Tips of living with your boo: How to live in LOVE (plus my fav shades)

Wassup y'all?

I've been thinking about this recently as Justin (my boyfriend) and I hit our third year of living together as a couple. Now the jig is up and he fully knows how much I eat, how I don't like to cuddle in the morning (just want to start the day you know?), that I finish a jar of peanut butter every two days, and that his clothes aren't safe when I need something comfy to wear to bed. Roommate of the year, heyyyyyyyyy!

It's truly the BEST living with your boyfriend if you love each other. It's fun, easy, entertaining, and I'm always laughing.

If you don't love each other, what are you doing? That's like a real hell. 

(Same goes for a husband or fiancee of course!)

There's a true transition period when you start living with your person. It takes time! You're now together 24/7, you're sharing your space, energy and finances, and you're making a commitment that you want to invest in each other enough to see what the future holds. 

Before I thought I would "never live with someone before I got engaged", but getting engaged is the last thing on my mind right now, and especially in NYC (where we lived before) it makes SOOOO much sense from a time and money perspective. 

Living together was never a 'deal' to us. Justin and I never put any thought to living together than necessary. We never made it a nervous thing, or a scary thing, and did it, because at the time it was the right decision. Living in the NOW and not the 10 years from now, was the place from which we made our decision. 

If you're thinking of moving in together, or debating, just follow your gut. That's all I can say. You'll KNOW if it's right and your partner should too. Importantly, again, don't make it a bigger deal than it has to be. If it doesn't work, living together will expedite that process of finding out that this person isn't for you. See that as a good thing. 

If this person is for you, then this will confirm that, and you can start to build your life!

I have learned a thing or two about living with a significant other, with a boyfriend for the past 3 years. It's different than a friend, or your family by a mile and definitely super rewarding and FUN.

You are definitely going to go through a transition period, where you're figuring out little things about one another, and adjusting to the amount of time you are spending together. It's a LOT more time, or a DIFFERENT type of time.  

What I mean is, you'll see each other for a few minutes in the morning, possibly on your way to work, or you'll commute together. You'll have that time before bed, possibly every night and you'll find yourself together a lot more. As with any new roommate, you may have a rocky first few months, but let that settle and trust that you're just learning each other's habits!

Tips for living with your significant other:

Make the RIGHT time together

Basically you'll be spending more time together, as I said. Either in small increments or in large increments and this new time, will make or break you.

You'll LOVE it, or you'll begin to get sick of the person but it's essential that you make time OUTSIDE of your apartment or home to be together and be human.

It's a different vibe when you are at dinner, or with friends, doing an activity than in your sweatpants at home on the couch. Although you're spending more time together, you need to make sure to spend the RIGHT time, where you're dressed up, putting your best foot forward and taking the time to have a real conversation. I've noticed that, we have to make date nights, or take weekends away, to keep the exciting discovery period of our relationship alive. Although I cherish the nights in, relaxing and doing nothing together, I know that it keeps it spicy and sexy to do a date just us every once in a while. Setting aside time to 'date' your significant other, is KEY. This keeps romance, excitement and love alive.

I would suggest a date night, weekly, or a weekend away bi-monthly. Take turns planning, and learn or do something new that you can discuss and share in together. 

Justin I do a weekend away every other month, like San Luis Obispo. Or we'll do a dinner at a place like The Nice Guy, or a low key favorite like Bareburger.

Always acknowledge the good

It's so important through the various challenges and small moments of frustration, that you acknowledge the good and love in your relationship. Every morning think, I am so lucky that I get to wake up with someone I love, that loves me back.

What more can you want in the world? What you have, is something other people would kill for! So acknowledge that. Also remember to acknowledge when your boyfriend or person does something that you appreciate it. If they clean, if they cook, if they buy groceries or cleaning supplies for the house, acknowledge that and say thank you in genuine way, to encourage more positive encounters and actions.

(I'm going to be burned at the stake for saying this, but guys are like puppies. By encouraging their good behavior, they want to do more good actions because all they really want is your love and affection, period.  Also, each night, and each morning say 'thank you' to the Universe, God, whatever you're into, for giving me someone that loves and supports you! Cherish it!) 

Remember that cleaning isn't THAT important

Truly! If you have someone you love in your life, that loves you unconditionally, and is GOOD to you, then seriously who cares if they clean their dishes after each meal? 

I know it's a radical idea, but I think about this every time I'm a bit frustrated about the state of affairs at our home, or when I'm doing laundry and folding men's underwear and matching adidas mid-calf socks. How much Justin cleans, or how clean he is, has no reflection to how much he loves me, period. If I have love, that's all I need.

Now I'm not saying that you need to be disrespected and become a maid, but remember that it's not in a boys nature to be clean like we are. A trick that I use, is to start cleaning when he's around, and like huff and puff and sort of make it a scene, so he feels like he's helping me out by contributing. I'll say "oh thanks for helping" aka make him feel like he saved the day.

I'm insane right? But hey this psychology WORKS! TRY IT, LOL. 

I seriously don't hope I sound like a biatch but I just have to tell you guys how I feel, HA.

Balance your life, and make time for friends

I'm not good at much, but I would give myself an A+ in balancing my life with a boyfriend and friends. I TRULY learned from those relationships in college or high school where you are so obsessed and you drop everything for your boyfriend, your friends give up on you because you never prioritize them, etc. etc. I make TONS of time for my friends and prioritize them equally to Justin. Justin is, my number one, but because we are good and live a healthy relationship together, I know he'll be there and at this stage in my life it's important I solidify my relationships with friends and be there for these important times in their life, like weddings and bachelorettes, or any weekends together. 

Plus, it makes you WAY more interesting if your portfolio is diversified, and you have friends, do interesting shit and enjoy all aspects of your life, not just one. It allows me to share more interesting stories and maximize love in my life in general. 

Keep your schedule

If you're a morning person, stick with it. If you're a night owl, make it happen.

I personally, am I morning person, I love getting up early and enjoying my time, so I want to stick with that. I don't want to fall into a habit that's not me, and stay up late, get up late if that doesn't make ME happy. Although it's an adjustment, and we get up at different times so don't have that time together, it keeps us sane, and acting as happy individuals. 

Enjoy splitting finances and rent

I mean, self explanatory right? Live in that nicer one bedroom, or two bedroom because you're splitting everything baby! Some people I know get a joint credit card, and for anything needed in the house - they'll use that and split the bill each month. Also for bills too, using that is a good idea! Right now we just split with venmo, and do things one off. But it's a huge bonus with your partner!

I would LOVE to hear what works for you. Any tricks or tips or things you've learned since living with a partner? 

Also, if you're still with your girlfriends or living alone, ENJOY THAT TIME! Soon you'll be with your person, ALL DAY, and you need to cherish the moments alone or with friends. It's about being where you are - and honoring that. 

Just took these pictures from our day in Culver City, which as you can see as the DOPEST graffiti wall, truly my favorite. As part of our doing activities together, every once in a while I will ask that he does an activity like find graffiti with me - LOL.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this and would LOVE to hear your stories! Legitimately could write a full post of funny things that happen when living together. As an example, Justin hides the peanut butter, but as I find it he makes the hiding spot more complex. He says that I'm 'adapting' whenever I make a discovery - LOL.


Let's chat!



P.S. You guys have probably seen  my fav sunglasses - these round ray ban ones. I SWEAR they are flattering on every face shape! They are quality material, and just feel super dope. I would recommend honestly to anyone. My face is ROUND but for some reason the round looks okay? Not sure but LOVE.

Powering down: Currently, OVERWHELMED (social media observations)

Hey guys!

Deepness today! Really writing to you as a little journal of my thoughts. Mondays do that to ya, ya know? 

Also how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Mine was lovely, but nothing too special - except this. So, we'll get right into it.

The other day I was in SoulCycle (yah basic I know)...but one of the riders in the front, HAD HER PHONE IN CLASS.


So this girl gets out of class, she's like 15 years old, and is RIGHT BACK ON HER PHONE.

Fast forward, this girl's mom is talking to my friend Lindsey, the instructor, and tells us that the girl is in THERAPY FOR BEING ON HER PHONE SO MUCH.

Kids today, are in therapy for the amount they are addicted to their phones.

No hating on therapy, the mom, or the kid even. Just eye opening that social media/phones are becoming that much a part of kids lives that they need to go to therapy to help remedy an issue it's caused.

Scary, right? But where's the line? How much of this is related to social media and our generation (and younger ones) today?

*how old do I sound saying younger ones? BTW.

But to my post, which is related.

Does anyone else feel like social media is like creeping up and SUFFOCATING them lately? I know I'm being dramatic, but I feel like no matter how much time I spend, I'm never doing enough.

There's Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat (@hundredblog can I write about social media and then share my handle? DGAF)...and I don't even do Tumblr, or YouTube or anything with video yet. But it's always like, I always have SOMETHING more I could be doing. I should snap, I should insta, I should spend more time on this or more time on that. 

& I have a BLOG (SURPRISE Y'ALL!) - so it's like, my bread and butter is being on social media all the time. 

Sometimes it just feels like I'm never doing enough. Not enough liking, not enough pinning, not enough tweeting...and I think I spend 3+ hours on social daily. My phone, is like my best friend/sidekick. I also cracked the screen this weekend, which was sweet.

(Wait remember Sidekick phones? LOL)

Whenever I'm not paying attention to Justin, he goes 'digital detox (with a finger wag) and references a post I wrote in May 2015 about 'taking a digital detox'. LOL that's not ANNOYING AT ALL.

But there's truth to it!

(Hopefully he's not reading this to see I said that!)

Lately I've been noticing the effect social media has on me. I go into a room, I feel confident about myself, who I am, but I'm constantly wondering if I could be documenting this for everyone else to see, to keep up and to stay relevant.  

When I was in Vietnam, I spent a portion of the trip thinking or seeing things with my 'social media' eye, and viewing things as either:

A good Instagram.

A funny snap.

A photo opportunity for a blog post.

It's almost like, I'm not SEEING things in the flesh sometimes when I know I should post on social. But seeing them as the snap/insta/post living already on the internet.

In that situation, I'm less present because I am living in the mode of social media, sharing, rather than experiencing. 

