London Guide

London, to me, is like the New York City of Europe. So culturally diverse, with so many things to do and see. It's evolving and changing. There is a SoHo area, Chelsea's got areas of great wealth and poverty. But overall, the history, style, and culture make it incredible. I have thoughts to live in Victoria at some point...

Keeping in mind with London, there is no central area, or 'common' place of interest because it's so big, ever changing, and diverse, there's no like downtown. It's super spread out and you'll definitely need to use the tube and public transportation to get around the sprawling city. Taxis are so freakin' expensive, I wouldn't suggest them unless you have to - probably go Uber. The tube there is clean and easy to navigate, plus everyone speaks English so you can ask question if you need. 

My London guide comes from my many visits in London for work and play, and thankfully I've had lots of input from my friends I work with, who live in London so I promise it's good. 

// things to do //

London Eye

Explore the Markets (honestly they are the best, vintage finds, amazing food, so many people)

Palace of Wesminster

Buckingham Palace

Saint Paul's Cathedral

London Fields (an amazing public park where everyone goes to hang)

Columbia Road Flower Market (an instagram dream, it's full of gorgeous exotic flowers and locals)

Portobello Road (one of the best markets there is)

Markets at Tower Borough Market

Kensington Roof Market (a nice spot for a drink - great rooftop)

High Tea at the Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell 

Also  make sure to go to any Festival in Summer, there is one basically every weekend London. Some of the best music festivals are:

Secret Garden Party &

// places to stay //

Honestly, I do airbnb when I'm in London. Airbnb really gets you in a good location, and is much cheaper than hotels. Which are so,so, expensive. I stay at this beautiful 3 story 'flat' in Kensington when I'm there at 140 GBP a night, and get more space than any hotel possible. Plus I can do my laundry, etc. Let me know if you want the info there, I'm so glad to provide!

But, some of the best places you can stay are:

Ace Hotel

Shoreditch House

Dean Street Townhouse

ME Hotel (STK inside) 

 Something to think about for areas to stay:

The Westend


Tower Bridge

West Kensington

// areas to visit //

Notting Hill

Chisick Street

High Street

Ballow Lane

Hoxton and Old Street

// places to eat //

Dean Street Townhouse

Tayyabs (very fun, very local and cheap, but good)

Kensington Square Kitchen

Granger & Co. 

The Breakfast Club (famous one)

The Dorchester

The Wolseley

Burger and Lobster

Ottolenghi (so ridiculously good)

Honest Burgers

Pitt cue (in Soho London)

The Clove Club