooching their prince charmings and the only thing I was smooching were American Express Bills.

This idea formed in my head that since I was "good" at being a bridesmaid and I had done it more times than I could count on one hand, maybe I could do it for strangers and...I don't know..get paid?

I did what any poetry major would probably do when they want to start a business, I turned to Craiglist. I wrote an ad offering my services to strangers as their bridesmaid for hire, shut down my computer screen, didn't tell anyone about this, and went to sleep. Two days later, the ad went viral, my inbox was filled with emails from brides-to-be, and my heart was beating toward a gigantic opportunity I created almost by pure accident.

Were there ever any times when you doubted yourself on your journey? 

Oh yes, of course. I'm human and I'm proud of that! But the doubt that hit me hard never stemmed from other people's remarks or hesitation to the business idea. A lot of people laughed in my face at first, and even now. I went on live TV plenty of times and had to answer to reporters who were calling me crazy and saying this business idea must be some kind of delayed April Fool's Joke. I always whole-heartedly believed in the idea and the need for a business like this to help brides during a very emotional and stressful time. A time when they may not have a strong or stable support system in their lives.

My doubt, I think, stemmed from the moments when I would look myself in the mirror and feel as though I wasn't smart enough, brave enough or even fierce enough to run a business on my own. I have moments like that all the time.

But do you want to know what I do in those moments? I slap myself across the face. Not literally. But with words. When I feel those things, I force myself to say them out loud and when I say them out loud, I usually whisper those things because I live in NYC and my walls are thin. I don't need the entire neighborhood of Murray Hill to know i'm having a "moment". Plus, those are rough and tough things for a person to say to themselves and usually they are said as words that mask what you're really feeling.

So then I scream, I scream so so so loudly that sometimes I hear the neighbors on the 26th floor of my building open and close the door to see if anything is okay, I scream, "Jen you are enough. You are everything you need to be. You are able to do and feel and fight more than you can even bare to imagine."

Maybe living in NYC for 5 years has made me think that talking to yourself out loud, on occasion, is an OK thing to do. But I'm telling you right now, I wouldn't be where I am or who I am without those motivational monologue pep-talks I give myself quite often.

What has been the reaction of your family and friends?

I'm grateful to have a mini, yet mighty, support system.

My family has always had my back and have always pinky-promised me to never give up on my wild dreams. My brother stepped in when I first started the business and helped me get to be something more than just an idea. My roommate, Kerri, and my two friends, who live in NYC, Jess and Sarah, have loved me and put up with me on my best days and on my nightmare days. I owe them the world - or at least access to a good therapist! 

Of course some people I know haven't been so kind to me about the business. I remember I was in Macys shopping for bridesmaid dresses for a friend's wedding with her other bridesmaids. One of the girl's said nasty things to me about my business and I literally dropped my arm-full of dresses and ran out of the store crying.

But I've learned that no matter who you are, what you are, or what you work day-in and day-out to become, there will be people who laugh in your face, smirk behind your back and try to tell you that you're not good enough.

And that's okay. You never ever have to listen to them.

What's hard about what you do?

It can be a challenge dealing with all different types of people.

Weddings, while they are rumored to be the best moment of your life, are often filled with drama and pressure and just headaches that Advil can't cure. I'm usually what brides use as their 5"7 version of Advil, so I deal with a lot of personalities and attitudes.

I fall in love, a little bit, with every single person I meet. I think that's why I love my job, even on days when most people would get agitated after dealing with three bridezillas in a row. I guess I believe people have mostly good in their hearts. I want to help them bring that out.

What's the best part of what you do?

Meeting people who hire me to change their life but without even realizing it - they change mine. I've had the chance to meet strangers from all over the world because of this job.

My life, my personality and my heart has evolved and changed in the past two years because of all of those people.

What's something you're really excited about right now?

Since I was a little babe, I dreamed of publishing a book. I published my first book as an e-book in 2013 - because close to 35 publishers told me I wasn't good enough or popular enough to write a book that would sell at a place like Barnes and Noble. I refused to give up and am excited to announce that my second book, Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire) comes out February 7th to bookstores everywhere - and Amazon. Simon and Schuster believed in me and they published it - after close to 20 other publishers pointed me to the exit door.