Shop the look:

Topshop Western Denim Jacket: Fits just right, a little big and baggy but COMFORTABLE!

Topshop Blush Palm Print Oversized Button Down: Super silky and comfortable, I wear this thing ALL THE TIME.

Topshop High-Waisted Denim Jean Shorts: These run SO SMALL. I mean, really small. I think my butt was eating my shorts, but, I went back and went a size up and was good. Doesn't make you feel nice but they are super cute.

I am starting to get into Pinterest (I think it's going to be huge in 2016) and keep up on Facebook with my page, my Instagram needs a MAJAH overhaul so my feed looks polished, and this is a small portion of the social commenting/supporting I want to do with other bloggers I love.  

Let me definitely get it straight that I'm not complaining about what I do, or blogging, or sharing things with you, my readers. I'm obsessed with seeing what you're up to and all the amazing things you're doing/wearing. I mean, you guys, rule and are my life inspiration, DUH. 

I do love to write, and I started The Hundred Blog to connect with more people, and share my life with people I know and people I want to know more about.

But it just sometimes, social media feels a bit out of hand, no? What's next and what do I need to spend time using so that I am connected/in the loop/relevant? 

I did a little research and loved this Huffington Post article, about how to deal with Social Media Overwhelm by:

  • Creating boundaries around your time on social media
  • Use scheduling tools to use your time productively
  • Use targeted searches to find the people and content you want
  • Take breaks from social media


But I want to hear your thoughts, and sort of start the conversation about this.

What do you think?

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed with social media and the need to stay relevant and curate your life?

Do you guys have any strategies that you use to solve or remedy this? 

What's next? Do you see us going in a specific direction social media wise?

Cannot wait to read.



What to wear to all these SUMMER WEDDINGS! (Serious favorites, for CHEAP)

"Wedding Season, y'all!" 

I know I know, it's a busy time to celebrate the ones you love, to buy them rolling pins and china they'll use once. The best time of YEAR! I have two coming up, back and back and I am SO EXCITED.

Seriously though, y'all need DRESSES for wedding season! There are SO MANY on sale at Asos. 

Almost all of these dresses below are between $20 and $50 dollars, and they are STUNNING.

That's why, I had to share!

I wrote a post previously on the best NYE dresses they had, and shared this hot little number that I am borderline obsessed with.

THEY STILL HAVE IT! It's $154 dollars, from Virgos Lounge and it's SO FLATTERING. Truly. It fits nicely and is just a bit dressed up. It's more than I wanted to spend, but I've never felt so glam. So, get it, it's worth it! It goes just below the knee, has a little slit and looks great with silver or gold. 

But these are the best of the best, hover over them too to see the price, since seriously more than half are less than $50 dollars.

I'm really into the off the shoulder ones, and florals, but also a classic basic is the best. 

Let me just say - that I am all about COVERING UP at weddings.

Like the wedding is about the bride, not me and I will do anything to not show too much skin. I still have nightmares about this girl at the wedding I went to over New Years eve. She sat in the FRONT ROW and her dress seriously went down to her belly button with her tits out, GRAZING the nipples. I die. Like this isn't your day with your tits.

ANYWAY, rant over. Weddings are for classiness. 

So, some of the BEST picks! There are also dresses similar to this that are GORGEOUS! I love the Virgo dress line from Asos.

Shop the look:

Are there any that are your favorites? Where do you shop for wedding dresses right now? I have 8 this year and need to STOCK UP!

Keep me posted! I have a wedding next weekend and I am thinking the black one that is like, $38 bucks! LOVE.




NATURAL HIGH: Weekending in Austin

Hi hi hello!

How's the week? Glad you're here! Excited to write about my recent trip to Austin.

How crazy is May? I mean, jam packed right? I have been non-stop. From Austin, to Palm Springs, to San Luis Obispo, and soon Cleveland for a's a busy ass month!

This past weekend, I was in Austin with my very best friends, all 17 of them. I never take for granted how valuable our time is, and I know it's fleeting.

To also be friends with people that are positive, supportive, fun, engaging, outgoing and smart - gives me pause daily. 

You are the company you keep. Period.

Thursday, we did the bars and karaoke. and basically caught up on things.

Friday we spent exploring the city, doing Rainey street at night. 17 girls at a dinner table, talking about how much they love each other and celebrating the bride at NO VA. We did a group 'cheers'  about fourteen times. NO SHAME.

Saturday was probably one of THE best days of my life. I hate to be cliche but it was GOOD VIBES all day. Like from start to finish, without a sip of alcohol I was singing, dancing, laughing and enjoying every friend (and of course the bachelorette!) 

Starting from our place downtown, dancing on our bus to Lake Travis, and ending singing Frozen, 'Let it be' at the top of our lungs on the way home, it was incredible.

During the day we tied up our boat to 5 others, but maintained control over the music, and honestly, our positive energy got us the award from our boat driver as 'the most fun bachelorette he's ever had'.

He's been doing the boat thing for 6 years, by the way. LOL.

(I asked expecting him to be like, 'yah, you're my third boat tour' - HA)

Through the day, I felt like, happy high.

No drugs involved but the same high feeling of joy and happiness. The rush. It's super interesting, because I don't think that 3 years ago, I could achieve this same 'high'.

Happiness is an inside job.
— William Arthur Ward

Let me also tell you, that I don't really drink alcohol. Like, ever. 

My friends all know this, and don't really even expect, or ask me to drink anymore. 

It's not that I am a recovering alcoholic, or ever had a situation where things got out of hand - but I haven't been 'drunk' in YEARS and I probably have a glass of wine, once every 2 months. 

No judgement, by any stretch, for those that do.

For me, I know that what I want from life I won't get hungover, or by drinking.

My body doesn't benefit, and I want to be HERE for life. I want to experience it, and not cloud or blur the experience of life with alcohol. 

I'll definitely have a glass of wine with friends, or with dinner, but it's just not an activity for me. At night, I'd rather be home in my saggy Lululemon pants baby! I work out too  much, I like to sleep too much, and I like to get shit DONE too much.

I'd rather not have my mood, my emotions...whatever, be controlled by a substance that isn't benefitting me in any which way.

But again, that's me! My friends, KILL THE GAME, and can casually drink, do their thing and have so MUCH FUN. I respect that shit. Do YOU.

So on Saturday I had a realization that I now have the tools and ability to control and CHOOSE happiness.

I can facilitate a higher level of joy than ever before. Sans alcohol, sans drugs. 

By feeling the joy. NOTICING and NOTICING. Elevating my happiness level by appreciating each moment.

When I started to notice how much fun it was to dance to PANDA on a boat on a beautiful day in Texas with 17 people I love, it's like I had to pause and think, 'Damn. I AM HAPPY'.

But also to pause and say, 'I love this. THANK YOU'.

And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.
— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Noticing the moment, taking pause, and giving thanks. All brought me to a level of joyful bliss Saturday that was on ANOTHA LEVEL.

It was a good lesson for me to be aware that I control the joy and bliss in my life. There are times and places where I am lucky to have the people I love around me, but through the pause, and noticing of good times, good people places or things, you'll maximize the opportunity and, in the end, bring more of that good in your life.

There's really nothing better, than travel with friends to celebrate two people who are making a commitment based out of love. I love me a bachelorette. 


Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy
— Guillaume Apollinare

So, feeling grateful, and happy to apply this to other parts of my life in the future. Excited too, to share with you a bit about what you can do in Austin.

I also was SO HAPPY to meet one of my fellow blogger babes, Janna Doan of She's even sweeter, kinder and more beautiful in person! Blog friends, are the BEST.

P.S. Austin f'ing rules. I couldn't love a city more, truly. It's unique, it's urban, it's a bit hipster, it's friendly and it's got the Lake, which is so key for me. I need to be near a body of water, always. Weird right?

Let me know if I missed anything! What else?


Things to do in Austin:

Go Boating on Lake Travis: Seriously do it. SO FUN.

Shop and explore South Congress: Cute shops and such great places to hang and eat

Have a drink or hang at Hotel San Jose

Go to Zikler Park: Get outside and even have a picnic! We did. So lovely!

Go Paddle boarding by the park: So fun! We kayaked too, which was hilarious.

Go out on Rainey street: Such a cute area, for drinks and dinner, an older crowd than 6th Street.

Shop at the Gypsy Wagon: Aka my favorite store EVER.

Plus shop at JM Drygoods. Sups' cute.

Be outside! It's gorgeous and green in Austin! So lovely to get outside!

Places to eat:

NO VA Kitchen



Voodoo Doughnuts

Salt and Time


Torchy's Tacos

Pieous Pizza

Where to stay:

So I think there's new regulation against airbnb there, oddly. Because we had our airbnb cancel because they said it was like a brothel, with 17 girls in it and that was illegal. Not sure what that says about us, and taking into consideration that statement is sexist...I COULD GO ON. Anyway, we did Littlefield Lofts which were on 6th street, in basically the busiest area there. So dope! Perfect for the weekend, I highly recommend.

W Hotel Austin

Hotel Ella

The FLORAL trend: Not boring or stuffy this time!

Hello you! My favorite person!

Little fashion post for today. This dress, I love. I love it! I want to share it with youuuu because it's soft and flow-y, and AFFORDABLE.

Because floral, when done right, is like the SEXIEST.

But if it’s done poorly, you’re like Easter threw up all over a Lilly Pulitzer picnic blanket. It’s suffocating me.

I would never think that I’d love floral so much, because I'm usually into streetwear, or anything with a bit of an edge.

But a moody floral, is badass.

It’s the big floral print, mixed with dope (often neutral) colors that really compliments an edgy look. Throwing in the femininity of flowers.

This dress I'm wearing here is the shit. It's by dee elle AND it’s $48 dollars from Nordstrom. You can wear it basically anywhere, and I love that it covers the arms. Just super flattering for any shape basically the way it’s cut.

Plus, this pattern is a bit rocker chic, no?

Let's get to it. 


Also this is all under $100 dollars. NOTICE A TREND? I love things that are quality - for CHEAP.

Like this dress, which I love because it's bell sleeves and fits in ALL the right places.

Plus the floral pattern here is more edgy and good for day and night.

