Morocco Guide

// places to go //

Fes: Super popular right now, Fes is an incredible city.

Rabat: Fully of historic sites, it's the capital on the coast. Secretly my least favorite city, but that's based on the standards of being next to my favorite cities, ever.

Casablanca: Gorgeous, and on the water, Casablanca is famous from the movie. A smaller town with a historic vibe, it’s lovely to stay.

Marrakech: My favorite of all the cities, I would say and it’s normally the cheapest airport. I love the life in Marrakech, and you actually get a bit party-ish if you wanted at night clubs for the rich people in the city.

The Desert: Take a nice little trip to the desert! Do it! Go through Let's Travel Morocco, and stay under the stars, take a camel tour. Do it all! This was probably the most incredible part of the trip, the stars and the experience are once in a lifetime.

The Atlas Mountains: So stunning! If you go through to the desert, you should try to explore the mountains as you drive.

Ouzzoute Falls: Beautiful waterfalls. You can visit here from a day trip out of Marrakech! Super easy, but worth it!

// things to do //

Shop (Morocco rugs are gorgeous and cheap here!), eat, go to the spa, the pool, the mountains, the desert, the beach and explore the sites.

Visit the desert: Via a tour you can go to the Sahara from each of the main cities. From Marrakech it’s a good 8 hour drive, so try to go for more than a night, but a night is possible. It’s unlike anything you can imagine beautiful and you can go camel ride there.

Shop in the souks: A must to see the people and cultures and all of the colors. It’s an experience and try to go during the day, and barter for what you buy and be prepared to experience so much of the life there.

Go to the medina: In the middle of the city, the city center of each.

Take a camel ride: I mean, you just have to here! In the desert preferably, in the city feels weird, ha. Camels are cool but it’s not comfortable that’s for sure.

Take a tour: Do this! Guides can help you with every single thing. From getting a dinner reservation, to getting things for cheap. They are helpful and affordable here. It’s also good to drive you around in the A/C.

Go to the waterfalls: So gorgeous and a great day trip from Marrakech.

// places to eat //

The food of Marrakech is super sweet, and the main dishes are tagine and couscous. Tagine is vegetables and meat (or not if you don’t want) and the couscous is a grain found in Morocco that they have with vegetables and meat in a sauce. Both are delicious and actually not terrible for you. I loved the mint tea served after every meal, with sugar or without, that helps to aid in digestion of your food. I found it surprisingly easy to be vegetarian there, with a solid amount of options available.

Amal in Marrakech

La Tableu Du Paris in Marrakech

Dar Chefira in Marrakech

Atay Cafe in Marrakech

Le Resto in Casablanca

Zayna in Casablanca

El Cenador in Casablanca

Les Jardins de Sheherazade in Fes

Riad Rcif in Fes

Ch'hiwates du terrior in Rabat

// tips //

I think you can pack what you normally would on travel. HONESTLY!

Light clothing to layer, possibly focus on neutral colors to blend in, and I covered up just because. It gets SUPER hot here so you have to also pack for the weather, and be sure to bring a sun hat and shades especially if you go to the desert. It isn’t weird to show off your shoulders and bare legs, but, you may possibly be the only one.

Expect it to be insanely gorgeous, and unlike anything you could imagine. It’s like Aladdin, ha, and there are so many different beautiful colors and patterns, even just the doorways of Morocco are picture worthy. Price wise, things are a lot cheaper and you can barter when you’re buying things off the street. Its; to be expected. Going to mosques and religious sites you should cover up, and take off your shoes before entering. There are some places where women aren’t allowed to go, too. Go longer than a week if possible, and don’t go alone (my opinion).  This is truly the most magical place on earth, great spas, good food, lavish amenities and so much to do.

Flight prices obviously vary, but I normally see between $700 and $1300 from New York City or the United States. Marrakech is the cheapest to fly into, and the busy season is from September to February in Morocco because of the weather. New Years and the holidays are crazy busy for tourists.

Transportation is via walking or you can get a car with a guide. You wouldn’t rent a car, taxi’s are available but if you’re with a guide it’s best.

The currency is the Dinah, and the conversation rate from Dinah to dollar is strong so your dollar goes a long way. Get cash out of the ATM at the airport when you arrive to save the trouble of finding one another place. They also take and sometimes prefer Euros.