Grand Cayman Islands Guide

// tips //

Flights are super cheap via Jetblue to Grand Cayman Island direct. Our flight was around $250 round trip, but if you're flying from other places, like our friends who came from Chicago, they'll range around $350 and you may have to connect. I would watch Jetblue, for their fare deals and snag one at an opportune time. 

The island itself is super small, but you'll still want to rent a car to get around. The car rental place is right outside the airport, you can walk there to pick up your sweet Chevy Cruise! Hehe. 

People in the Cayman Islands are super interesting. Most we met were actually from Jamaica and had moved there to work, so they're nice and cordial.

There's also no tax of any kind in the Cayman Islands. Like, check out at a store, there are no taxes on your bill. Live there, and work, there are no taxes taken from your paycheck. Crazy no? So the rich see The Caymans as a 'tax haven' and store all their loot! They benefit from no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, estate tax, gift tax, withholding tax in place.

So, there's mansions littered about the island, like I think Michael Jordan has a spot there? Seriously. 

But anyway, the island is small. You'll have it down in a few days. It's easy to navigate with basically each 'end' of the island holds the popular destination points. The beaches are stunning, and it feels so safe, and not stuffy at all. 

Of all the Caribbean places I've been (Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. John, Cozumel, Belize, Dominican Republic, Saint Maarten, The Bahamas...not bragging just for reference) I honestly think this felt the safest. In the sense of, you don't need to stick-strictly-to-you-resort, type of safe. We were free to roam about the island as we pleased and never felt out of place. 

In the Grand Cayman, they use a different type of currency called the Cayman Island Dollar, that changes against the USD just like any other currency. When we were there, it was 'stronger' than the dollar, so a bit more expensive than I would have hoped for. Dinner entrees are around $25 Cayman Dollars each, and when you're eating out every meal, it can add up. We did groceries at the island grocery store for some of our meals at our condo in Bodden Town.

// things to do //

Sting Ray City: Yes, it is as cool/hilarious as it sounds. Sting Ray City is a shallow area of the ocean with crystal blue waters where tons of Sting Rays come to feed. I think that people have been feeding them there for so long that they feel very comfortable swimming near you, by you and on you. It seems sort of scary and/or creepy but it's actually really fun.  The company that we choose to visit Sting Ray City was called Captain Marvin's (lol) which I would for sure recommend. With the tour we also went to a few other snorkeling spots nearby that were really cool.  

Cayman Turtle Farm: The turtle farm is on the northwest part of the island. It sounds sort of gross, but it's like kid type fun. You get to freely pick up baby turtles and stuff hehe. 

Rum Point: This is where we spent the majority of our time. It's such a cool, cozy, hammock lined area where you can freely sit on the chairs provided and enjoy time in the sun in a little nook of the island. There's also spots for drinks and activities around here if you're feeling adventurous.

Seven Mile Beach: The most popular beach destination point at Grand Cayman. It's huge with white sands, crystal blue waters, all good things, but more touristy than Rum Point. 

Snorkel your little face off. Apparently they have some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. What they lack in nightlife (zero), the Cayman Islands make up for in scuba diving and snorkeling. Coral reefs and coral formations encircle each island and are filled with marine life, so anywhere you go, you're bound to see cool things. Red Sail Sports is a good company with various options for snorkeling or scuba diving. 

One of the best low key beaches is right near Cayman Kai Beach Resort. Directly to the southwest of Rum Point. This beach is like a Caribbean cliché, with palm trees and beautiful sands. It's also an ideal spot for a Sunday-afternoon picnic if that's your style! There are bathrooms and changing facilities which is key.

I don't have a 'To-Don't section but this would be on it. Mastic Trail. Honestly it's not a trail, it's super short, flat and sort of boring. These are the sort of things I make people do!! Not worth it!

//places to eat //

Tukka: People loved Tukka. Taylor Swift was there the 'week before we were' says our server, LOL. They have a popular dish, Lion Fish ceviche, which Justin thought was awesome. It was nice to sit outside by the water, and have a low-keyish meal. 

Eagle Rays: Lion Fish tacos are a must here for non-veggie people. This is probably a place to only go if it is nice out, because it looks more like a pool bar.

Osetra Bay: A fancier meal on the northwest part of the island. It's good for dinner.  

Kaibo: One of my favorite meals, on the tip of Rum point. I would go during the day for a lunch when you're at Rum Point. It has a really good menu and perfect meals for when you're in your bathing suit/cover-up and don't want to go cray and eat a lot. There was a good vegetarian salad here which made me happy inside. 

Blue at the Four Seasons: One of the most amazing meals, it's probably the priciest and 'foodiest' on the island. Go to Blue for your fancy meal of the week and plan to splurge a little on amazing seafood. 

Seven Restaurant at the Four Seasons: Is apparently amazing for brunch, we didn't have the chance to go, but lots of people would highly recommend. 

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink: Another place we didn't unfortunately get to go. It's supposed to be ah-mazing though, very contemporary American, almost New York like. Probably my biggest regret food wise of the trip. 

Like most places (honestly) there weren't the best vegetarian options. It's just something I've come to terms with when I'm on a beach vacation. No ones worried about my next meal hehe, but still something to note!

// places to stay //

Guys, we did airbnb again and it was so nice. The place was a condo, so slept the four of us so comfortably (two floors) and was right on the water. You can see check it out here:

For us it was great to be able to spend more time together in the house, cooking meals and catching up. For the four nights it came to $1900 in total, which averages out to about $475 a night for the four of us. I appreciated having the balcony, a screened in porch, a washer/dryer, a kitchen....I would highly recommend this place:

But lots of people recommend to stay:

At The Ritz-Carlton on Seven Mile Beach (obvi)

At The Westin on Seven Mile Beach

If you had a group you should seriously consider renting a home at Rum Point. They're so beautiful, big and would fit a group perfectly.