Shop similar looks:

Keep me posted which ones you love, or which ones you buy! I love this look for an easy date night, or casual day out. It’s a bit dressy, but not too much. Plus, loose and flow-y.

My favorite words.

Now off to workout! Feeling like I need a good sweat, and like DETOX. How’s your week? Feeling this look?

Love ya,


Love in a major way: Fringe bags for Summer!

Hello hello! So glad you’re here!

So just in the swing of the week now, and it's MAY GRAY in Los Angeles. A month where it's basically just overcast all the time, and it's weirdly affected me. Just a bit more sluggish and unmotivated than usual, but what can ya do.

It also could be coming off a weekend in AUSTIN with my best friends, and I am exhausted. We had the BEST TIME on Lake Travis, exploring the city and just truly cherishing our time together. More on that later!

But a post on my bag, that I was rocking during the trip. I wrote about fringe and the fringe trend a few months ago, but I mean, I’m glad it’s stuck around! It’s the boho gypsy, long wavy hair undone, babe look that I just adore.

Wearing fringe on your purse or bag is the best way to do it. When you see the movement in the bag on fringe, it’s my favorite. Detail that you can play up or done, or not wear if you don’t want to.

Plus, if you’re doing a plain outfit this is the perfect pick me up.

I got my fringe bag in black suede from a boutique in Vietnam and it rules. I can't link the exact one, since it was from a tiny shop in Hoi Ann and I mean I don't know if they even had a credit card swiper. Plus, it rules, but I'm going to be real that there's cuter ones out there. LOL.

It’s soft, carries just enough and I love the fringe look. I love suede, no matter how impractical it is. In L.A. you can wear ANYTHING and never fear rain, sleet or snow.

There are SO MANY good fringe bags, I just have to pick up another I think!

P.S. Rebecca Minkoff is killing it right now.

Shop the look:

What’s your favorite? Any of these you love? It’s the perfect time to shop a new fringe trend you know?

Again for music festivals you must frolic with your fringe bag! How adorbs for photos!? :) 

Always glad you read! Keep me posted with you! I need to write my Austin weekending post ya know?!



A little (EASY) way to make your life (and others lives) a LOT brighter

Oh guys! So glad you're here, and excited about this post.

I read something the other da that I just LOVEDDD an had to share with you.

(& if you'd like, links to this outfit below)

A post from Jedidiah Jenkins

Who, is truly one of my favorites when I found him from Rich Roll

It's a post about complimenting STRANGERS

Yes, strangers.

Jedidiah is a MUST FOLLOW on Instagram. He is a beautiful amazing wonderful wordsmith, and he writes these LONG captions, that are so so stunningly put, it takes my breath away. Each one feels like my thoughts, just so much more beautifully.

They are poignant, thoughtful and true.

This one was one of my recent favorites, with such a beautiful message, it struck me to share.

(I know it's long, but it's SO GOOD! Read read it!)

When I see something good in someone, I tell them. Straight away. Like a reflex. Even if I don’t know them at all. This can often be mistaken for flirting, but maybe it is. I love flirting. But I’ve seen the effects of this and I’ve felt its effects on me. I am always telling waitresses how beautiful their hair is or how charming they are or bartenders how masterful they are with the flip of a bottle.

I do this because I have found that a compliment from a stranger can reshape my whole day. If a random kid says he likes my jacket as I walk by, I feel like a fashion genius. If my buddy says it, I’m glad for sure, but not as charged and giddy.

There is something about speaking lovely words to people. Our nervous minds are always trying to see themselves, to fish out the mystery of our own identity. Words have all the power. Have you noticed when someone is saying ‘this was my first impression of you..’ you perk up with wild interest? We want to meet ourselves.

In a moment of anger, an emotional pronouncement over someone can poison them for years. ‘You are a disappointment.’ ‘You are lazy.’ Saying what someone ‘is’ is like witchcraft.

For this reason, I tell people what is lovely, so that it becomes more of them. If a talkative friend stops and listens to me, I pause and say ‘you’re such a good listener.’ She might lean back and put her hand on her chest and say ‘I am?’ And I’ll say ‘yes, thank you.’ I guarantee she’ll be a better listener from that day on.

Words have power, to bless or to curse. That’s why I love reading them, writing them in cafés, hearing and saying them. They shape the world. What is a thought but words or feelings looking for them?
— @jedidiahjenkins

I can recall times when a stranger has complimented me, or me them, and it breaks down a barrier between us, lets the other one in and feels so good.

It's not being vain or concentrated on looks all the time. It's not that we only like how someone wears a shirt or their clothes, but it's the act of being kind and NOTICING another, letting them put their wall down to be appreciated out of random that is just so lovely.

It's true, when you compliment someone you know, although you mean it, the nicety seems less exciting. It's the usual greeting from a girl. The ice breaker to meet new people, "I like your shirt". 


But for a stranger, it warms them and creates a reminder that we are all HERE and this slowly brings the human element back into it. 

In a life lived through our phones, in a digital world with our heads down when walking the streets. A compliment is a kind way of bringing both parties back to 'reality'. Breaking ice, and the barrier between strangers. 

So, this week, my thing, is to SAY what I am thinking when I notice something I like. To  put that positive energy out there, and when I'm thinking something lovely about someone, to just say it.

Make their day, just by expressing what I'm thinking.

Truly, a beautiful concept.

I love it. 

Thoughts? Feelings? A good add to the week, no?

I love ya, 



Interior designer to the stars, Matthew Cane: Tips to decorating your dream PAD on a BUDGET!

Soooo, you may know. But it's not often I FALL IN LOVE.

But with Matthew Cane, it was LOVE. 

Matthew is best friends with one of my closest friends in L.A., Lindsey Simcik

Lindsey is a SoulCycle instructor and my co-host for our upcoming podcast! She and Matthew met at Tennis Camp in 4th grade, and stayed friends ever since.

I mean if you make it past my braces stage, then you know it's a TRUE FRIEND.

Prior to meeting him, I had also heard about his work through the mega famous Brooklyn Blonde, one of the first big bloggers out there. Oh, and I also read his piece in Metro, so, no biggie!

Plus, he's now working with Olivia Palermo.

I mean.

Plus he did decorate Helena Glazer's INSANE pad with only materials from Home Goods! Like, insane!

But I digress. Getting to know him, his vision and true PASSION for interior design and creating a peaceful, comfortable space that's reflective of the owner - has been truly a joy.

You guys may know that I am MAJOR lacking in the apartment decorating space. I say it's because I move too much, but currently I'm working with a broken bed (Justin and I are legitimately massive) and a design aesthetic that's in major need of some help. I'm working on getting him here to re-do my place ASAP, but in the meantime, you guys need to know this guy!

Let me introduce you to a man that's done projects with Stone Fox Bride, Mydomaine, Harpers Bazaar, Lonny Mag, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and more.

Matthew Cane of Matthew Cane Designs!

Tell us about you, a little bit about your background and what you do

I’m 28, living in NYC, like tall handsome boys and long walks along the west side highway. KIDDING, but only about the long walks along the west side highway, I’d rather just tan there.  But in all seriousness I’m an Interior Designer and Blogger living in my tiny, chic apartment on the Upper East Side of New York.  I’ve been pursuing interior design for the last 3 years and just recently started my own full service design firm this year. I graduated from Parsons School of Design and majored in both business and design.  I’ve been living in Manhattan for the past 10 years and can’t imagine myself anywhere else.  This city has beaten me up, spit me out, and then the next day will lift me up and inspire me tenfold.  It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had.  My LA family has been VERY convincing recently--which I believe is the universe preparing me for a bi-coastal life in the not-so-distant future.  

Hailing from PA, how did you get into interior design?

On the real: when I was a little boy I was obsessed with my mom, Maria. My friends and I call her “Girlfriend”.  Ah suburbia...To me, she was the queen of our little town.  Whether that was true or not, I don’t know, nor do I care to know.  She was my queen.  From the clothes she wore, to her interior design choices, to the car she drove, and the makeup she was all fabulous to me.  I remember always wanting to be a part of everything she did.  I think this is when I began to define chic for myself.   I don’t know if I could articulate it then, but it became a feeling, a sixth sense, part of my creative eye. I loved going to home stores with my mom.  I would come home and obsessively rearrange the furniture in our house, inspired by our new purchases.  If I wasn’t rearranging the furniture, you might also find me outside trimming hedges into “beautiful shapes”.  I’m lucky, my parents always encouraged my creativity.  And hey, I think they’re lucky to have a budding designer live with them and provide services FOR FREE! :)

What is some of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their home?

They look at a picture of someone else’s room or design and think ok I’m going to do the same thing. Design doesn’t work like that in my opinion. Good design is personalized, well thought out for your special needs, and makes sense.  I see a lot of people who implement ideas into their house and it doesn’t make any sense when you step back and look at their whole design scheme or who they are as individuals.  I think great design should create an effortlessly chic, warm space.

via Lonny Magazine

What's something simple that people can do in their home to make a big impact?

I tell clients three things. 

The first, stick to a color palette.  Some clients like color more than others.  As long as you have a solid foundation of neutrals, you can always add a POP color.  But there is always the choice to go for it and do lots of color like I did with this colorchic apartment. For the colorchic apartment white walls were our canvas so it translated really well.

The second nugget of knowledge: choose clean and well designed pieces of furniture. Furniture can last for years, but accessory trends can come and go.  If you choose well-designed larger pieces it will be much easier (and less costly) to swap out trendy pillows or throws for an update.

Last and certainly not least I PREACH that my clients should ALWAYS bring life into their spaces. Anything from a simple floral arrangement or succulent bowl to a large plant or tree.  The greenery and living element will always translate well and make you and your guests happy!  

Where do you shop for home goods and supplies for your projects?

I literally go wherever there is something chic. It of course depends on the client’s needs, wants and that B word, BUDGET.  But I pride myself on being able to design on any budget. A few of my favorite go-to places are Homegoods, HM Home (YES they have an incredible home selection online and in certain stores), abchome, ETSY, DWR, RH Modern (Restoration Hardware has a #CAF new line called RH Modern) I’ve shopped them all. 

I love to mix highs and lows.  