What do you think it is about you, that's made you so successful?

I think there's truly only one secret to success or to get what you want in this world. I'll tell you that secret but I beg that you believe me.

The secret is: don't you dare give up. Even when there's more reasons to give up than to go on - that just means you're almost there. Please hold on. Fight on. Figure out ways to fail over and over and over again. But then figure out ways to piece back together your game plan so it makes sense in ways you never imagined when you first started out.

So yes, that's my secret. I never gave up. If you viewed the list of people who told me I should - throughout my life - you'd be reading a list that's practically as long as the 7th Harry Potter Book.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being successful?

Accepting in my gut that anything is possible - as long as you're willing to work extremely and painfully hard.

Nothing long-lasting happens over night - not love, not forgiveness, not success.

What's your favorite topic to cover on your blog or when you write?

I love writing about the people who enter my world, even if they enter for only 20 minutes, because I met them on a park bench or at the table top of a bar in the east village, and they said something to me - a sentence or two - that forever changed my life.

I love telling those stories because they show the power strangers have over our lives.

What would you tell someone who is in their 20s, and feels like their career isn't fulfilling?

Here's something nobody else in your life will whisper in your ear: you were made to do more than one thing in your life.

When you're in school, you're hammered into picking one major and getting one degree so you can skip town and get one job. That's not what we were truly meant to do. We're humans and we're complex. We love more than one thing and we're not made to settle. Channel your instincts and find a hobby or a side hustle that makes your heart beat out of control - because it should. It always should.

What's one piece of advice you'd give YOUR 20 year old self?

Don't try to make everyone around you happy.

I take that back.

Focus on making yourself happy.

Our 20's seem to be the time when we're focusing on everyone else - because we have to.

We have to impress our boss so we can get paid and have a place to live. We have to impress our friends, because we start to realize how ruthlessly hard it is to make new ones.

We have to impress the person we're in a relationship with, because we far starting from scratch and downloading 8 dating apps.

What happens is that we lose ourselves or we don't ever get to know ourselves. My fear was that one day I'd wake up in my 30's with the wrong job, the wrong friends and the wrong guy.

I guess I learned if you don't want that to happen you have to really take inventory on yourself. Find out what you love - what you will never compromise on - and what you want to get out of this one chance you have at life. 

What's something related to your business that you didn't expect to happen, but that's been a challenge for you?


There was a time when I was working full-time, building Bridesmaid for hire on the side, writing my second book, oh - and trying to date! For a while, I distanced myself from a social life just so I could work, work, work.

I think finding balance is a terribly hard thing to do. I think sometimes you need to give in to the extremes (too much work...too many nights spent on the couch binge watching a show with your roommate or spending the weekend laptop-free, biking Brooklyn with your boyfriend) to get you to realize that you can have both, you can have it all, if you just understand and embrace balance.

Do you have anyone on your team working with you?

Right now, I'm a one-woman show! I have a couple of gals that sometimes will work weddings with me and for me - but i'm managing this business all by myself.

What's been a project or piece that you've worked on that really stuck with you?

I'd say writing my second book was one of the most challenging projects i've ever done. I had two months to write the entire book and at the same time, I was laid-off from my full-time job.

My emotions were all over the place and the idea of having to write close to 100,000 words in 60 days left me sleepless. I poured everything I had into writing that book and now when I read over the manuscript, I can't help but fall on the floor and flood myself with tears. I'm exposing a huge part of my heart to the world and while that's so scary it's also extremely therapeutic. 

You talk a lot about dating and being single in your posts. But now you're in a happy relationship (yay!) how does that affect what your work?

I've always had the goal of writing about what was currently going on in my life.

When I started my blog, 5 years ago, I wrote mainly about the struggle and the blahh of living at home in my parent's house while trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and snag a job that paid more than $8 an hour. Then I wrote about my perpetual singledom and being a constant bridesmaid. So I want that trend to continue. If I get married, have kids, move to the moon - I want to expose stories about what that's all really like in hopes that my readers can relate, laugh and realize that live is sometimes disgustingly beautiful.

