Bali Guide

// places to eat // 

Sea Circus: The BEST vibe and feel. So good! 

Divine Earth: Vegan and vegetarian this place is an f’ing dream. For $40 dollars, my sister and I got 4 drinks (kombuchas, teas and wine) 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 3 deserts (LOL). They have such creative items and each is all natural, healthy, and filled with so many nutrients I felt amazing after.

Motel Mexicola: An Instagram DREAM this place is ridiculously cool and gorgeous. There were photo shoots going on all day when we were there, and it’s got such a colorful, Mexican vibe. Plus the tacos and food is amazing, organic and delicious I got the watermelon appetizer (a half watermelon) and a really nice squash salad.

Poppies: Hidden away in Kuta, this place is a lush dream land in the middle of the city. They have great traditional Balinese fare. I got the gazpacho and a really good salad which was the perfect end to the day.

Rock Bar: One of the most famous places to eat in the world, the view is to die for at sunset. This restaurant is at the Ayana and the food is really nice. Definitely more about a great view and relaxing on the edge of a cliff, it’s a must see.

The Spicy Coconut: One of the best vegan meals I’ve ever had, this place is insane. Every single dish is like a gorgeous Instagram and SO DELICIOUS. The smoothie bowl was so smooth and filled with superfoods, it’s literal perfection. Avocado toast? They got ya. Definitely go here for breakfast or lunch.

Nala Bowls: Acai and breakfast bowls for the WIN. This place in Ubud is so cute, tropical and the food is BOMB.

// places to stay // 

The W Hotel and Spa Semiyak: So chic, and so my vibe, it’s very W. Sprawling and spacious it’s hip and young, I would definitely stay here a least a night or two.

Peppers Hotel: More a local vibe, but still 5 star this is smaller and more off the grid.

Le Pirate Beach Club: This is island living. So cute, so quaint and SO boutique I LOVE Le Pirate. The best grams will be taken here.

Ayana Resort and Spa: A serious sight to see, this place is massive. There are infinity pools at every turn, and they have it down to a science. You’re greeted with a flower necklace and welcome drink, and each one of the employees is gracious and kind. It’s a Balinese style décor, and whatever you need, they have. This place is once in a lifetime.

// places to go // 

Semiyak: My favorite part of the island, I felt like they had the best food, the most to do and the coolest hidden spots.

Ubud: The largest city in the middle of the island, it’s where lush forests and the city center lie. There’s lots to do here as far as activities and places to eat. To get here, it’s about an hour and a half from the airport.  

Kuta: It’s gotten a bad rap, because it’s pretty touristy and there isn’t much to do besides party and surf. The beach here is really nice, and you definitely should spend the afternoon here, but I wasn’t a fan.

Jimican: This is on the south part of the island, and it seems like it’s a place for you to go to be on a resort and not leave. I didn’t see much in the surrounding area of places to go, but the resorts (like Ayana) take over this part of town and make it a truly gorgeous area.

// things to do // 

Go to the SPA and get a massage or spa treatment: I’d go to Prana Spa in Semiyak. It’s simply divine. It has an Indian influence, and they treat you like gold. It’s more expensive than other spas in the area (massages are seriously $8 dollars an hour) but I like that I felt safe and it’s super clean. Get the quartz anti-aging facial, it’ll make your skin feel like butter.

Take surfing lessons at Kuta Beach: The surfers heaven, Kuta has amazing waves, and you can get lessons for $30 dollars an hour from locals. It’s such a fun thing to do, and although I sucked, it’s a great workout and something to try!

Go snorkeling in Padang Bai: I love it here. The water is super clear and blue, and you can see so many tropical fish. The coral here is gorgeous and colorful, and in the morning the waves are really calm.

Go island hopping: Go to the islands on the east side of Bali, and island hop to spend time on the beach and get some sun. These are the places with the gorgeous white sands, cute areas and tropical drinks. You can do boat tours through various groups, but make sure you hit

Shop in Semiyak: The best place to shop on the island, they have local brands and brands like Faithful. I loved walking through checking out beach wear and even seeing all the unique store fronts and street art.

Visit the monkey conservatory in Ubud: So much fun, and so interesting, this is a monkey friendly conservation area where you can literally feed the monkeys and watch them in their habitat. They are friendly and fun, and don’t mind humans at all. Plus it’s like $5 dollars to get in.

See the temples: Stunning and a must see during your time here. The temples are a key part of Balinese history. The biggest one, you can travel to is called and it’s teaming with history and life.

Watch a Balinese Dance: There are two 14 year olds girls who we saw do one of the Balinese dances, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever really seen. Super calculated and opposite of normal styles I’ve seen that have lots of flow and rhythm, it’s so cool to see.

Hike the volcano: There are active volcanos in Bali and there is one that you can hike up, that’s gorgeous. It’s super lush, green, and definitely a workout. If you’re feeling up for it, there are ones you can do in the early morning to see the sunrise over the volcano and the island.

Take a cooking class: They hold cooking classes at various hotels, but at Ayana there is a great cooking class to learn Balinese cooking, and make your own dish to eat!