What is some advice for designing on a budget?

When you’re designing on a budget you always want to make sure you break down everything you need for the project.  Make sure to choose what the foundational pieces are going to be and how you’re going to spend a portion on your budget on them. 

Always ask yourself, “Ok, what should I spend high on and what should I spend low on?  I always recommend that a sofa and lighting are something that should always be at the top of your budget because they make strong statements in every space.

You recently did the home for the Brooklyn Blonde's Helena Glazer, which is MAJOR. The home had a whole spread in Glamour and on her blog. Can you tell us about that experience?

I always say THIS is the best project I’ve done after every project, but I have to say that this actually may be the best project I’ve done to date.  Helena and her Husband Keith are the type of people that pop into your life as a New Yorker and you’re slapped with a holy shit kind of moment, this is what New York is all about.  They were so open and trusting to all my ideas and vision.  They knew what they wanted and what they didn’t, which is a Designer’s dream come true, actually. 

We partnered with Homegoods + Homepolish to furnish their townhouse in Brooklyn, which they had just moved into back in November.  Our mission: design and furnish the living room, dining room, master bedroom and nursery. We went all over the NY area to 8 different Homegoods stores and got to pull whatever we wanted. 

Literally, my dream. Come. TRUE.

We had 20 days to do the project and literally 1 ½ days to implement the product, style the spaces. To say it was the fastest, largest, most intense and thrilling project would be an understatement.  Helena and Keith are truly beautiful people inside and out and I was so happy I could be part of helping implement their vision and prepare for their little one (he’s due any day now!)

What was challenging about that project?

Probably the fact that we had 20 days to pull and 1 ½ days to put it all together. Members of Homegoods corporate offices flew in from Boston, and over 30 editors from various press outlets arrived in one day for home tours directed by me and Helena.  NO PRESSURE. 

What was amazing about that project?

That people were saying how inspired they were.  I got emotional at one point.  It just felt so right, so fulfilling.  I’ve worked really hard and have been so inspired along the way by design mentors of to be “admired” in this way, is humbling, overwhelming, gratifying, and motivates me to reach higher.

Was it different or more difficult designing for a stylish blogger because they have such an eye already?

Actually not at all.  It was way easier because Helena knew what she wanted and the style direction she was leaning towards.

via Teen Vogue, Calming Interior Design Ideas

What are some other major projects you've done?

That’s a tough one. I become so invested in all of my projects, but a few definitely do stay with me.  Stone Fox Bride, a bridal showroom I did was definitely magical because it was my first commercial space I designed. The “uptown color chic apartment” I did was MAJ to me because it TOTALLY put me out of my comfort zone...annnnd, I don’t really love color.  I wear black, white and grey all day, every day.  Funny story, when my clients look for me or I’m meeting them somewhere they always tell people “just look for the guy who’s wearing all black”. I have a project that I’m finishing up now and will debut soon... I’m very proud to show this to everyone.  It is a project with a bit more of my edge.  Check back soon!

The Stone Fox Bridal Studio is to die, can you tell us about that projects vibe?

Look at that, thanks girl, glad you love! Molly the creative director and co-founder behind Stonefox Bride had a strong visual brand, she just needed the help of a designer to put all the pieces together.  By taking apart the showroom and repurposing elements such as the confetti wall and birch branches that I used as racks, we were able to stay on brand and budget. The vibe was inspired by the chic brand Stonefox has created.  Some descriptors that inspired me are carefree, effortless, love, natural, hippie, free…. I wanted it to look like overtime this space naturally came to be this beautiful.  

via Harpers Bazzar and Homepolish collaboration

What are your goals for 2016?

So. Many. Goals. A big one of mine is to continue to grow my brand in all aspects. I want to be able to inspire my followers and readers with my work and through my blog and Instagram.  I would love to partner with another large home brand and do another project like Helena’s and the ultimate would be to land a spot on a TV segment.  I’d love to develop and introduce my on air personality.  Which is just ME.  Unedited, always creating, experimenting, and connecting. ALSO, be on the look out for my skillshare teaching classes that will debut the first week of May!

What is one place you'd love to makeover?

I would love to makeover an outdoor space, like full-blown, landscape to layout, to furniture and accents.

Where can people connect with you?

I’m across all social media platforms, but the best way would be via my instagram or blog. 

My blog is and instagram @matthewcanedesigns.

I’m also on Twitter @mattcanedesigns and to get a glimpse inside my current and past projects follow me on Pinterest @mattcanedesigns.

Loving this interview. I am plotting ways to get Matthew to Venice to redo our little beach bungalow - STAT. The vibe is totally me, and I am major lacking in the home decor area. 

I loved the bit about, not applying what anyone else has done to your space because it doesn't translate! So true. Plus, there's an H&M HOME? WHAT.

Connect with Matthew and keep me posted. Always love having you!


P.S. I just posted a DOPE playlist via my music section: This Mix is Tight Volume 9

Photos via Brooklyn Blonde, HomePolish, He Finds Chic and Stone Fox Bride. Photography credit goes to Claire Esparros and Matthew Harrington.

A MUST: Mixing up your workout for real results (plus IVY PARK baby!)

Hi Guys!

Writing on WORKOUTS + FITNESS TODAY and wearing IVY PARK in honor of LEMONADE


But, since I got back from my trip this weekend I am 50 shades of SOFT, and I’ve been easing back into working out. Muchas treats and wine.

I feel a renewed sense and belief in REST after a few days off, but also in the importance of mixing up your workouts to get the results you want. I've realized I definitely hit a plateau! 

Thinking back to the trip I had in March. In Vietnam I truly rested. I did no weights, and nothing more than biking casually, and some light stretching in my room (aka stretching out my pants because I ate so much). Plus, I got like 450 minutes of Thai massage if that counts.

It felt good to let my body be, and actually to be less hungry than what I am normally working out so much. If I always go hard it’s also hard to sustain.

As with anything, balance is key. If its working out 3x a week never taking time off, and that works. Cool.

Or if it’s going hard all the time, 6+ workouts a week, then taking a complete week off, cool. As long as you’re moving!

^Justin says 'no' to the ninja pose. Can a girl live?

Mixing up my workouts is a relatively new thing for me since ClassPass. I started working out in college, and would glide on the elliptical for like 20 minutes reading People Magazine or having full on conversations with my friends, wearing a running skirt the whole time. Literally TRYING to avoid breaking a sweat. 

Then it evolved to hot yoga, spinning and now everything under the sun. CrossFit, yoga (hot, vinyasa, hatha, kundalini…) spinning, pilates, circuit training and random classes like dance, ha. It’s been an absolute game changer for how it’s made me LOVE working out and look forward to trying new things.

Let me know if you need any suggestions in Chicago, NYC or L.A!

Benefits of mixing up your workout:

  • You’re not bored. THIS IS SO KEY to lasting and sustainability with working out. Making sure you aren’t bored and you don’t dread it. Then you’re way more likely to workout and CONTINUE to workout in general.

  • You can try new things friends. Truly underrated are my ClassPass sister friends and the fact that we hit each other up every week to workout together. We can hang out, get dinner and workout, but more importantly do something fun and new, together. If you’re trying a new class and you don’t want to look stupid do, it with a friend, it then becomes fun.

  • It keeps your muscles “guessing’. Your body gets used to working out, and the benefits you see from working out can plateau if you’re doing the same thing. That’s like, when you start a workout, become obsessed, see results but then at a point it, stops giving you those results. PopSugar writes,

Adding variety to your workouts will keep your exercises from becoming ineffective. If you run at the same speed on the treadmill everyday for 20 minutes, your body will eventually hit a plateau. You will still be burning calories, but you'll need to increase your resistance levels or speed if you want to really maximize results. This is why personal trainers always push their clients to do more reps each workout session, because it helps boost their metabolism and as your strength and endurance grows, so should your workout.
  • Increased physical performance benefits seen in your body. By doing workouts like yoga, with other things like circuit training, you’re going to see a better ability to adapt and increased overall physical performance in your body. It’s like, you’re checking all the boxes. I've personally noticed greater body awareness, coordination and balance.

  • Weight loss. Oh yes, weight loss. Keeping your body guessing, you’re going to burn more calories because it’s not the same every time. Jillian Michaels preaches,

The Truth: To continue to challenge your body and improve your strength and conditioning, you need to switch up your day-to-day workouts — and try something new each month.

Ways to mix it up:

Get ClassPass. Game changer, I wrote about ClassPass here and here, and how it’s been awesome for me. It’s a little over a hundred dollars a month, and you have access to most gyms in your area. Unlimited classes, at a limit of three classes per one gym. Completely worth it, from my perspective taking into consideration classes nowadays are like $25-$40 dollars a class.

Have your friends all pick one class a week to try together.

I do this ALL THE TIME. The best sort of multitasking! 

Mix it up in your house, with things like the Bombshell Body Guide or online workouts via YouTube. Nowadays we have such access to the internet and ways you can do workouts at home, without even being embarrassed in a new class. I will get inspiration from workout chicks like Buff Bunny (it’s a weird obsession I have with her, ha. She’s so cute and funny and LEGIT) to mix up my lifting routines. 

Another good way to mix it up at home - is by using the TKO Jump Rope. It's super cheap, but high quality, and I'll use it to jump rope outside for 10 minutes, about two days a week. It's nice, because by the time you don't want to workout, you've already burned about 150-200 calories. I literally walk out my door, and do it before I run to warm up. I love the TKO ones because the grips are soft, and it's just a really nice jump rope that lasts.

Something else you can do to mix up your workout is get a heart rate monitor. The one I have is Beets Blu and it's comfortable, accurate and super affordable. 

Often seen in classes like Orange Theory and Circuit Works in L.A. it’s a good way to keep track of how much effort you’re ACTUALLY putting in. I mean, we’ve all gone on auto pilot with lackluster enthusiasm, droning through class watching the clock and praying for the ‘laying down part’ (could just be me). But a heart rate monitor can tell you when a workout was actually worth it, or how many calories you burned. Beets BLU sent me a heart rate monitor, that has an app that you can connect with it to monitor your progress. If you’re looking for a sport one, that’s super accurate because you wear it near your heart, you should definitely check out Beets Blu.