What scares you?

Time. I'm scared of running out of time. That may be the best and the worst thing to be scared of. Best because it makes me get out of bed in the morning faster. Bad because sometimes I exhaust myself.

What's one of your life goals?

To become a motivational speaker for young women. That's my forever career goal. I just want to change people's lives using the hurt, mistakes and the love that i've hugged onto in my lifetime so far. 

What's next for you?

I wish I knew where or who i'll be in a year from now or even in a week from now. Life has this brilliantly delicate way of keeping us on our tipy toes, showing us that we can stand on them longer than we think, even when the pain sinks in and the temptation to fall over just seems so contently easy. I'm on my tipey toes - eager to find out what's truly next. 

Where can people connect with you?

Twitter + Instagram + Snapchat land: @jenglantz




All My Friends are Engaged Book

Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire)

Bridesmaid for Hire

There are some SERIOUS nuggets in there, right? If you haven't already, definitely listen to the Podcast Episode, it's SO GOOD I was in tears at points.

Let me know what you think. I reasonated so much with the parts of doing your own thing, finding your own way and sticking true to who you are.


So glad to introduce you to Jen :) Keep me posted on what resonates with YOU.



Brands I LOVE + I was interviewed by Poppy & Maria (use the code KRISTA20 for 20% off!)

Hello hello! Hi!

Cruising ourselves on through the week!

We are halfway there! How's it been going? 

Today I am so excited to share two brands I love, really good links to shop and an interview I did with the brand, Poppy & Maria. They posted it on their site a few weeks back!

Poppy & Maria is a jewelry brand that makes stunning, quality, dainty pieces that have crystals in them - My JAM! as you know.

What I love about Poppy & Maria is that each piece is really QUALITY. They are stunning, classic and I wear them all the time, and they haven't tarnished or changed color. It's real gold! 

They also are just really thoughtful and customer service oriented people. Gotta love that!

(You can also get 20% off by leveraging the code KRISTA20 !) 

In this post I also share this amazing comfortable flattering Show Me Your Mumu Tunic, and my fav purse.

The reason I am sharing the interview I did with Poppy & Maria is because I thought the questions were super thoughtful, and really provide a good understanding of me, how I structure my day, and my priorities :). 

I know you guys know me, but for new readers, maybe a little insight? Also it was good for me to see  how I would like to interview people! Loved it.

Okay short and sweet! Here we are! 


My interview with Poppy & Maria Jewellery


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Ohhh I love this question! I am big on the morning ritual! The time between dreamland and when we wake is so precious.

I wrote about morning rituals here!

I went through a long period where I got up at 7 AM, went straight to my computer and phone and started my day from there.

Basically, I wasn’t being intentional with my time, and letting my stress get the best of me! This, for me, was basically the worst way to start the day. Spiked cortisol levels had me buggin’!

I now make it a point to start my day with intention.

The first thing I do when my alarm goes off at 6 AM is give thanks, for waking up, for my boyfriend next to me, and my health.

After that I meditate, eat breakfast (usually from a food delivery service called Thistle) and then write down 3 things I want to accomplish that day.

Sometimes I’ll oil pull with coconut oil to whiten my teeth, and scrape my tongue (which has been said to remove bacteria that gets you sick). After that (about 45 minutes later) it’s off to the races. I’ll either get started on work or go for a workout!

No rest for the wicked :)

A typical day for me goes something like this:

Right now, I am full time blogging, but in a few weeks I’ll start a new job in Digital Media in Downtown L.A. Each day, I’ll make sure to meditate, workout (either doing SoulCycle, or The Studio MDR in Marina Del Rey - which kicks my ass!)

After my morning ritual, and my workout, I will start working around 10 AM and either work from home or Rose Cafe in Venice. I’ll work through the day until 4 PM, and I’ll usually have sponsor/brand calls mixed in through the day.

