Cape Town Guide

// things to do //

Hike Lions Head

Do High Tea at Mount Nelson

Shark Dive with Great White Sharks (you're in a cage guys! It's like totally whatever)

Camps Bay Beach (the nicest beach in Cape Town, and most touristy)

Aquila Game Reserve (this is the closest thing you will get to a safari without going hours and hours away)

Take the 'hop on hop off' bus lol - it was so corny but legitimate, because it took us to places like Mount Nelson, Stellenbosch, and a few other spots that we would have had to get cabs to without it. It was like 25 USD each for the day, but also fun to cruise by some tourist spots we would have gone to, but actually decided to pass on.

Go Wine Tasting at one of the wineries. I love Rust en Vrede

// things to see //

Table Mountain

The various landscapes (there are beaches, there are mountains, there are forests - it's gorgeous)

Cape of Good Hope

Robben island

Boulders Beach

Hottentots Holland Mountains

// places to eat // 

Everything at The Old Biscuit Mill (the food here is so dope - you can go inside this market and get so many different delicious things like slushies, pizza, ice creams, salads...)

La Colombe (the best meal I've had in my life - we went for a long lunch vs. dinner)

The Pot Luck Club

Savoy Cabbage Restaurant

Addis in Cape Ethiopian Restaurant

Black Sheep Restaurant

The Test Kitchen

Aubergine Restaurant

Kloof Street House

The Roundhouse Restaurant

// places to stay //

Derwent House

Villa Zest Boutique Hotel

Cape Grace Hotel

The One and Only Cape Town

Airbnb (we did it and loved it! Let me know if you need a specific rec!)

// tips //

It's important to go to South Africa during the right season, with the best being from December to March. It can get super hot in the summer, making things less bareable and fun. 

In Cape Town, they have a currency called the RAD, about 1000 of these equal one dollar, and overall things are fairly cheaply priced here. Most meals, two entrees, desert, wine, blah blah, came to around $85 USD. Activities aren't any more expensive than anywhere else, and it's good you can do things outside like hiking which are free. Beach, also free.

The highest cost you will probably incur would be the flight, but it's truly so worth it. To go for less than 8 days would be a bummer, and if you wanted to do a real safari, you'd have to add on a few more days and give up a lot more time to drive to someplace like Nairobi. 

The absolute coolest part about Cape Town is the melting of generations, cultures, beliefs and people. It's like Brooklyn New York in some parts, like Malibu in others and then again like nothing else culturally. There is a delicateness about it, as there has been such unrest in the past, yet people look so positively to the future of South Africa.