From the Greatist on the importance of Heart Rate Monitors, 

If there’s one accessory in particular that’ll get your fitness game on fleek, it’s the heart rate monitor. Not to knock colorful headbands and puny tank tops. (because we’re all for a little fitness flair!), but these gadgets go beyond the cosmetic and may help your overall fitness.

Case in point: Using a heart rate monitor may help you find your running sweet spot (aka your ideal training pace) and prevent overtraining. (More on that below.) Plus, gadgets that monitor heart rate are relatively affordable compared to other schmancy fitness trackers, so there’s plenty of value. Best of all, it's pretty easy to use: Simply strap the heart rate monitor on, connect it to an app or a watch (the monitors themselves often won’t have displays) and get your sweat on. These days, there are even “strapless” heart rate monitors that pick up your pulse from your wrist.

Okay so now that I shared my weird obsession with Buff Bunny and making my friends workout to hang out with me, YOUR TURN. What are your favorite workouts and ways to workout? Anything you do to make sure you’re keeping it fresh? Have you hit a plateau? 

Also if you’ve used a heart rate monitor, what’s your experience? I loved using the Beets Blu to remind myself how much I was really working out. As an example, Pilates, not much of a heart rate pusher, as spinning is, but I caught myself pushing myself more.

Always love catching up with you!



Weekending in San Luis Obispo

Hiiii friends!

Had a little getaway with J last week. Spur of the moment and late for my birthday, we decided to rent a car and drive up the coast to a little town called San Luis Obispo. It's an hour and a half away from Santa Barbara and three hours from L.A. 

Just far enough!

If you followed along on snap (@hundredblog) you saw that It was insanely gorgeous, remote, mountainous, green, lush, and right on the BEACH.

Such a good quiet place to escape for just enough time. If you live in Cali, definitely do a weekend here!

Justin and I haven't traveled together just us in a while and it's so fun to have your bud there with you to do things. I can drag him on as many hikes as possible, ha. I'll keep it super short and share some photos and things to do, but hoping you had a lovely weekend too!

Things to do:

Pismo Beach: The beach here is SO quaint, and it's amazing because the background is all mountains. Truly breathtaking. 

Bubble Gum Alley: Gross, actually. It's like tons of peoples gum built up over the years. I'm serious - LOL But it's a must see in the area.

Mission San Luis Obispo: Gorgeous religious site, that won't take more than 30 minutes to see.

Farmers Market (especially on Thursdays!): Such good food, and really good local vibe.

Bishop's Peak: Easy hike, about 5 miles up and down. Great views of the area.

Thrifting: Really good shopping and thrifting here. Take your time and really explore it! 

Places to stay:

The Madonna Inn


Weirdly there are not a lot of cute hotels in the area, so let me know if you need an airbnb spot, and I got you covered! Otherwise, The Madonna Inn is super famous and each room is completely different than the other. Everything is almost all PINK and it's a crazy unique place to stay. 

Places to eat:

Big Sky Cafe: Breakfast and lunch spot with something to please everyone.

Luna Red: Tapas style place, good for drinks too.

Bliss Cafe: Vegan food, and I love it!

The Original Jamba Juice: Truly! 

Granada Hotel: We had a really nice dinner here, good wine and great service.

Seeds: Juice and health food place, that's really good.

Scout Coffee: The best coffee spot in the area, super cute and great for pictures, I LOVED the decor.

Keeping it short and sweet today. Have such good posts this week, so this one is just an update! Going to Austin next weekend for a bachelorette, any suggestions of thangs to do? Would love your input!

You da best,



No vs. Yes: What gives you a more fulfilling life?

Oh hello you!

Something that's been on my mind for a while, and I was talking a lot about it this weekend.

(To that, my pictures are a little recap!)

So let's just get to it.

I want to talk about the art of, and benefits to, saying NO.

Seems harsh, right? Let me explain. 

I can remember a time where I had written that I wanted to say YES to everything. I wanted to experience as many things as I could and continually see what I could explore, do, see, who I could meet, etc. 

That was about 3 years ago, and since I have lived my life a lot that way. Said yes to people, places and things. 

I helped others (I volunteered at various places in Chicago, NYC and LA let me know if you want info!), offered my time, energy and attention to anyone who asked no matter what I had on my plate. 

Not that I want to change or move away from service to others or sharing my time and energy, but I've decided I need to get better at saying 'no' to things that do not serve me.

It's the opposite of FOMO I guess and I've started to feel it since I started blogging. After you find your 'thing' or 'passion' or even person, a shift happens in your life.

Tim Ferriss describes the shift,

To become “successful,” you have to say “yes” to a lot of experiments.  To learn what you’re best at, or what you’re most passionate about, you have to throw a lot against the wall.

Once your life shifts from pitching outbound to defending against inbound, however, you have to ruthlessly say “no” as your default. Instead of throwing spears, you’re holding the shield.

With all of the things people have going on in their lives, friends, work, passion projects, working out, hobbies and family...there's a lot to manage and handle. Now with social media, there's a continual and constant 'to-do list that never actually ends' at your fingertips. 

As an example, this is the loop or list that many people run through MULTIPLE times a day. Including myself. In this list, it's NEVER enough. You could spend endless hours and time devoted to each item. 

Check your personal email.

Check your work email.

Check Instagram.

Check Facebook.

Check Snapchat.

Post to socials (filter, crop, edit, repeat).

Respond to any and all, and engage with everyone you can.

The list goes on.

If you've listened to The Big Leap Show podcast, you know that right now I'm blogging a LOT more, and that means - doing a whole bunch of other things on the side to make that work. It's interesting how my life has shifted. It's a 9-5 in a different way. It's more fluid and in touch, and there is flexibility to say 'yes' to people visiting, to helping others, and to doing things I normally couldn't with traditional work hours.

However, as I've asked for opportunities, to come my way, without being specific, the universe has provided me SO MUCH that I'm stuck at a place where I feel prohibited by the choices I have to make.

It seems I've said yes to seeing anyone and everyone.

Now with that, I'm stuck doing X, Y and of course, Z.

In California, there are CONSTANT visitors. It's truly, the best. I get to see everyone I love much more than usual, but also, your life becomes a vacation with people in town, and I realized that when I was leaving a visit with a friend on Friday how I've got at least 6 different plates going right now.

The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
– Lin Yutang

The Hundred Blog, Let's Travel Morocco, nannying, events, friends, working out, family, and the looming decision to get a job and the effort that goes into that. I wonder if, with all of those things, how my energy is transferred and broken into each, that it's not as powerful. 

I can't even imagine if I had children, a wedding to plan, a super time intensive job.....(you people should probably be writing this post!)

Let me explain the struggle here.

Giving your energy to one task, and one task only means the focus and power of that full energy is committed to that project. With all of the 'yes' I've done, I have my energy dispersed into so many various channels, that it has to end somewhere, and it's probably not going far.

I realized that, in my quest for more by saying 'yes', that I am hindering my growth in the areas of my life which I should be excelling. By channeling, and saying 'no' to certain things, events, small things and conversations that I know won't truly serve me, there lies the possibility of having more energy in one place. 

To a better version of me.

When I am so dispersed to various outlets, it seems when I get to be with people I love, I feel drained and anxious because I have 'so much to do' and 'so little time'. I'm not my best self and I know it.

It's hard to consistently be on your game.

Thinking through how I would apply my no's is really the challenging part. I'd like to remove a few things on my plate, decide what truly matters and stick with that. I'm putting my phone on airplane mode for parts of the morning, so that I can focus on what I need to accomplish rather than get caught up on mindless phone related activities.

Derek Sivers, entrepreneur and writer, spoke about the "Hell Yeah" idea in his blog, which I really loved. Taking the approach of, if you're not saying "Hell Yeah" to something, then it's not worth your time.

Those of you who often over-commit or feel too scattered may appreciate a new philosophy I’m trying: If I’m not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, then I say no.

Meaning: When deciding whether to commit to something, if I feel anything less than, “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!” – then my answer is no. When you say no to most things, you leave room in your life to really throw yourself completely into that rare thing that makes you say “HELL YEAH!”

We’re all busy. We’ve all taken on too much. Saying yes to less is the way out.

I'm sure there are such good tools and tricks to helping with this and I'd love to just start this as a conversation, ya know? To see what you do to say 'no' and if you have a hard time doing it?

Is there a way to best leverage your energy to commit to something with unwavering belief and free of distractions? What constitutes those distractions?

A lot of mine involves social media, and the phone!

Let me know your thoughts, strategies and how you see this manifest in your life. Are you in the saying 'yes' phase, or saying 'no' phase in your life? How hard, is saying 'no' and how much more time would you have if you said no to certain things?

Really into this one, so I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Happy Wednesday!



Game changer for your look and ya LIFE: Crystal Jewelry!

Hello hello! How was the weekend?

I did a major re-up on my life, saw people I loved, got creative, and just stayed grounded and in check.

Feels good you know? What did you do!? Would love to hear.

This weekend I got a super cute thin chain crystal necklace from Rebecca Minkoff for a friends bachelorette gift, and was thinking how f'ing amazing it is that it's cool to wear crystals now. Not too long ago, I was hiding my giant Gold Quartz under my sweaters like a creep. 

I wrote about it a while ago, and crystals are weird - BUT THEY WORK.

Period the end of story.

It’s physics. Energy is never created or destroyed and these little concentrations of energy that’s been stored over years – WORK.

Live science says,

Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.

So, yah. For me, it's been HUGE in my meditation game, my manifesting abilities and just overall protection from all things that go bump in the night, because I have a huge fear of ghosts.


I’ll do a post on crystals later and things like that, but for now...


A personal favorite. I hope you can tell my excitement via my writing. SHOULD I CAPS ALL?

I’ll spare you.

It's been written about in major magazines like VOGUE and Women's Wear Daily, but you can also see it on major babes in the street. A delicate gem hanging around their neck, representing their totally connectedness and total babeness at the same time. So chic!

So for this I partnered with bblackbox to get a personalized special gem jewelry, that I LOVE. It’s super adorable, and easy to wear with anything. Plus, I know there’s a true human that made it. A person that gives a shit about their customer. Cool right?