It’s super important for me to get on the phone with brands because it totally shifts the energy of the relationship so it’s more meaningful. For me, this is all part of the process of treating The Hundred Blog like a real business, and applying all of the business skills I’ve learned to my brand now.

When I say work during the day, that includes, writing, editing, responding to emails, commenting, social, proposals….some days are photo shoots as well. I usually do a full day photoshoot once a month with my photographer, Danika. Of everything I do, taking pictures is probably my least favorite! It’s fun to dress up, but man sometimes you’re not feeling it!

The amount I work on my blog each day changes, and I am lucky that I can go with my motivation levels for the day and be fluid with myself. I do spend about 40 hours a week on it with everything that goes into it - but it’s mostly outside of just 9-5 hours.

After the work day is done, I’ll try to get yoga in, see friends, or go walk on the beach with my boyfriend. We live right on the water in Venice - so we try to make the most of it!

Before bed I may sneak in some more emails or social, but ideally, I’ll be asleep by 10 PM. Sleep is everything!

I don’t watch TV or anything like that, it’s basically just friends, blog and working out all day everyday. But I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.

I got into (my profession) by …

I got into blogging, and writing about a year ago when I lived in New York City. That place man! If you don’t have a side hustle in addition to your normal hustle, you aren’t living in NYC. At that time, two years ago, I was working at a company based in London, so was traveling a lot. After friends kept telling me that I needed to document my travels, I decided to make the blog with the intention to share my travel recommendations, and life in NYC.

It’s really just been a process from there.

Lots of intention setting, coming back to the purpose, and then consistent posting and sharing. It ebbs and flows from fashion, to fitness, to personal growth but I try to keep it authentic to what’s inspiring me at that moment.

I want this blog to be a foundation for me to move into public speaking, or something related to personal growth and an impact on a deeper more energetic level that’s most likely going to be done in person. But we’ll see!

If I knew then what I know now, I would …

I would have started my blog a lot sooner, and worked on it a lot more! My first blog posts were so weird, man. They were like haiku’s. I swear they didn’t make sense, but I think you need to just figure out your style, and that only takes time! Even posts I’ve done a month ago, I’m like, er what?

But you just need to keep it moving.

I would have also been less afraid.

The first year was basically just telling myself to ‘not care’ what people think of me if I was sharing my thoughts via the blog. If I had started before I would be way further along than I am now.

What’s your favorite piece on your site?

Weirdly, I love my music section!

I feel like it doesn’t get much love, but I really love music so the playlists I make, I’m really into! There’s a mix of chill, rap, R&B and alternative, and there’s nothing better than a good playlist when you’re grinding away at work.

The best thing about having my own fashion site is…

Feeling like I can share a part of my being that I wasn’t sharing before.

I feel like Hundred Blog is an extension of me, and I get so much satisfaction from creating and being creative with the site. I’ve loved the actual website design process so much, I’ve created three other websites in addition to Hundred Blog!

Also, it’s hearing from people that read or I’ve connected with, that what I am saying resonates with them. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve impacted some person in some positive way.

Oh, and getting paid to wear cool stuff isn’t so bad either! :)

How would you describe your style?

My style is a mix of L.A. bohemian and minimal lesbian streetwear - LOL.

I really toe that line where during the week, my everyday wardrobe is very street. I like black, I like easy button downs, and Adidas sneakers. Minimal T-shirts from Alexander Wang, with ripped jeans from Blank Denim NYC are life.

I like anything with a bit of an edge.

When I dress up, however, I love to go super feminine. Big hair, simple gold jewelry, statement lips, doe eyes and a bomb dress.  I always like to try new trends for date night or going out, but try to stick to what works for me and my body for the most part.

If I could raid one person’s jewelry box it would be…

Ah this is such a good one! Even though most celebrities borrow all their jewelry - LOL.

I would LOVE to raid the Olsen Twins collection.

On the real, their line, Elizabeth and James is so STUNNING, and through all the chaos of growing up, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stayed super classic, fashion forward and ahead of the times. I love their simple, elegant and feminine approach to jewelry. It never overpowers, just eye catches and adds to their whole appeal.

True fashion icons!

