Santa Fe Guide

// things to do //

Get to know the locals, like, actively talk to them. They’re so nice, happy to help and just interesting people. It’s a good opportunity to learn and sometimes you can realize how interesting people can be. Talking to strangers helped us to find lots of what we did on the trip that we couldn’t find online, like Tent Rocks. 

Hike Tent Rocks (Kasha-Katuwe National Monument): I don’t know how I became a ‘hiker’ per se, but I have hiked a good amount of places. But, Tent Rocks was really, really unique. The rocks are shaped like chess pieces and have been worked over time into these weird shapes, like cones. The trail up to the top was marked, safe and totally doable in 3 hours. There’s an easy place to find parking near, and you can enjoy a picnic at the trail head.

Dorothy Trail: This is an easy 3 mile loop, very flat and just gives views of the city. It was recommended by one of the people we met, and was a good hike/walk in the morning for some exercise. 

Canyon Road Galleries: Taking a day to walk up and down Canyon Road to learn about some of the artists there (almost all of them sit in the galleries and talk to people) was so fun. You can also do some shopping on Canyon Road for jewelry (turquoise is big in New Mexico). I would get a late lunch there, make a day out of this and just learn. 

The Plaza: There is good jewelry and really interesting things to discover shopping around Santa Fe. I got a sweet dream catcher, hehe.

Secrets: This place was MAGICAL. I mean, shit with a name like 'SECRETS'? The most bizarre and interesting store I’ve ever been in. It’s furniture, pottery, rugs, tons of international stuff from Nepal, Vietnam...all over. Technically you’d never buy anything here (unless you collect samurai swords) it’s just a sight to be seen. 

Mission San Miguel: Oldest Church in North America. Your mom and dad would be happy you went! An in-and-out thing. It’s in the area though so it’s easy and interesting to see.

Ten Thousand Waves Hot Springs: The spa at ten thousand waves is really an experience. You’re in huge kimonos, you can sit in the sauna, soak your feet, enjoy the relaxation room, and of course the hot springs. It’s basically a naturally occurring hot water pool, where you can go with or without clothes, hehe. There is one just for women that we did, just to be safe! The treatment we chose was the body wrap, which was a 25 minute soak in all of these asian teas, to release toxins and stimulate our circulation, etc. You can read about the benefits of wraps here

Georgia O'Keefe Museum: One of the greats. A good place to visit since Georgia O'Keefe's work is so deeply rooted in New Mexico.

// places to eat // 

Los Poblanos Restaurant: One of the most amazing meals I’ve had on vacation to date. Los Poblanos was gorgeous. They grow everything there on the property, and the menu changes seasonally. I enjoyed how simple everything was, and was thankful they had amaze vegetarian options.

Izanami Restaurant (at Ten Thousand Waves): Asian restaurant, which has a variety of interesting dishes. This is newer in Santa Fe and people seem to really like it. People at Ten Thousand Waves tell you that you can wear your kimono from the spa to have dinner here, but don’t believe them because we did and we were the only ones in the restaurant wearing them. LOL.

Joseph’s: Joseph’s reminded me of places in NYC. That earthy, rustic, farm to table, jazz, with a menu list of like 6 choices total which include appetizer, entree, salads, and desert. It’s really delicious, great vibe, loved the decor. 

Cafe Pasquals This place rules. The restaurant itself is so interesting looking, you can see in my picture how corny, but cute, it is. I had the best veggie burger and salad here, I was so happy. The menu is on point, and it’s a great spot for breakfast or lunch.

Secreto Lounge: A nice pre-dinner cocktail spot to have a chat before your meal.

// places to stay //

Ten Thousand Waves: There aren’t a lot of ‘rooms’ on the property here, they are all tiny hut like places that are so cutely decorated and cozy inside. They do a great job taking care of there guests and it’s more of the experience here than the stay. You have to call to make a reservation. 

Los Poblanos Farms: A gorgeous place that was earthy, warm, and organic feeling. They’ve also only got around 20 rooms to stay, and you want to be sure to explore the farm, the store, and enjoy as many meals there as possible.

Airbnb: Like I posted about previously my Airbnb experiences were amazing. If you ever go i’ll let you know my people! I don’t want to put them on blast without them knowing :)