So I have a discount code for you to use here for this, to get any cool things from bblackbox. Like their candles which I burn ALL DAY at my desk to really spice up and bring joy to my apartment when random smells enter from Justin’s cooking weird meats.

I also wanted to link up some super amazingly gorgeous gem jewelry, that is QUALITY and will last you almost forever.

The one I am wearing is SUPER simple. Just one piece of turquoise on a thin band, that's short enough where it's almost like a choker.

I like the it for an easy outfit, not too stuffy or try hard. 

Shop this look:


bblackbox Arizona Turquoise Necklace

(use code HUNDREDblogLA16 for 15% off your purchase at bblackbox)

Forever Bomber Jacket (sold out) but similar styles here (as a button down) and here (bomber in a different but dope print) 

Forever 21 Matte Cat Eye Sunglasses

Dior 'Addict' Lip Maximizer

Tarte BB Cream in Medium

Shop similar looks:

The major benefit of the gem trend is that, you’re getting a super gorgeous piece of jewelry, and then also getting the positive vibes that come with them. You may notice things slowly start to go your way, or you’re just a BIT happier than normal.

Oh and by the way. When I wasMorocco, I was on a mission to find crystals (because they are known to have super nice and rare ones) and without knowing I bought 3 fake crystals from someone on the street! 

They were rocks that were dyed with food coloring. It was so sweet to see the color bleed in the sink when I tried to wash them. I’m like, amazing LOL. 


Any questions on crystals or how they work? bblackbox is a cool concept right? I’m into the idea of knowing the source from which I buy from jewelry – so this really rocks.

Plus their customer service in the company – is incredible.

So happy you’re reading and here on my blog! Thank YOU.

Have the best week and keep me posted on your thoughts. I read them all!



BLOGGERS. You need this person on your team - STAT.

Hi babes!

Felt like I needed to post on a super important topic to bloggers, as this weekend was MAJOR.

One of my closest friends got engaged, during a surprise engagement in Malibu this weekend!!!! 

It was BEYOND perfect. She's also a blogger, so we planned it as a photoshoot, and we took her (all dressed and ready) to Malibu to the top of a cliff. Then on a perfect day, where her boyfriend was waiting with the perfect ring he PROPOSED.

We had all the photos to capture the moment. It was beyond amazing.

Danika Miller of Iselin + Hale who I have been working with joined us, and KILLED the photos for the engagement. After the engagement we had a beach picnic, they took some more shots, and then we enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the Ivy.

Honestly these weren't staged, even though they are so perfect it almost looks like it!

This weekend I realized with photos, getting a photographer CHANGES THE GAME PERIOD.

(Yes this is what I thought as I am surrounded by marriage and proposal talk - LOL). 

Although I could ask people/friends/Justin to take my photos, it’s a different perspective completely from a professional and with a professional camera.

I’ve been acutely aware of my photo game on the blog. There are highs and there are lows, and there are definitely places where I have strengths, like in travel photos and in my obsession with color.

But also places where I am super weak, like with fashion photos and really good branding photos.

I’m highly aware of where I can improve in almost every area of my life which is a blessing and a curse, that’s for sure.

I think it may not be widely recognized, how time consuming taking photos is. It’s a timing issue with the right light, finding locations, clearing those locations so people aren’t around (ha) getting ready, having outfits and for products having those products in the best set possible.

Then editing and preparing them for the post that you also need to write and link up.

Plus the weather needs to corporate!

Did I also mention you can’t do them on a fat day? HA. There have been times where I went out with Justin, saw a shot and was like – NOPE. Tomorrow it is.

So it’s been a bit of an obsession of mine to work on having better quality photos, and overall more photos for my blog for the past few weeks. I know I needed a photographer to up my game.

I see it like a coach or mentor. It’s identifying where you may be lacking and finding an expert in that space to help you.

It’s not weakness to know your weaknesses! It's also not weakness to find someone that’s better at something than you are and ask them to teach or help you.

Coaches and mentors, are the missing puzzle piece to take you to the next level. But that’s another post.

I wanted to write a little bit about why you need a photographer, how to find them and how to make the most of your relationship.

But first details on this look real QUICK! Since FLORALS are so IN!

Shop a similar look:

Reasons you need a professional photographer:

  • They have a goodass camera (and know how to use it). I’ve had a NICE camera that Justin got me around our apartment for about a year now. It’s a Nikon D7000, and although I’ve taken classes on how to use the camera, I just don’t know how to use the camera. So, your photographer will have a nice camera that works for them and their comfortable with. They’ll know how to use it!
  • They have a unique perspective and an artistic view. Your photographer has an eye and perspective that they’ve gone to school for, or received training on, or practiced over and over again. It’s their ‘thing’. Their gift. They can see composition of a photo interestingly and differently than most. They know what light is best and why. I could go on but you get it.
  • They’ve got mad editing skills. A photographer most likely uses a photo editor to enhance or improve your photos. By changing colors and brightness as an example you can get a better quality photo, period.
  • To take your photos to the next level. It’s almost like, having a photographer allowed me to feel more like a professional blogger. It was like I felt more the part, because I was investing in the help/person to get me to the next level.

How to find a professional photographer:

I found Danika through the blogger, The Balanced Blonde by Jordan Younger. I LOVE her. She’s so cute and always doing stuff I’m interested in. Plus, I like her posts because she writes full essays, heavy on information and helpful. I noticed that Jordan always was with Danika, sought Danika out and by somehow convinced her to meet with me to be my photographer.

Search hashtags in your area for example: #laphotographer. You can also see which photographer other bloggers in your area are using. Rely on your friends to see if they know a wedding or kids’ photographer that’s also interested in doing fashion photography. There’s a website for freelancers you can find one that’s in your price range to see if you like their aesthetic.

Make sure that you vibe with them. This is so key. You must be comfortable to take good photos.

Your photographer needs to encourage you and make you feel good about being yourself so the photos come out as closely resembling 'you' as possible. 

How to make the most out of your relationship:

It’s also so important to find a photographer that has your aesthetic. Show them pictures, talk about specific things you like in the photos, do you like the movement, the light, the location, the perspective, the colors…there are so many different parts of photos – so try to study it to be descriptive of what you like. If you want to recreate shots, you can even do it. Chances are that it will be different with you in the photo, and you won’t be able to find the exact location.

I chose a lot of really awesome photos from the babes like Tuula Vintage, Sincerely Jules, Maria Ferreira, and Lust for Life. There are some that I feel really represent the boho vibe, that I really am drawn to. I like movement in my photos, I think it provides an energy that you feel when you see a photograph. You sort of predict the movement that happens next. Say in a photo of a dress where there’s movement with the wind. It evokes a greater feeling to me than a stand still poses.

Danika and I went through the photos, discussing what we liked, and it was perfect because it aligned with her aesthetic. Luckily, she's got my exact vibe, so we just got each other immediately.

Also it's good to look at your photographers portfolios and previous work, and tell them which of those photos you love. Explain why you love them and what’s most interesting. This is also helpful because they know what it took to take that photo and recreating something like that is totally possible.

Enjoy the day, and take time for lunch, talk and really get to know each other to build a strong foundation for a relationship that you want to last! Your photographer is super key for your success in creating your vision. This sounds corny, but like, whatever. It’s true.

If you have your family members, boyfriends or friends taking your pictures, you can also show them photos that you’re into so they can try and work to those too. I have a friend who blogs, whose brother bought a camera, and is taking classes because he’s now into it, and wants to support her to take good photos of her.

I’ve taken photography classes to improve my eye, so that’s a good option too.

A few of the shots I used as inspiration: 

The key thing that matters here, is that you feel good about the content you’re putting out there, and if you do - you rule dude.

But if you’re not 100% about it, find someone who can help you to be 100% about it.

I know I shared some of the best photo bloggers I’ve seen, are there any I missed or that you love? I’d love to know more for inspiration!

Also if you have tips and tricks that you use as it relates to photos, do share. I always want to learn more.

Okay good chatting, I feel good about this one and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Also I die for that dress, so cute no?

Chat soon! Feeling crazy this week. You da best.



MAJOR LIFE GOAL: Podcast interview on The Big Leap Show!

Guys this is MAJOR for me.

To be interviewed on a podcast, is one of my serious life #GOALS because I love to listen, learn and talk with people about things I care about.

As you know, The Hundred Blog is one of those things!

In this podcast interview with the amazing Kathlyn Hart, I am super raw, real and honest about the 'Big Leap' I took recently to go 100 with The Hundred Blog.

You can listen here, below!

I'm not sure if what I'm doing right now is forever, but right now, being creative and following my gut - is where I want to spend my time, and energy. Going all the way, just felt right! It's a huge nod to the universe that it listened to my request for this, and I had a good friend hook me up with Kathlyn! The rest, is history!

Definitely take the time to listen and subscribe to this podcast because Kathlyn is amazing and her guests are EPIC. Badass female entrepreneurs and inspirational ladies. I am doing a more detailed interview with her (to share her side with you) so be on the lookout for that upcoming in the next few weeks!

This makes me happy to think about the growth of The Hundred Blog, and I know it wouldn't be possible without you.

Thanks for making some of my #goals, come true!

Also, let me know what you think! I would love your thoughts and insights. I know that a lot of you are doing similar things to me, or in similar situations (taking the Big Leap!) so I would love to connect further with you.

You da best,



Intermittent fasting is SO HOT RIGHT NOW (but WTF is it and why would you do it?)


How was your weekend? Hopefully a good one. I had SO MUCH happening. One of my favorite couple got engaged in Malibu, I had visitors and it was PACKED. I feel tired but energized all at the same time. You know?

So, a preface to this post. Again, I know that you see all the spelling errors and cussing in my posts and think, "she is a trusted medical doctor, I trust her with my life". But, I'm sorry, I am in no way a medical doctor and can make no recommendations.


BUT, let's talk about a super hot topic of intermittent fasting.

I have been hearing about this more and more and more - the past two months, from podcasts, people like Tim Ferriss, Men's Journal, random health advisors (like my SoulCycle instructor) and websites like Mind Body's everywhere.

So what is it?

First. A story.