What’s the best fashion secret you have ever learnt?

Either that fashion is truly cyclical, or that, it’s always good to do something different.

I remember living in NYC, my friend Rob commented how cyclical fashion was, when I was wearing this 70’s style suede fringe vest to lunch. It struck me how true that was! As I get older I see things that were cool when we were like 10, are back in style. Bell bottoms were the bomb when I was in 8th grade, but then we went to skinny jeans, and now bell bottoms are back. Mini backpacks like the ones in Clueless were all the rage, and now they’re cool again! There’s so many examples of this, but it reminded me that I can keep classics in my wardrobe forever.

It’s always good to do something different, I learned in high school. This is so lame to even say, but I was voted best dressed, and when I won I was so surprised, because I felt like I had always been doing my own thing in fashion (as much as you can call it fashion in Ohio!) I didn’t wear anything anyone else did, and I felt like that made me not as cool, but in the end, people remembered that I did something different, and recognized me for it.

For me, no outfit is complete without …

A crystal! I always put one small one in my bra - usually a black tourmaline chunk or citrine!

No matter how busy I am each day, I make sure that I …

I said it before, but I always make sure to either meditate, or sweat!

Meditation has changed my life in a major way, and created a space for me to become more closely aligned to God or Spirit, and to the person I am and want to be.

I wrote about meditation here.

When I have spare time, you can usually find me …

Working out!

I’m sort of crazy, but working out keeps me sane. I feel so much more connected to my body and so much more grounded when I work out multiple times a week. It’s more than just the physical benefits for me at this point, it’s the mental clarity and calm that means so much.

I wrote about working out here.

On the whole, I would say that I am …

Really interested in getting the most from life.

Whether that’s eating really well, learning as much as possible, or loving as much as I can, I want to really make this lifetime count. It sounds corny, and it is, but I feel really #blessed to be healthy, whole and be surrounded by people that love me.

Not to say that I don’t have bad days, but most of us are on the whole, truly blessed if we really stop to think about it.

When it comes to jewelry, my mantra is …

Simple, soft and with a purpose! I love when jewelry MEANS something me. You’re wearing it so close to your heart, so when a piece really has meaning, it’s that much better. I got this gold quartz necklace in South Africa, during a vacation with my boyfriend, and I didn’t know it then, but because it reminds me of that trip, I love it that much more.

I love how Poppy & Maria incorporates stones into their pieces. Crystals are weird, but they work! So having them in my jewelry is the best.

Shop my favorites from Show Me Your MuMu:

Okay your turn. Would love to know the answers to some of these questions! I felt like what they asked me was so on point to what's interesting, what people want to hear about and really allowed ya to get to know :).

Taking note for my future interviews!

Also how amazing are their pieces? And the Show Me Your Mumu Dress/Shirt? I LOVE. I have been wearing it with and without pants (hehe) and it's such a good transition for Fall here in L.A. Definitely one of my favorite brands :) 

Alright friends! Keep me posted, I love you!





How to be an amazing bridesmaid (or wedding guest!) + this dress from Free People

Oh hi friend!

How are you? How was the weekend?

I was in DENVER this past weekend for my bestie's bachelorette, and am feeling oh so TIRED. But loved it, we did a lot of the things listed in my Denver guide, and also had a TAROT READER come join. It was really fun.

But to you. How's life? Is it Fall where you are? California is hot as F right now. 

With my friends wedding upcoming, I started to think about weddings and how I can be the best wedding guest or bridesmaid possible. 

I’ve come to find that making the effort for these weddings, really sets my friendship with that person apart from someone that may not show up, or is a bit aloof or unsupportive.

Justin and I made the effort to see my amazing friend Alexandra and her fiancee wed in Atlanta (I wouldn’t have missed it for the world TBH) and I feel like it really solidifies my place in her and her husbands life, as forever friends.

No better feeling really!

I think that I really could use more advice here from you too.

For the bridesmaid babes, what do you do to make the bride feel special? How do you try to make their lives easier during a crazy chaotic time? 

Or how do you just be a good-ass wedding guest to all the weddings we have these next few years!

 Oh and this dress! This I wore to a wedding in Chicago from my lovely friends at Free People.

This dress is so appropriate for a wedding I LOVE the halter top on the dress. It shows enough skin, (but not too much) and I felt comfortable all night.

Plus the quality is out of this world. It feels expensive, a bit heavy and really nice to wear. I am so thankful I have this so I can wear it, pretty much forever.

Highly recommend, friends! I'll have it forever I'm sure! :)

But back to being a good wedding guest... I asked my lovely friend Jen Glantz of 'Bridesmaid for Hire' what her tips would be on being a good wedding guest.

If you haven't met her, check out The Almost 30 Podcast episode where we interview her - she's AMAZING and basically attends weddings as a bridesmaid for a living. In addition to that, she's an author, has an amazing blog and just all around badass lady.

You can also get her amazing book, Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire) here! I just picked mine up :)

She drops knowledge on my first bullets below! 

How to be an amazing wedding guest:

  • Show up on time & show up sober. Get through the ceremony and then you can reward yourself with hugging hello the open bar.
  • Dance when the party needs a pick-me-up. Even if your seat at the reception table is super comfy, get your butt on the dance floor to help get the party started and keep it going. 
  • Leave the drama for your momma - or just at the door. Try not to start any fights or bring in any stress on the wedding day with personal problems. Everyone can feel your energy when you walk in a room and that energy is contagious. Bring your best self to a wedding.
  • My friend Cassidy talked about making things personal for the wedding gift, or going off the registry. Which I think are both really good points. The wedding party really takes time to fill out the registry, so what's on there, they actually want. Or if you know them well, get them something you KNOW they'd like. 
  • Also to not overwhelm the bride, try texting other people if you need to find the location for the church on the big day. If you text the bride and the groom it may get overwhelming, so try to be mindful and keep the random text for directions to a minimum.

How to be an amazing bridesmaid:

  • DON'T make this about you. If you're not happy with the dress, your hair or makeup - don't make it a point to go wild about it. Suck it up and remember, in 8-hours you can change into PJs and wash the makeup off!
  • Don't ghost on the bride. Call and text every so often to let her know you're there if you need her.
  • I make it a point to check in often with my friends that are brides. Asking how they are, how everything is going is really important. It's such a stressful time, and there's so much going on, they need to know who is there and be reminded why they are doing it in the first place!
  • I also love to get my bride babes this necklace from Etsy. It's simple, and I engrave either her new initials or the date of their wedding in there. 
  • Keep it calm, and be understanding. Period.

Shop the post:

Free People Athea Drape Maxi in Green

They have other colors too which are GORGEOUS. 

Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist' Sandal

These are so comfortable, let me tell ya!

Other great options:

What do you think?

For the brides, what could your guests do for you? What could your bridesmaids do to help? Would LOVE your advice and stories too! I'm sure you have so many!

Loving you!


Thanks for Free People for your partnership on this post! 


Not into numbers, but why METRICS are key for bloggers (which ones and why!)

Oh my.

A post about NUMBERS and key metrics for bloggers. It all seems so serious to me. 

I am not a numbers person.

Just not into it.

Math? I'm good. Counting calories? Nah. Checking my bank account regulary? Would rather not.

(Anyone with me?)

So, I never thought I'd be doing this. 

I just cringe at the thought of putting a numeric value on my CRAFT!

(Dramatic sigh).

I also never thought I'd be buying toilet paper on a Saturday night but HEY! Sometimes you can't predict life.

As a blogger, or website owner, or whatever you want to call it, understanding your metrics is REALLY important.

Let me tell you a story real quick.

7 months into blogging I was doing my thing focusing on quality content, trying to stay true to myself and basically using Hundred as an outlet.

My blog is basically a place where I create what I want to see in the world. 

I had RewardStyle and this point, and Google AdSense (of which I don't use anymore, you can read about that here) and hadn't had a sponsorship deal yet.

Then randomly, a brand I LOVED reached out to me. I'm pumped, I'm like yeah totally let me rep you! Then, they asked for my #'s.