The other day, Justin goes, "I've been practicing intermittent fasting today!" I'm like, cool! Right! What did you have? He goes, "I had a shake at 12 PM and then dinner now! So between 12 PM and 5 PM!"

Love him. Because, that's really just, having lunch and then dinner. LOL. 5 hours between meals isn't intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is breaking down the periods between your eating into longer chunks. It's taking more than 12 hours, up to 24 hours, twice a week. You can do it more days or less days, but it's the opposite of the, 'eat lots of little meals, from the second you wake up until you go to bed, thought process'.

Authority Nutrition describes it as:

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a term for an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It does not say anything about which foods you should eat, but rather when you should eat them.

In this respect, it is not a “diet” in the conventional sense. It is more accurately described as an “eating pattern.” Common intermittent fasting methods involve daily 16 hour fasts, or fasting for 24 hours, twice per week.

Humans have actually been fasting throughout evolution. Sometimes it was done because food was not available, and it has also been a part of major religions, including Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.
— Authority Nutrition

So it's spending less time in the day eating, rather than controlling what you eat or eating many meals through the day.

Mind Body Green says,

For example, if you finish dinner at 6 p.m., you would not eat break­fast until 10 a.m. For others, intermittent fasting means fasting for one day every week, or one weekend per month, or one week per year. The idea is that fasting gives the body a rest from digestion so it can concentrate on healing.

Why would you do this, do you ask?

Benefits of intermittent fasting:

Saves time. Not having to eat or think about 4-6 meals a day, saves time. Lots of it. 

You can live longer. There is evidence that shows intermittent fasting can help you live longer. 

Reduction in sugar and insulin levels. Which can assist with your energy.

Allows your body to thrive. It has to do with hormones, genes and important cellular repair processes.

Lose weight and burn fat. This is a very simple and effective way to restrict calories and burn fat.

Metabolic health benefits. As it can improve various different risk factors and health markers.

Can protect against diseases. Including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and others.

*sources referenced below

My take on it:

So, YES.

I need to explain.

I've done the whole, eat six meals a day and like have them be light meals. But honestly, my light meals turn into full fledge buffets of snacks and I'm not getting the results I want. Eating 1300 calories of cashews, has happened and it was meant to be a 'snack'. I feel full, I feel slowed down and it's just like, so much energy is being converted to digest my food - it's annoying.

By fasting, I end my meals between 6 and 7 PM at night, and have breakfast/lunch the next day at 12 PM. I run out the door in the morning, or keep myself busy until then, and let me tell you time flies. If I do yoga, or workout, I actually feel BETTER because I am lighter and I can use all my energy for that workout. Not to digest whatever breakfast I had. Giving my system a break and allowing it to use the energy on other things, is awesome. I don't do it all the time, but the days I do, I truly feel incredible.

If you want, you could try it for 3 days a week, too. but I'm all or nothing really, so I go all in and am trying to make it a habit.

I also recently did a full day fast. It was a perfect situation where I was really busy all day, didn't work out, and had time to nap for 3 hours. PLUS I was coming off a legitimate BINGE weekend from a bachelorette, and needed to chill.

I can write more on this, but it was AMAZING. I felt lighter, slept so well and it just felt really nice to give my body a break. Again, everyone's different but this was a really nice accomplishment for me. I've always wanted to do this from a spiritual and will power perspective. 

How can you do it? 

Try having your dinner end at 7 PM, and then have your next meal at 12 PM the next day, or 10 AM if that time feels more comfortable for you. It's really just finding the time block where you can eat dinner earlier, and have breakfast later. It's simple, really, just the act of DOING it makes it challenging. Go to bed early, set yourself up for success. 

Tricks of the trade:

I usually do intermittent fasting when I am busy in the morning, or can leave right away. Basically it sets me up for success being away from food, and just heading out.

I'll workout in the morning or do yoga at night. I don't like to be so full when I'm working out. It's nice to move more quickly and use all the energy for a workout, than for digesting. 

Again, for some people it's key to eat so if thats you, then workout later!

Start the morning with hot tea, or hot lemon water and cayenne. This will flush you out and hydrate you, because for most mornings you're really just thirsty and not hungry.

I would suggest doing your research and checking on the links above to read more about intermittent fasting. There's lots of good information out there, and if it works for you GREAT. The one thing I do know, that every body is different and reacts SO differently to things.

For me, I've found this to be an amazing way to keep myself in check, and I feel better in the morning and through the day with what I eat. I love it, so I had to share with you.

What do you think? Think you'd try it? Any questions or thoughts, LET ME KNOW. Would love to discuss!

Okay, back to LIFE and MONDAY GUYS! 

Chat soon! xo


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COOL SNEAKERS: so fresh and so CLEAN.


Not going to lie I'm in a rut this week but, HEY, life goes on and ya just need to keep moving forward.

It's just thoughts like, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? But I'm sure we all have that at some point.

How's everyone else's' week going? Would love to hear it, so talk to me!

I had to write about the new kicks I have been wearing around EVERY DAY.

(BTW, I get obsessed with stuff. I'll wear it out, and then NEVER again).

So right now, I am wearing these white sneakers with every single thing I own.

Floral dress, check. Suede shorts, check. Maxi dress with leather moto, check. With my red silk pajamas to get the mail, check. 

I had a time where I only wore my black flat sneakers but those got holes at the bottom (I'm serious LOL) and it was time to move on. I'm all about comfort AND style people. Comfort AND style.

How is it that sneakers are so cool? If you would tell me that, FREAKING SHELL TOES ARE BACK. I mean, WHAT.

Remember rocking shell toes with Delia’s bell bottoms and an Abercrombie & Fitch logo shirt? All day baby, and I was SO HOT. 

One time in 8th grade I got sent to the principals because my bell bottom jeans were SO low rise that my butt crack was seriously hanging out all day long. At that time, I probably thought butt cracks lured boys in, that's how fucking clueless I was. Not much has changed I guess.


The super clean, super WHITE, crisp sneaker, just makes ANY look sexy. It’s the urban, badass girl that’s feminine enough to rock something masculine...look that I’m obsessed with.

I shy away from these trends usually because I have big ass feet (FACT), which makes it masculine to wear sneakers, but I'm past caring about that when I find a trend I love. I mean how cute would little feet be in these!?! 

You can rock these shoes with ripped skinnies (also in right now) or even with an ultra feminine dress to make it unexpected, there’s nothing better.

Truly there hasn't been anything that I can't wear with them, and that's probably my favorite part. 

Cool girl versatility! Plus they are under $100 dollars. 

Shop the look:

Adidas White Superstar Sneaker

Round Reflective Sunglasses from J.Crew ($15 DOLLARS Y'ALL)

Print Shift Dress (mine is sold out, but this one is similar and I bought it to! I'm actually so sorry this one isn't available, because I would gift it to every single one of YOU!)

Lipstick is NARS Red Lizard

Shop similar looks:

Cheers to a super laid back comfortable trend, right?

Loving this look!

P.S. Guys, are we liking more fashion posts? I want to keep up with y'all and what I'm loving lately. I definitely have the DEEPNESS in here too, so be prepared, HA.

Let me know what you think, friends!

You da best and happy Wednesday!


Witch VIBES: why and how to use SAGE for energetic cleansing

Hello gorgeous!

It’s been a while since I wrote a witch vibe post, right? I feel like you could be starting to think I’m normal or something. So I have to write a little reminder about the weird things that I do and believe in just to be sure :) 

One of the things that I’ve been doing for a few years, on and off is using sage, or burning sage to clean myself and my apartment.

Clean, is an interesting word because in this instance it’s clean like energetic cleaning. Not Windex cleaning, or putting the dishes away cleaning. Or doing the dishes, by putting them in hot soap water like Justin and I do then letting them sit for like 6 hours and calling it clean.

Sage is a leaf, and you can have sage in your tea, or consume it for a bunch of other benefits like anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial in the body.

I’m specifically talking about burning the leaf (in a bundle that looks like a wand) as a method of protection and healing for you and the loved ones around you. Basically if I had cats I would sage them.

Sage has been used for years and years through various cultures. Moving Towards Peace says,

Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. While Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized form of it today, it has nevertheless been a shared practice in other cultures too.

Why burn sage:

It’s been believed (through millions and billions of years and so many different cultures) that it’s going to cleanse the negative energy on you, or around you, and that you’ll feel lighter and ‘cleansed’ after. If you’re in a cloud of negativity, or feeling low, it’s a good time to do it.
I do it after I have an argument with J (we’re in love as F, but also normal) and clean the apartment and myself after. I wave the sage wand around me, focusing on the chakras. Sometimes if Justin’s home he’ll let me sage him too, LOL. What a darling psychopath I am.

The Chopra Center (which is a center founded by Deepak Chopra that provides services/experiences to improve health) says,

If you’re feeling stuck, negative, sluggish, or even downright depressed, it may be due to some stagnant energy in your field. Your field can include your emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual or physical body, and your environment—whether it’s your home, office, or other physical space. Stagnant or negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on your mental and physical state and is even believed to manifest into things like a lack of happiness and success as well as pain and disease.

I’ll also do sage after a bad day, or if I feel a bit off. It helps to eliminate the bad, and make room for good things and energies to come in.

Oh, and if you move apartments, or rooms, buy a house or whatever, this is such a good thing to do at a new spot to remove all the ‘old’ energy and clear it.

How to burn sage:

Sage burning cleansing rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be, but it’s of the highest importance that your intention be clear before you begin. If you are burning sage to purify a space, or a person (even yourself) then this needs to be clearly planted in your mind before you the light the sage, and while taking the smoke around a home, or through a space.

I usually sage clean after I meditate, at the end of the day, and light the sage with the stove flame. Once it’s lit, I’ll take it around my apartment, focusing on corners and heavy traffic spots, such as doorways and my desk. Places where there are high energy exchanges happening.

Last, I’ll sage myself, working from the bottom up, and swipe over my body, concentrating in circles on spots that may need extra healing or clearing. Like my heart, or my crown chakra.

To clear the space of the smell, I will then once I’m done, open the doors and windows to let energy out that’s necessary to be let out and air the space of the lingering pungent smell.