I'm like um, 36, 25, 34?

(JK those are the measurements from Baby Got Back).

I actually had no idea. So at that moment, I knew I had to (even though I didn't want to) force myself to take a look at all my numbers.

The metrics and data behind Hundred Blog.

Its one of those things like weighing yourself.

You don't want to do it, but it's the truth. The numbers most of the time, don't lie. They can also help you to start planning for the future. Just like the physical scale, you need to understand your baseline to plan to lose weight and track accordingly.

You don't need to be obsessed but if you want to grow you have to understand where you're starting from. 

Using metrics you can get clear on what’s working and what’s not working.

Look at your most popular content on your website. See which posts do well, and which don't to get a better understanding what your readers are into. 

Some of my most popular posts are the below: 

This tells me that you guys are into the beauty posts, and travel. Also relationship inspiration and a bit about healthy eating. Importantly, my most recent post always does the best, which means that people are staying up to date with each post! 

Here, the key part is looking at the kinds of content that gets good traction and make informed decisions around that!

The key things to look at:

Look at your top pages visited and use that to shape future content. Doing follow-up to those! This is something that I am working on. Figuring out how to incorporate old post data in my current content. 

Find out what people are searching for on your site. 

Look for what’s relevant to your readers, and go there! 

Check your comments to see which seem to resonate the most with people and drove the most true engagement. The amount of comments or feedback is a good indicator of what drives people to your site. On disqus (what I have) you can use their analytics tool to see which months, days and posts drove the most engagement!

The most important part, and to bringing it back to my theory. 

Numbers are one tool but they aren’t always the full story.

They aren’t the background into why you are creating it and why you are sharing it.

This should be your passion, your voice and you need to feel compelled to share something with all the lovely babes that you connect with.

Lastly, another tip is to give your readers that next step:

Ask people to share.

What’s the next thing you want them to do? Share with friends? Shop your post?

The Skinny Confidential, is SO GOOD AT THAT.

She always keeps you going to other parts of her brand or social. Read this, tweet here, enter to win this on X platform. Serious GOALS.

Giving the call to action can sometimes be that important point.

But you still need to make the most impact with what it is you are creating.

Oh, BTW and I've got this outfit and some fall transition FAVORITES for you to shop while you're thinking of ways to repurpose your amazing content :) 

Shop the BEST embroidered tops:

Shop high-waisted denim:

Growth is something you need to track, and for sponsors, they need to know your numbers to undrestand your reach.

Of course you'll tell them you'll provide value in other ways, because your value is in your unique ability to represent their brand but essentially they'll want to know:

  • Your social reach (all of your socials totalled) 
  • Your page views monthly
  • Your unique website visitors
  • Your RSS subscribers (some do this)
  • Your conversion rate (some do this!)

Having these figures helps them to undrestand and lay the groundwork for what they can expect from your relationship in terms of exposure. 

The most important thing is if you continue to do what you love, and you’re passionate about that, it will pay off.

Data shouldn’t matter to you with your creative outlet.

I check my numbers monthly, I have an afternoon or night where I go through my Google Analytics, check and review my popular posts, tally my shares, and look at trends on Hundred Blog. I want to be sure that I'm always trending up, or if I'm not understand why that may be. 

There have been bigger months than others, and I also am beginning to take a look at time as it relates to the popularity of my posts. When do my people read Hundred? Then go into the 'WHY' which is around content. 

Basically, though, if you're trusting your gut, and it feels right, your intuition and trusting your gut is bigger than numbers! Truly. 

That's what I always say.

INC. magazine also had this amazing feature of Gary Vaynerchuk talking about less data, and more intuition. It's SO GOOD. 

Read about that here

I really think that the best bloggers, business owners and creatives are best at following their intuition, over anything. So that should trump data anyday. 

So, about you! Which metrics do you guys look at? Do you have a process for analyzing your blog's data? What should I be doing? I'd love tips and ideas here!

I hope the week is going well, BTW. I'm prepping for a bachelorette in Denver this weekend and lots of things for Almost 30 Podcast - SO cited.

Loving you!