Keeping in mind this smell is pretty intense. Some people LOVE it. I like it, but feel suffocated at times with the overpower of it.

Where to get sage:

You can buy sage at most farmers markets, but also easily on Amazon for under $10 dollars. I've linked up good affordable sage, below.

California White Sage for Smudging

3 Pack of Small Sage Wands

Super cute bowls for your sage:

Plus, my favorite Tarot Cards EVER from The Wild Unknown and Tarot Guidebook.

(I LOVE these cards. I use them like once a week to just see what's happening and get clarity if I need. Plus they are GORGEOUS and given to me as a gift by a friend I love).

Have you guys ever used sage? Is there any special way that you use it? Do you feel any different? 

I think it's a bit out there but I'm down with things that can't hurt, even if you just try it, ya know? 

Sage your dog, sage your cat, sage your boyfriend. I swear they'll thank you after.



Music FESTIVAL FRESH. What to wear to Coachella & other festivals this year

Babes we are excited for Coachella/music festival season?

It's SO CLOSE and I know friends are on their diets and prepping like good little hotties for the best weekend of the year.

Although I'm not going this year (weddings and bachelorettes galore!) I feel like understanding the Coachella/music festival fashion, is something I'm vetted in after a few years going. If you're not doing Coachella, that's A-okay, because there are so many festivals near you! A day pass is money, get in and get out and your feet/wallet with thank you. 

For a guide to festival's I recommend Pitchfork's Guide. It's super detailed and you can find whatever you are looking for.

I had a few years where I was basically obsessed, and made my rounds to a few:

Coachella in Indio

Lollapalooza in Chicago

Made in America in Philly

Tomorrow World in Atlanta

Mad Decent Block Party in Brooklyn and Cape Town

Pitchfork in Chicago

Austin City Limits in Austin

Bestival in Toronto

Governors Ball in NYC

It's not really bragging when you realize how much money I probably spent. Also, I didn't really have a life. 

Anyway, back to what to wear on your face, feet and body. Make-up, clothes, shoes bags and all. 

There's also some major trends to respect and look out for when you go.

So, this little trends list is all you need for any music festival you attend this summer!

This year there will be some MAJOR trends to watch out for:

First, embroidery

What I'm wearing in this post, one of my favorite trends for the moment. This dress from Free People, is soft, flow-y, comfortable and light. It's unique and different, plus there is a lot of attention to detail. An old woman stopped me on the street to compliment my dress, LOL. Love her. I wore it with cheap Forever 21 Sandals, because honestly your shoes will be ruined. These are so comfortable and cute. 

Other trends to rock:

White Nails

So clean. Makes your fingers look cute and tan, and just fresh. 


 Fringe shirts, shorts and bags are SO CUTE. Just don't wear it all together, kay?

Jean Shorts that aren't up your ass

Guilty of this trend. Truly. I wear my shorts high to hold in the gut. BUT, it's coming out of style having your butt cheeks out, the teens caught on to this trend and it got WEIRD. Love the boyfriend jean shorts from Rag & Bone.


Refinery29 describes how to wear the trend here, but the best ways via photo are below:


See through lace

So hot. Period. For Love and Lemons is my spirit animal for clothing brands (I own one thing from them and mostly just admire from afar LOL. 

Comfortable, airy dresses

All about moving and shaking, these dresses let you be FREE.


I'm serious. It's not cool to be tanning your skin. (High school Krista was so guilty of this, it hurts). Wearing sunscreen in the desert IS SO KEY. Get a spray tan (ask me for places if you want to get sprayed) or wear self tanner, and LATHER UP. 

Septum rings

These are dope, especially if you have a cute little button nose or cute nose in general. If you wear it, ROCK IT, no excuses. Obviously they have fake ones you clip in, no need to pierce.

Gemstone jewelry

I have a post about this, but all of the yes. Necklaces, rings, earrings. All of it is amazing.

Body chains

I like body chains, LOL. I think it's sexy and dainty and draws attention to your femininity. If you hate it, I respect your opinion too though. 


I loved this article from Refinery 29 on BRAIDS and how to rock the bad bitch braid. 

You can find my Pinterest page to also see 'lovely hairstyle inspiration'

Fresh skin and light lips

Really like link pink, or just pink enough lips for the day. I've done a full lip and it feels good, but you can get all sorts a mess and look like a tranny real quick. I know from experience, HA. Rock it with a quality foundation like I've linked here, that lasts all day. 

Where to get it:

I would do braids for most of the time, TBH. It helps with the heat and it stays PUT. Have your friends braid a pigtail SUPER TIGHT braid for at least a day. It saves so much time, energy and sometimes hair is just so freaking hot on your head. I'm all about the embroidery, lace and would do a septum ring just to try it out and be cool.

Are you going to any music festivals this year? I will probably do one but that's it. Getting a bit weird when I'm there just staring at everyone, sober. LOL. 

But realistically, I'm just buying lots of this stuff for life. So cute for weekends, casual but not too try hard.

Gotta love it.

Let me know your favorites!



BABEALICIOUS CHOKERS. A delicate and unique way to up your details game.

Hi friends! 

Welcome back from da weekend :) hoping your relaxed and the week flies by. 

Before we get into actual life today, can we discuss a little bit of accessories fashion? 

Anything to delay the day...!

 The last time I was wearing a choker, I had a stretchy choker that looked like a temporary tattoo around my neck for like 6 months. I never took it off.

Sun, wind, rain.

This shit stayed on.

I'm pretty sure my tight stretchy choker broke at a sleepover with my cousins at our lake house - LOL.

(We had matching chokers that we kept on for as long as possible OBVI). 

Chokers of 2016 are different than stretchy barbed wire styling. They may be the BABEST thing out there. Maybe it's the fact that they make the neck look super long, or that it draws attention to the neck, clavicle and chest. Whatever it is, it's just enough sexy.

Delicate and light, they're BADASS and I'm in loveeeee.

Need more convincing? 

Gigi...Kendall...and North WEST are wearing them.

(North West, is probably not wearing it by choice. But, whatever).

Harpers Baazar is talking about it, saying:

It's a trend that's been creeping back thanks to an overall '90s resurgence. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of models-off-duty, everyday cool girls and, of course, North West as of late. See who's setting the trend and shop the necklaces—slip dress accompaniment optional.

It's truly a cool girl thing to do. 

Oh and P.S this will be EVERYWHERE at Coachella. I'm writing a Coachella post for later this week, so stay tuned!

I've got all the chokers you'll ever need this season, linked below and my favorite from Nasty Gal. WOOO!

(The best brands right now for them are Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Free People).

Shop Similar Looks:

Cute right? So chic!

What's your favorite way to wear the choker? They have such crazy ones now, with fringe, metal and fabric, studs....would love to know if I missed any!

Also how was the weekend? I kept it super low key and really just worked on da bloggy blog. I hope you had a good, one! 

Chat soon,


BOMB Protein Bars + 12 FREE for YOU!

Oh hello, you!

Hows' the week? Feeling crazy that it's April, no?! I'm so excited today to write about an awesome giveaway for you guys, that I think you'll really like - and is super easy to enter!

I'm not sure if you know this, but if I could live on green juices and protein bars, I would. Truly. I would eat 14 a day and drink smoothies and juices and be happy as a clam. If I could also eat pancakes and chipotle once a week I would be even MORE happy with life.

I eat protein bars for breakfast, and during that in between time after lunch before dinner (I have dinner at 6 on the dot because I am basically a retiree). But I get super hungry in between so need something, filling, easy and tasty. 

When you should eat protein bars:

In the morning, for breakfast that's under under 300 calories

After a workout to ensure you're getting something that has the appropriate mix of protein, fats and carbs

For a snack, in between lunch and dinner to hold you over

As a desert (what I do!) Under 300 calories, it will satisfy a mean sweet tooth

I think it's the fact that they bars are sweet, filling, flavorful and full of nutrients and proteins that make protein bars so amazing.

Plus being vegan, it’s a great source and way for me to get my protein in. I’ve been on the hunt for good tasting vegan bars, but it’s pretty hard to get something that’s flavorful and delicious, that doesn’t have whey.

Medical News Today says:

Whey is the milk protein that gives most protein bars their flavor, protein and allows them to be no sugar. They also are what makes your tunny ache because it has lactose. Milk is made of two proteins, casein and whey. Whey protein can be separated from the casein in milk or formed as a by-product of cheese making.

I've been a connoisseur of all flavors and types (I sound like a total loser saying this but ok), in my search I was super happy to find a hearty, delicious, super healthy and good on the go, protein bar from PROBAR.

PROBAR is the maker of healthy, plant based, convenient products for people - and they're committed to sustainability AND good taste. It's important that what you're eating is organic, or has no genetically modified ingredients, so you know that what you're putting in your body is the best food possible. 

They make a variety of things. PROBAR Bite, Fuel, Base, Jolt, Meal and Base. I went with Base, just simply for the high protein content, because I want that hearty taste, that's filling and has lots of protein.

Why I am so obsessed with these bars.

PROBAR Base bars are:




High in Protein

Filled with Chia and Flax seeds

Filling, with 4g of Fiber

Gluten Free

PLUS: They taste SO GOOD

The texture is a bit chewy, but mostly crunchy with a chocolate coating on the outside. There's SO MANY good flavors, and included in the variety pack (that I hope you win!), you can try each. I loved the chocolate supergreens, chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough - like insane amounts. There's also chocolate bliss, and coffee buzz (which even has caffeine!) 

I think my favorite aspect of the bars is that they're super filling (as I mentioned). You feel satisfied, but also like you just had a treat.

P.S. I love treats.

It's good for you, with real ingredients and you feel satiated after. What more can you ask for?


Even more exciting news than my love affair with a protein bar is...

That PROBAR and I are giving away a box of free protein bars (that's 12 free bars!), to my readers! Easy peasy, free bars for the people I love the most. This gives you an opportunity to try EVERY flavor, and enjoy them anytime – on us.

How to win a FREE box of PROBARS:

Well, it's simple!

  1. Comment below which flavor PROBAR you want to try the most!
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  4. It's that easy!

Can't wait to give something to you guys, that I really love!

I look forward to seeing your comments, your favorites and your thoughts! 

You're the BEST.